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Looking for a PHP programmer?

  • What is PHP anyway?

    The scripting language PHP developed from the programming languages ​​C and Perl, the beginnings go back to the middle of the 90s to the Danish developer Rasmus Lerdorf. He developed scripts with which he could log online access to his resume and called them "Personal Home Page Tools" (hence the abbreviation PHP, which today stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor"). Other programmers continued to work on PHP (the software can be used freely and changed thanks to an open source license). Over the years, PHP has established itself among the server-side scripting languages, and PHP is now used in the creation of 79% of all websites. In contrast to HTML (which runs on the user side, in the browser), PHP offers many advantages, for example the program code cannot be viewed by the users of a website and the programming language offers many flexible options for dynamic websites.

  • What do the terms frontend, backend, full stack and framework mean?

    The development of software or web applications is divided into several areas. PHP developers primarily care about that Backend, so the "back part" of a software: You design the structure, the architecture, the data processing sequence. This also applies to the connection to other software components and databases with the help of suitable interfaces. The Front end Means the "front part" that you as the user see: the user interface and display of the software, the input options. Web programmers should be able to empathize with their users so that they can design a design (UX / UI) that is as user-friendly as possible. If web or PHP developers are very familiar with programming languages ​​and scripts in the frontend and backend, then they have mastered it Full stack, so the "full programming stack". You will design and code the structure of the software with languages ​​or scripts such as PHP, MySQL, Perl or Python and program the user interface with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. In programming, work is made easier and faster if you Frameworks uses: These are prefabricated and tested "program templates" which, like a frame or skeleton, simplify the construction of new software.

  • What is the difference between a PHP programmer and a web programmer?

    A web programmer is familiar with programming languages ​​and scripts with which web applications, websites, portals, online shops and much more. can be developed. To do this, he does not necessarily have to be proficient in the PHP scripting language; there are also other server-side scripts such as Ruby or Python. Or it uses a client-side script like JavaScript.

    A PHP programmer uses the PHP scripting language for his work. This allows him to work as a web programmer, because PHP is mainly intended for web applications. In addition, PHP programmers also develop desktop applications that are needed outside of the Internet.

    Usually these differences do not play a role, because the similarities in programming for web applications predominate. PHP programmers mostly work as web programmers and web developers very often use the PHP scripting language because it is widely used.

  • When do I need PHP developers and web developers for my web project?

    The answer depends on the complexity of your project. Do you only have a simple, manageable web project such as For example, a simple website, one of the two is usually sufficient to program the page properly (in the programming language or script that is mastered). If the project becomes more complex, for example with functions or interfaces to other applications, then several languages ​​or scripts are often required. Compare the work of a programmer with that of a foreign language translator: the more different languages ​​are to be translated, the more likely there are several translators with different foreign language skills. Sounds logical, doesn't it? The same applies to the variety of programming languages ​​and scripts used. One person does not know all languages!

  • How do I become a PHP developer or a web developer?

    There is no uniform, legally regulated training for web developers. The apprenticeship as an IT specialist in application development has similar content. Another solid foundation is a degree in computer science at a university or college. In addition, it is also possible to acquire basic programming skills through self-taught learning. If you have already learned a profession, there are some providers who offer qualified further training to become a PHP or web developer.