What do you think of your name

Laura is stingy, Klaus hits the mark: what your name reveals about traveling

Your first name has a direct impact on your personality, as name researchers around the world agree. It's actually only logical that you travel differently if your name is different. The online booking portal “Opodo” wanted to know more precisely what your name says about your travel behavior and has evaluated the customer data from 2019, as reported by “reisevor9”.

If your name is Michael, Thomas or Andreas, then you not only have the most common name among adult men in Germany, but you have come to the right place. According to statistics, men with these names book the most trips. But Christian and Alexander also like to travel - they take fourth and fifth place.

And with women? Here it is not the women with the most common (adult) first names in Germany who like to get on the plane. Instead of Sabine, Susanne or Petra, the female travel fans are called Julia, Anna and Maria.

Klaus invests in travel, Laura is stingy

So Michael likes to travel. But is he ready to spend a lot of money on his vacation? If we believe what his first name reveals statistically, he is neither curmudgeon nor Croesus: With an average of 518 euros per booking, he is in the middle of the field. Klaus is different. He flies less often, but the weekend trip or package holiday in the south can also cost something: at 571 euros per booking, he is a top seller.

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While Klaus really treats himself to something, Laura goes about planning the trip rather sparingly. She spends an average of 350 euros per booking. She prefers to travel to tourist hotspots such as Mallorca and London. In Germany, Laura is the number one saver - only in Italy there is a bigger curmudgeon: Giuseppe. He only spends 325 euros per vacation.

Men love romance, women love Italian food

A survey by “Allianz Partners” from 2019 shows that men and women travel differently. According to this, men place more value on a romantic feeling, prefer a juicy steak to Italian cuisine and think more of action than an educational tour when they are on vacation - and preferably in well-known places like Germany.

Looking at the results of the female participants, one or the other conflict when planning a vacation for couples is no longer surprising: They feel most at home in Greece, love Italian cuisine and want to expand their knowledge while traveling. Cleanliness also plays an important role for them - it is of secondary importance for men. Maybe a bit like in "real" life.