You can cry to death

Grief and death

"Lacrima" means "tear". Because you have to know that crying is a normal part of grief, like tears of joy when you laugh yourself to pieces. Some are just ashamed to show these tears. It happens that grief is suppressed or even locked away. And that's really tough.

That is why there is lacrima.

There you can meet others who are just like you. The people from Lacrima will help you, because often parents or friends and relatives do not know how to deal with grieving children and young people. They may also want to protect you by leaving out the topic or saying nothing. However, the Lacrima experience shows that children and young people want and need to know the truth. It is important that children and young people share their feelings of sadness with others.

In this way your grief becomes natural, because death belongs to life and life belongs to death.

Not only can all these topics be discussed there, but there are also many interesting things that are offered there. So you can look for and find your own path of grief and also try out how you feel. Because grief is something of its own. Everyone grieves differently and therefore everyone needs something different.

If you clicked your way through here, you have seen other children grieve. Maybe you discovered yourself there….