Which Sims 4 expansion packs are best

Sims 4 expansions: which addon is worthwhile for me?

Which Sims 4 add-on should I buy? What suits my style of play? What do I get the most new opportunities with? Our current Sims 4 DLC buying guide will help you out.

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In this article, you will learn which Sims 4 expansions are particularly good for the following game content:

  • focus on Family organization and generation game
  • luxury, exclusive living environment, vacation travel
  • focus on House building, Property design and furnishing
  • Creation of mystical or extraordinary Special creatures
  • variety Experience adventure from everyday play, which is focused on career and children
  • Better control over that Moods your Sims

It's not easy to keep track of the many Sims 4 add-ons: eight expansion packs, eleven gameplay packs and sixteen accessory packs have now been released.
If you're fresh into the game, it's best to see what you have the most fun with. First of all, buy only add-ons for your favorite game content so that you don't spend unnecessary money on the huge selection.

If your game focus is not mentioned in our guide, Just leave us a note in our Discord: We are happy to expand the Sims 4 Buying Guide so that even more players can find suitable add-ons!
Please note that after a new add-on has been released, it may take a while until we have worked through it and added useful information to this guide.

Addons for family and generation games

  • In the family / generation game, you create entire dynasties based on a single family, which are played over several generations. Each generation offers a new challenge.

The “Parenthood” gameplay pack is dedicated to all the beautiful as well as exhausting aspects of child-rearing and provides a number of useful new properties for a child if the child tries to bring up a child successfully. However, at least one parent in a play family should be gainfully employed: When the easy-care baby grows into a jolly toddler, it quickly becomes a stressful, full-day, fun job.

The focus here is on toddlers and children: With the accessory packs “Toddler Accessories”, “Children's Room Accessories” and “Garden Fun Accessories” you can pimp your home and the clothing selection of your families enormously. There are also some new play options specially tailored to the needs of children, with which you can keep the whole family busy.

Teenagers make her really happy with this: With the "home theater accessories", Sims not only experience movie nights together at home, but also get chic furnishings for the taste of teenagers from this add-on. They are also happy about the diverse cliques and group interests added to the “Time for Friends” expansion pack.

Diversity in everyday life in all seasons

The "Seasons" expansion pack not only adds weather effects and the four seasons to the game, but also some holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, with which you can bring more variety to everyday family life. Special bonus: If the existing holidays are not enough for you, just create new ones!

JYoung adults get to know new things, work & party: For the stage of a young adult's life, the “Big City Life” expansion pack is recommended if your chosen Sim is to meet lots of new people and want to have plenty of cultural experiences without getting lonely. In the big city of San Myshuno there is a lot of life on the street, the regular themed festivals bring plenty of new people into your Sims' lives and make it easier to socialize.

The seriousness of life awaits with a better education: Alternatively, you can send your young adults to study with the “To the University!” Expansion pack, where they can take many different subjects for the desired degree and live in shared apartments or student dormitories. In addition, there are a lot of very different activities waiting in the lecture hall with the student associations, nasty pranks, parties and campus festivities.

With the Sims 4 expansion "Island Life" your Sims live in a tropical paradisethat offers all family members plenty of maritime variety. Swimming, canoeing, diving, building sandcastles and much more, your Sims can do alone or with loved ones. The whole thing is completed with a picturesque setting and friendly neighbors. The expansion is worthwhile if you like the tropical theme, your Sim family should become part of a small, nice community and everything to do with the beach and the sea is exactly your thing. In addition, your Sims can finally become a mermaid (guide)!

The "dogs and cats" extension (see also our Sims 4 Dogs and Cats Guide) enriches family life with fluffy or furry pets. With the “My First Pet Accessories”, even small animals such as hamsters come into play, where children learn to take responsibility for the first time. It gets more rustic with the “washing day accessories”, with which you remove the dirty laundry of the family. Alternatively, your Sims can discover knitting as a new hobby with the “Schick mit Strick” accessory pack and sell both knitted goods and other self-made things via the Plopsy platform. You can find out more about this in our Sims 4 Schick mit Knitting Guide.

Useful addons for family / generation focus at a glance

Luxury, vacation, exclusive lifestyle

  • Your Sims' luxurious lifestyle is all about money: the bigger the Simoleon cushion in the household, the better. If you don't want to play your Sims up to lucrative career levels, just use a cheat: "Motherlode" flushes 50,000 Simoleons into your household budget!

