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5 things to say to your partner every day

Especially if you've been in a relationship for a long time, it becomes more and more everyday life and you run the risk of falling into a routine.

If this phase is reached in a relationship, it can quickly happen that the passionate fire goes out. Adventure gives way to matter of course.

During this time, many relationships burn up like a campfire where no one puts more wood.

It doesn't take much to keep the love fire burning. Often it is the little things that ensure that you will spend your life happily together.

This also includes the following 5 sentences that you should say to your partner every day.

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"I love you"

Telling your partner that you love them is probably the most obvious and easiest thing in the world. It doesn't even have to be really creative to be effective.

But it really has to be meant honestly. Often the "I love you" in a long-term relationship becomes a standard phrase that loses some of its meaning.

Of course, I don't mean that you should tell your partner less that you love them from now on.


Rather, you should make sure that you say it in a situation where it is really serious and resonates with your guy.

A "I love it when you make me laugh ..." or "And that's exactly why I love you ..."If he helps you or does something good, it is worth much more than an unmotivated, hectic confession of love between the door and the hinge.

Your partner should feel that you love them and your words should underline this.

"How was your day?"

One of the most common female complaints is that her guy is not talking about anything. However, once you start to understand men, this problem is relatively easy to solve ...

Sure, the question "How was your day?" sounds a lot like an empty phrase. Maybe you also think that it doesn't work because he only answers her briefly.

This is because in our society, just like the question "How are you?", It has degenerated into a matter of courtesy, and often simply with one"Good thank you! And your?" is answered.

But if you are really serious about this question and ask in a little more detail, you will get a better answer too.

Ask how the meeting with the boss went or if he was able to solve the problem with one of the customers.

Ask him if he saw or experienced anything funny today.

I know from myself that the question “How was your day?” Is a bit overwhelming.

Too much good, bad, and irrelevant has happened on a normal day to start anywhere. That's why I usually just say “Great!” When someone asks me this imprecise question.

However, if my friend asks me how my project is going, or how it was meeting a buddy, I can give her a better answer.

So asking specific questions is a great way to get into conversation with your partner and get more than a few words out of them.

This is how you start a conversation, you get to know your guy better and better and you grow closer and closer as a couple.

"You make me happy, thank you!"

Of course, you are (for the most part) happy with your partner. But how often do you tell him that too?

Showing gratitude for your partner, or expressing it in words, is something that every relationship coach recommends.

Since a matter of course creeps into most relationships over a period of time, gratitude is lost somewhere.

But not only that, you often lose sight of the positive qualities of your "better half" and only see the annoying things.

A vicious circle that often changes into arguments and, in the worst case, into a breakup.

But it doesn't have to come to that.

Stopping every now and then and remembering how happy your partner makes you is just like saying an honest "I love you", something beautiful.

If you tell your partner that too, you will put a bright smile on his face. Especially if your appreciation for him has been poor lately.

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"I'm here for you"

Encourage your partner by letting them know that you support their decisions and plans.

You can also go a step further and offer him your help. It doesn't even matter at all whether he accepts or rejects it.

Maybe he wants to do something all by himself. What is clear, however, is that he appreciates your support and it gives him additional strength.

After all, life is full of obstacles and just feeling like someone else has your back can give a man wings.

But remember: You should really mean the words “I'm here for you”.

In a past relationship my girlfriend at the time told me that she supported me, but moaned if I'd rather work on my passion than watch GNTM with her ...

These mixed signals always create friction in a relationship and rarely result in positive moments.

So make sure that your words match your actions.

"You're hot"

Who doesn't like to be complimented?

At the beginning of a relationship, compliments are still the order of the day, but they gradually disappear from everyday life.

It's one of the many pitfalls of a long-term relationship. This makes it all the more important that you regularly let your partner know that you still find them attractive.

Men also struggle with their body image and are often dissatisfied. But getting a compliment on your body builds your self-esteem (and, most likely, your libido too).

  • "You should walk around without a t-shirt more often ..."
  • "Your ass looks really good in your pants ..."
  • "To lie in your strong arms is still wonderful for me."

Since men don't get compliments often, he may not even know how to react.

That's not bad at all, because he'll remember it, feel more attractive and loved.

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