What was your worst fuck girl experience

My worst sex experience in just 6 words

We asked you, desired readers, on Facebook how you would describe the worst sex you've ever had in just six words. Among the hundreds of responses we got from you guys, there were some real gems.

Before we present our 17 favorites to you, we would like to give you three more things. First, we are so sorry that you had to have these experiences. Second, thank you for sharing it with us anyway. And third: Hahahahaha.

So, well, for those who missed it, here are the 17 best descriptions of really bad sex - summed up in six words:

The worst sex experiences for women

#1 Tell me, are you in there yet?

#2 Chocolates are not filled with leeks.

#3 My clit ain't a scratch card boy!

#4 No not daaaaa ... Not daaaa either.

#5 Prollo turned out to be a virgin.

#6 Sense of rhythm like a fish on land.

#7 Five minutes of sex, 18 years of worry.

#8 How long have you been doing

#9 Are you ready? I'm bored.

#10 Roared like a moose on coming.

#11 It wasn't long, but it was thin.

#12 Just stop. That won't work.

#13 Please go, I'll finish it myself.

#14 The underpants were yellow instead of white.

#15 Hey you wait a minute! Wrong hole!

# 16 Think he was porn. Me: Hahahaha.

#17 Awww, can he go out alone?

The worst sex experiences for men

Since some men also responded to our call and wanted to share their obviously traumatic sex experiences with us, we of course do not want to withhold them from you completely. Our four favorites were here:

#1 This is not an air pump, my dear.

#2 Her pelvic bones hurt me when I pushed.

#3 That smelled ... Everything came together.

#4 Nervousness, stress, escalation, stop early, sleep.

So folks, so that this tragedy will soon come to an end, here are a few more tips on how you can make bad sex a lot more exciting:

Do you have any other horror short stories for us? Let us know in the comments below this article or on Facebook!

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