Blowjob is safe

Tricky: These are possible blowjobs risks

January 31, 2020 - 9:28 am

This is what you should know about the blowjob

For many, the blowjob is part of sex and that's a good thing. Because contrary to any pornographic representation, oral satisfaction is anything but submissive, but for many women a sign of their own power over men. Every woman can learn to blow properly and thus drive her partner crazy with skillful mouth and tongue technique. To ensure that nothing goes wrong with a blowjob, you should be aware of certain blowjob risks.

For more tips on how to avoid the biggest blow job mistakes, check out the video.

These mistakes can not only harm him, but also become a problem for you, or at least result in an embarrassment.

Some men may like it when the penis is nibbled lightly during a blowjob. But you really shouldn't do more with your teeth, because that can lead to painful injuries to your best piece and spoil your blowjob for the future. It is better to start with gentle movements and become more demanding towards the end by sucking firmly on his glans.

Even if a lot of porn portrays a "deep throat" as the culmination of oral satisfaction, you do not have to take the risk of blowjobs with gagging. After all, the most sensitive part of the penis is at the very front, namely on the glans. So it's enough if you devote yourself to this part, be it with sucking movements or with tongue acrobatics that drive him crazy.

A risk of the "deep throat" is that the natural gag stimulus is triggered by the deep penetration up to the throat and thus touching your uvula, in the inexperienced. And that is anything but pleasant and makes your dignity disappear very quickly.

Women and men sometimes mistakenly assume that oral sex is not at risk of developing a sexually transmitted disease, although a blowjob can transmit diseases such as HIV or syphilis before ejaculation. If it gets in your mouth, the risk increases.

If you have steady partners, you should both get tested for sexual diseases. If you give the man a blowjob at a one-night stand, you should definitely use a condom *. It is best to use an uncoated condom *, as the taste is then neutral. Or you can use a condom with flavor *, so that oral sex becomes a fruity experience.

Simply avoid the risk of blowjobs

All of these risks during a blowjob shouldn't scare you off, but rather raise your awareness. If you know the sources of danger, you can circumnavigate them and give your partner an experience that he will not soon forget.

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