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This guide explains how to add a custom reminder to a Slack reminder.

You can receive new reminders in the workspace if you missed or ignored a reminder. As long as you don't click Stop Reminders, you will continue to receive reminders the frequency you choose. additional Information


If you haven't created a Slack webhook yet, please follow these instructions: https://faq.infomaniak.com/2244

Custom reminder reminders in Slack

  1. Go to the following page and log in with your Infomaniak user data:
  2. Click the SlackField on the webhook whose message is to be changed
  3. Make the desired adjustments to the message in Edit field by
  4. Click on OK to save the changes

Important: You can take advantage of all of Slack's formatting options in your messages. Example:

Don't forget to say `% subject% 'on% date%.
For day T:% description%.
Place of the event: `% location%`

So you can freely customize your messages using the variables mentioned in this example.

additional Information

Link to this FAQ: