What does Mudak mean in Russian

They don't exist ... Pisdez!

Monday, September 9th, 9:38 pm: I continue to write "Dentist" after my brilliantly performed operation. Oh, I guess I scared them! Suki! Although, no, I am wrong, the psychologist says: forget, cross out everything. It doesn't exist. There is me There's the dentist. There is me There's the dentist. There are my imaginations - they don't exist. They do NOT exist ... Pisdez! Take it easy. Out on the street, got on the tram. Three stations. Switched. There was one at the stop. Cars drove back and forth (well, what if I got off the train, what does climbing mean, I crawled down the steps, I've known this stop for a long time. There are trash cans on the left, an advertising column on the right, you can't do that from the street and I also had a huge garbage bag pulled over my head and disguised myself as a garbage bag, ha!). In the metro. Got into the last car at the last moment and got off at the last moment. No familiar faces. Back home after an hour of driving around. My reflection on the door of the apartment - so there is nobody behind me. (No one? Or is the whole street being monitored with cameras?) Run across the street just in front of a truck. There it is, the dentist's office. (still illegible) For today, all you have to do is write. Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow there will be food. The only thing today: someone wearing glasses on the tram gave me a funny look when I crawled out as if he didn't want me to notice that he was watching me. Mudak bljad. I'll remember the face! I'll call him "the fish". I'll find out what kind of bird that is. I wish myself a good night and congratulate myself on my personal genius. Clever!

Monday, September 16th, 11:41 pm: In short: my ingeniously executed action was indeed: ingenious. For complete beginners among the paranoid: He who helps himself - God helps him. Basically everything happened yesterday, but I can only write today, after the X-ray. As always, everything is fine. So that means keep going. To the same doctor. I didn't see the "fish". I have a fixed appointment with the doctor, at a time set by him, the doctor, at an agreed place, but of course they knew my route, Suki, and my particularities when moving around. They even emptied the trash to make it more comfortable for me. But that doesn't matter. I showed them that I was familiar with the customs of the espionage business. That I understand the fine art of camouflage! So I enter the office of this professional sadist, these toys await me for the interrogation: little pliers, drills and the cold look of the villain. I'm about to throw my bait. "Well," I say, "you are going to torture me." And he: "But at the very most with a tiny syringe." Mudak! I: "Injection, so, tell me the preparation, and next time I'll bring it myself." And add: "Well what - you give me a truth drug!" He smiles and says: "If it has to be, You'll tell me everything. ”A snake, of course, but honestly. In any case, I gave him the opportunity to rummage around in my oral cavity ... but then all of a sudden I grab his hand, look him in the eye and ask in confidence: "What did you get paid?" His eyes narrow, a typical sign of discomfort. The drill in his hand and in my mouth, I still keep asking: "How much, my dear, or something else, huh?" And wink at him like that, bljad, I wink so idiotically, but knowingly.
We'll finish it off, a little tooth decay and tartar. We say goodbye. When he extends his hand to me, this Satan, I extend mine too and say: "And now I'm going to the clinic and get an X-ray, let's see what you packed me there." You should have seen his face! Ha-ha-ha! Well, the X-ray showed that there were no foreign bodies in my teeth. NO! You see, no transmitter, no poison, no microfilm! I'm happy in my life, but job YOUR mother! (Further illegible)

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