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Good news for "Sandesh"

"Sandesh" is Hindi, the official language of India, and means "message". Sandesh is also the name of a home for disabled children in the Indian city of Bangalore. It is run by the brother of the Wernecker pastor, Father Vincent Moolan Kurian. For this facility, the Werneck pediatric practice of Dr. Hans Ibel now 1239 euros.

In the practice as well as at the Werneck Christmas market, the employees had sold lots during the Advent season, and several sponsors had made donations in kind for them. Now the redeemed sum has been handed over to the local pastor.

The Carmelite Father Vincent, who comes from India, supports the "Sandesh" project as much as he can. High school graduate Hannah Pfister from the market town has also been on site as a volunteer for six months since September.

A few years ago, Father Vincent's brother founded the home for mentally and physically handicapped children and young people. They are looked after there during the day, they learn simple skills, they receive education and food.

The center of the facility is the humane treatment of people with disabilities.

The "Sandesh" project plans to find its own house and to expand care there day and night.

This should include workshops for the disabled as well as therapies in day care centers, residential homes, short-term care or home visits.

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