With the “Luxury Party Accessories”, “Vintage Glamor Accessories”, “Moschino Accessory Pack” and the “Sun Terrace Accessories”, an expensive home comes into its own. In addition to chic clothing, these packages also include stylish new furnishings and items that a poor Sim family from the trailer park certainly cannot afford. Unbeatable: The “vintage glamor accessories” also include a butler, which is an absolute must for every rich family!

Dung trip with treasure hunt: If the spoiled family should treat themselves to a vacation, a trip to the Selvadorian jungle with the gameplay pack "Jungle Adventure" would be an interesting idea. There your Sims can enjoy the wonderful landscape in well-equipped villas or browse for treasures in mysterious temples.

Two more, more relaxing vacation options: Alternatively, you can send your Sims on a rustic camping holiday in the woods with the “Outdoor Life” gameplay pack. Or you can buy a chic holiday home on a tropical island with the “Island Life” expansion pack to enjoy plenty of sun and water sports.

For a one-of-a-kind trip, your Sims travel to the city with the Star Wars: Journey to Batuu gameplay pack Star Wars world Batuu, where they join three different factions, make lightsabers, buy a droid and get plenty of new recipes for dishes, drinks and decorative items that can be bought. If you increase your reputation with the factions high enough, your Sims will even fly with such unique spaceships as the Millennium Falcon or an X-wing! You can read what else to expect in our guide to the “Star Wars: Journey to Batuu” gameplay pack.

If your Sims prefer to do winter sports or go hiking, we recommend a trip to the Japanese-themed area around Mt. Komorebi: In the “Off to Snow Paradise” (Guide) expansion pack, you can choose whether the Sims will be domiciled for a short time rent and have fun on vacation or settle down on site. Three different festivals, plenty of Japanese local flavor with food, clothing and furnishings round off the Far Eastern experience.

Be famous and feel good

Since film and other stars are almost predestined to indulge in luxury due to their high earnings, the “Get Famous” expansion pack is also a good buy, as it unlocks interactions with money for famous characters in addition to a whole range of gold-plated furnishings and chic clothing. From the show-off money phone campaign to the tech talk in a huge mountain of money, there are some fun options with which you can make your Sim stars really nice to show off.

If the Sims should then be pampered properly, the gameplay pack "Wellness Day" is not wrong, because Sims are not only allowed to take a nice sauna there, but also to explore the possibilities of a holistic lifestyle that makes them forget everyday stress with yoga and massages.

Useful add-ons for families spoiled by luxury at a glance

Build better with the matching Sims 4 addon

  • If you prefer to build or set up in Sims 4 without using Custom Content (CCs) and mods from other players in the Sim community, the amount of new items is important in addition to the style. Check out the contents of a pack before you buy it!

In the "Wellness Day" game pack you will receive a large number of modern furnishings with a focus on relaxation, wellness and bathrooms, which impress with their simple, bright design. The expansion pack “Big City Life” focuses on furnishings in a mix of styles, young and funky, but modern items can also enhance the booths of young adults and couples. Functional and youthful furnishings are available in the “An die Uni!” Expansion pack, while the “Moschino Accessories Pack” brings you studio chic with huge loft windows into play.

Ecological chic moves into the game with the “Sustainable Living” expansion pack (Guide). Thanks to the new "ecological footprint" mechanism, many familiar furnishings and house building items are given new properties and not only contribute to the look, but also to the ecological orientation of your neighborhood. Environmentally-friendly windows, wallpaper and floor coverings support green neighborhoods. Sealed surfaces, concrete, corrugated iron and chain link fences, on the other hand, make your neighborhood industrial.

The vintage furnishings from "vintage glamor accessories" are designed in a chic way, but there are not enough of them to furnish an entire house. On the other hand, if you are looking for some special pieces, you will surely find it here.

Dark, romantic interior for Goths and everyone who wants to become one can be found in the gameplay patch "Vampires". The "horror accessories" offer far less and are only worthwhile if you want to organize a Halloween party and decorate it appropriately.

Exotic and sporting facilities

The “Time for Friends” expansion pack also includes some modern furniture and decorative items, but the focus is more on massive dark wood. Half-timbered windows complement the choice of decorations. The expansion pack "Island Life" adds components and furniture in the Polynesian-tropical style to your item selection. They are of course particularly useful in the Sulani game world, but also complement luxury apartments or apartments by Sims who want to bring that holiday feeling into the house.

