What is construction 2

Construction 2

Learning outcomes / competencies:


The students have the skills to understand construction drawings and constructions, dimensioning,

Proof of strength and function, for the design and calculation of construction elements and the selection of standardized elements.



Identification number



150 h



Study semester

3 semesters

Frequency of the offer

Winter semester


1 semester


Seminar lecture: 2 SWS / 30 h Exercise: 2 SWS / 30 h

Examination form




  • Elements of drive technology, bearings (plain bearings; roller bearings), movement screws, gears and categories
  • Belt drive, form-fit belt drive (chain drive)
  • Frictional belt drives (flat belt drives; V-belt drives; rope drives)
  • Rolling gear; Positive-fit rolling gears (cycloid gears; involute gears)
  • Non-positive rolling gear (friction gear)
  • Clutches and brakes, switchable and non-switchable clutches, form-fit clutches,
  • Frictional / force-fit clutches and brakes




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