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Author:Brigitte Hamann

Your goal in life - the IC / MC axis and the meaning of life in the horoscope



(ISBN-13: 9783925100734)
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Publisher's text:The goal of life is usually read from the position of the medium Coeli (MC) in the horoscope. The resulting idea that we are moving from a starting point, the IC, to this life goal is not sufficient, however. Based on intensive studies, the author came up with a groundbreaking approach: The goal in life lies in the middle between IC and MC. The IC is our creative potential. The MC contains the complementary traits, behaviors and topics that we need to realize this potential. There is also a vanishing point. This describes important avoidance strategies that we use to avoid our learning topics. The author describes the spiritual, psychological and astrological bases of interpretation of the two opposite poles. The IC and the 4th house play a major role, because there is "what holds our world together at its core." But it doesn't stop at theory. This comprehensive interpretation of MC and IC for all twelve signs of the zodiac is discussed in detail. In addition, all steps of interpretation are shown systematically. In this way you will get to know the guiding star on the way to your goal in life. AUTHOR: Brigitte Hamann is an interpreter and language teacher for English, French and Spanish. Since 1982 she has been working on astrology, which she studied with Thorwald Dethlefsen, Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas and Michael Roscher. Since 1987 she has been working full-time as a consulting astrologer and author of astrological textbooks.
Keywords:Astrology, ascendant, horoscope, medium coeli, astrological interpretation
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