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Antilia in Mumbai: This single family home costs $ 2 billion


The most expensive single-family house in the world is in the Indian metropolis of Mumbai and raises a number of questions not only because of its blatant key data.

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What kind of house do you build when you have $ 50 billion in your account and are 13th on Forbes magazine's “The World's Billionaires” list? In the case of the oil tycoon Mukesh Ambani (62), the answer is: A skyscraper 173 meters high with 27 floors in the most expensive location in Mumbai with space for six family members and 600 employees. The house called Antilia is worth a whopping $ 2 billion.

The most expensive single-family house in the world was completed in 2010, but Ambani's wife Nita had the idea for the gigantic building five years earlier in New York, when the two were sweating in the sauna of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the 35th floor and admiring the view over Central Park . On the spur of the moment, Nita hired the architects of the New York hotel and commissioned them to build their own home in Mumbai.

According to a family spokesman, it cost $ 50 to $ 70 million to build in five years and is now valued at around $ 2 billion. However, some doubt this amount, suggesting that Indian rupees were confused with dollars in the estimate. 2 billion rupees are roughly equivalent to 27 million Swiss francs - again, this amount is too low for a building of this size.

No matter which amount is correct - the key data of the residence are extreme one way or another. The house with 37,000 square meters of living space is inhabited by only six people. Besides Mukesh Ambani, his wife and mother, only the three children still live in the house. The family is cared for by no fewer than 600 domestic workers.

Only the top four floors of the house are inhabited, including health floors with a spa of 1,600 square meters, a dance and yoga studio, a ballroom and a cinema for 50 people. A temple and six floors are reserved for the family's 168 cars. An in-house service workshop was conveniently included so that the bodies are always in good shape.

According to various media reports, Mukesh Ambani broke some laws during the construction. For example, three helicopter landing pads have been built on the roof of the house, although this would not be allowed by law. To date, however, no one has complained - on the contrary. The city has even set up its own air traffic zone for the Ambani family's helicopters. In addition, the building stands on land that belonged to a foundation for orphans and was actually not for sale. Still, Ambani apparently had no problem acquiring the land.

The biggest criticism of the Ambani family's house is of a social nature. With Antilia, the wealthy clan has built the largest single-family house in a city that also houses the largest slum in the world, Dharavi.

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