Why shouldn't we pay taxes

Do you like paying taxes?

Since taxpayers know nothing about taxes - to the delight of tax advisors and especially those who do not pay taxes - their commitment is limited to criticizing certain government spending.

I once tried to get the taxpayers' association interested in Germany's largest subsidy, namely the federal subsidy for statutory pension insurance of 80 billion euros a year at the time.

The federal government stated that this was not a waste of taxes. And you will never see it here either.

Privileges remain privileges. 80 billion additional income for the wealthy who do not pay into the statutory coffers.

Here at Lake Starnberg, many (around 2500) are completely tax exempt. Even in our private school you only pay the minimum amount.

As the?

Both the tax office and the school are only interested in income. And when you're rich, you don't need an income.

I have tried in vain to explain this to politicians and journalists. They still believe that the rich can be recognized by their high income.

Our rich are silent - and smile. What can you do to ensure that the rules are like this?

And they don't need a tax advisor either, because only those poor in Munich have to 'save taxes' who, after deducting social security contributions, taxes, solos, church tax, long-term care insurance, motor vehicles, travel expenses, additional dental insurance, school fees in the Waldorf school, radio license fee, internet , 4 monthly tickets, 4 mobile phone contracts, and 3,000 euros monthly rent of 160,000 euros gross for a family of four, 1,900 euros a month remain to live on.