With "Tiny Houses" you can create your own micro and mini houses as real trendsetters, with which you get the practical, space-saving equipment included. Fans of the Japanese building and furnishing style get their money's worth in the “Off to Snow Paradise” (Guide) expansion pack: Far Eastern furnishings, wallpapers and other decoration options leave nothing to be desired. Even an artificial hot spring is for sale for your Sim home.

For a restaurant, but also for chic living room furnishings the gameplay pack "Delicacies" offers a useful selection. If you want to furnish your home in an ultra-modern way, you should take a look at the “fitness accessories”. If the taste tends more towards the country style, the “wash day accessories” offer some innovations. Plant and garden lovers should definitely get the "Romantic Garden Accessories". If you are looking for a little more furniture for your terrace and garden, we recommend “garden fun accessories” and “sun terrace accessories”.

If you are totally into the end-time desert world style, the gameplay pack "Star Wars: Reise nach Batuu" (click here for our Sims 4 Star Wars: Reise nach Batuu guide) offers plenty of industrial, worn-out decorative material with typical Star Wars charm. Make your dream cantina or a unique meeting place with galactic flair yourself!

Useful add-ons with construction and furnishing focus at a glance

Sims 4 expansions with special creatures

  • Special creatures have a long tradition at The Sims and enrich the game with their changed needs and special abilities. If you have installed an add-on with special creatures, you can create such a Sim in Create-A-Sim mode (CAS) via "Add Occult Sim".

With the expansion pack "Get to Work", the aliens from the world of Sixam went to the Sims and, disguised as Sims, tried to do everyday activities in order to better understand the Sims' habits. Of course, there are always resourceful Sims who recognize disguised aliens as such and, depending on the character, react either shocked or delighted. You can either create alien Sims in the CAS, meet them in the game world as "Townie" or "get to know" when they are kidnapped by aliens, with men usually heading home with a little 'extra' in their stomach.

Garden fans make friends with the scarecrow “Patchy the straw man” in the “Seasons” expansion pack and get a straw creature that comes to life again and again into the household. Patchy does the chores in the garden and is also available as a conversation partner. You can even do something with the scarecrow ...

A Sim home without animals is inconceivable for you? Then use the “Dogs and Cats” expansion pack (Guide) or the “My first pet accessories” pack. In addition to dogs and cats, small animals such as hamsters also populate your Sim game world - with all the accompanying moments of chaos, such as plans to conquer the world ...

Mermaids kiss better ... or something like that

The “Island Life” expansion pack brings the mermaid into play, who thanks to her diverse abilities can become both a nice sea friend and a vicious sea witch. The transformation into a mermaid is pleasantly simple and invites you to try it out. Alternatively, you can create a sim as a mermaid or aquarius in CAS mode and use them to explore the Sulani game world from the start. We have prepared a guide to mermaids in Sims 4 for you.

It gets mystical with the gameplay pack "Vampire", with which you let go of the bloodsuckers on the Sims world. A vampire can manipulate normal Sims with his mysterious abilities and duel with other vampires. Either you create a new vampire Sim in the CAS or try to let your Sim be transformed by the bite of another vampire.

Do you prefer to wave your wand as a magician or sorcerer, grab the gameplay patch "Realm of Magic", in which the Sims learn powerful spells in a magical parallel world or brew creative potions at the alchemy kettle. Magic duels, magical companions and furnishings in a fantasy look round off the gaming experience and create a real Harry Potter feeling.

If you are into “Men in Black” or other series with alien conspiracy theories, the “Strangerville” gameplay pack is the right choice. In it you will discover the secret of the desert town of the same name and venture into a secret laboratory to find out what makes the citizens of Strangerville into strange grinning zombies. Resourceful engineers tinker with the expansion pack "To the university" known as reliable household helpers and chaos maker, which can fulfill various useful functions with upgrades.

  • Pro tip: The ever-popular butler has found his way back into the game with the accessories pack “Vintage Glamor Accessories” and does his job well (but not always highly motivated!) As long as the family can pay his salary.

Useful addons for fans of special creatures

Addons for more variety and adventure

  • The Sims 4 lives from trying things off the beaten track. Get bored of the learning-career-building-relaxing-monotony, trying out interactive careers, visiting festivals and new buildings or using features that you have never given your Sims before to get a new perspective. Or buy a lightsaber on Batuu ...

The expansion pack "Big City Life" offers the flair of the metropolis of San Myshuno for urban Sims. They live in one of four very differently designed city districts and have a wide range of possible activities on the lively streets and squares of the city: four major festivals, a regular flea market and many new cultural impressions await Sims eager to explore.

