Can someone buy the White House?

How much would it cost to buy the White House?

Whenever the US presidential elections are approaching, there is talk of the “battle for the White House”, of “moving into the White House”, of the “road to the White House”. Of course, this is about the political symbol that the seat of government represents, and not about the property itself. This is just a bonus that comes with obtaining one of the most responsible offices in the world. But what if someone like you or me wanted to move into the White House? What if it wasn't about politics, but simply a house for sale? Already clear, the chances that this scenario should ever actually play out are almost zero. Nevertheless, the American weekly Barron's commissioned a hypothetical appraisal of the White House, just in case! Result: 90 million dollars - just over 80 million euros. Ann Gray, real estate agent, came to this conclusion by looking at similar properties in terms of size and features and also calculating the potential monthly income from renting out the 16 bedrooms. The Time The magazine cites various other sources, however, that 90 million dollars are far too little - for comparison: Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion was sold for a casual 200 million dollars, while the most expensive mansion in the world recently opened came on the market, is touted for 1 billion euros. cite the opinion of another real estate expert with an estimate of $ 100 million during the platform Zillow with an estimate of 389 million dollars, the equivalent of almost 350 million euros, which is by far the highest rate, so Time. No matter how far apart the estimates, they have one thing in common: The future home of the Obamas, which went to the family of the current US President for around 4.5 million euros, is rather modest next to them.