In the “Get to Work” expansion pack, you accompany your Sims on three interactive careers on work and have to master certain challenges every new day so that their job performance improves and they are promoted - curious experiences included, of course! The expansion pack "Time for Friends" is more about the free time of the Sims, who can now join groups according to their interests and experience a lot with the other group members.

The “Island Life” expansion pack sends you to the fantastically beautiful Sulani neighborhood, in which you, as an environmentalist, clean the beaches of the island of Mua Pel’am and visibly beautify the surroundings with your actions. Alternatively, you can explore the mysterious cave or go on deep-sea diving tours. Or you can travel to the Japanese-inspired mountain region of Mt. Komorebi with the “Off to Snow Paradise” expansion pack and go hiking, use winter sports or even climb the mountain peak together!

Who likes to visit strange places, should look at the gameplay packs "Outdoor Life" and "Jungle Adventure" because they contain two very different vacation regions. Either your Sims go camping in a rustic mountain landscape or they explore the secrets of ancient temples in the jungle. But it only gets really varied with a trip to Batuu (tips): Star Wars fans will immediately feel at home with the Millennium Falcon and in the company of droids! Join the rebels, villains or the First Order and fulfill your destiny.

Stars, starlets and weird things

If you'd rather give your Sims an exciting life as a star, grab the Sims 4 Get Famous expansion. For almost every skill you get fame options, with which you can, for example, put a musician in the spotlight at public appearances, make your painter famous by selling well-done pictures or the housewife and mom thanks to self-recorded cooking and baking videos to the new social Let’s become a media star. There is also an interactive acting career and at the end there is even a diamond on the famous boulevard in Del Sol Valley! The career as a freelance fashion photographer, which your Sims start with the "Moschino Accessory Pack", is also glamorous and varied.

The challenge of opening and running your own restaurant awaits you in the gameplay plaque “Delicacies”. With the "Bowling Evening Accessories" your Sims can test together who can push the better ball. Instead, if you want to know how your Sims are doing in the academic environment, send them to one of two traditional universities in the “To the University!” Expansion pack. She occupies her there with nasty pranks, activities outside of everyday student life and life as a member of a student association.

The “Sustainable Living” expansion pack (tips and guide) is all about an environmentally friendly way of life: With neighborhood action plans, you determine how you live with your direct neighbors. You decide how community properties are set up and actively influence the ecological footprint of your neighborhood in order to benefit from the associated advantages. Especially through the sometimes useful, but sometimes very bizarre neighborhood action plans, you bring a lot of variety into the game. Not only the everyday behavior of your Sims flows into the ecological footprint, but also the use of suitable furnishings and building objects.

Holiday or alien conspiracy?

With the expansion pack of the same name, you also bring changing seasons a large amount of different holidays in your game. In this way, you expand the leisure offer with seasonal and weather-dependent activities such as building a snowman, water balloon fights, and ice skating and roller skating rinks and provide variety with weather effects.

It gets exciting with an add-on in a unique style: The “Strangerville” gameplay pack lets you experience a multi-stage, repeatable story around the secret of the desert town of Strangerville, in which military personnel, scientists and conspiracy theorists are confronted with a strange disease. The residents are turned into grinning zombies and only you can help them!

With the climbing wall, the "fitness accessories" offer another item that the Sims have to try and fail properly. If your family life is too boring for you, the “Parenthood” gameplay pack gives you new challenges for raising children that can quickly bring you to the edge of madness - especially when you are dealing with twins. The "Dogs and Cats" (Guide) expansion pack is just as varied when the house is overflowing with animals and the Sims are trying to raise a whole litter of puppies who are addicted to games ...

Useful addons with a focus on adventure and variety

Control sim moods with extensions

  • The right mood will help your Sims learn higher skill ranks and increase job performance when Sims go to work in the right mood. Even in the basic game there are some useful items that you can use to control moods. However, it becomes more effective with items from the various add-ons.

With the “Wellness Day” game pack, there are also four direct control options. Paid bath water additives, incense sticks in different sorts, the meditation stool and the yoga mat offer ample opportunity to push your Sims in the right direction in terms of mood. The ice cream machine included in “Cool Kitchen Accessories” offers ice cream flavors for every mood, assuming a correspondingly high cooking level.

From the “Get famous” expansion pack, you use the heavenly crystal helmet to influence either a Sim or its environment: Depending on the crystal you put in the helmet, the effect changes and makes it easier for you to learn certain skills, satisfy needs or moods cause.

The whirlpool from "sun terrace accessories"