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RKI statistics: three educators / teachers died of corona last week - SPD: significantly higher risk of infection for teachers

BERLIN. In the past week, three teachers or educators apparently died of Covid-19. This is the result of statistics from the Robert Koch Institute. According to the current status report, there are so far a total of twelve employees from daycare centers, day care centers, schools and homes who have not survived an infection with the coronavirus - 350 have been hospitalized since the beginning of the pandemic. In the previous week (on Friday, November 20, 2020) the statistics showed only nine deceased in this area. The SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia has also calculated the incidence value of teachers on the basis of data from the NRW Ministry of Education. Result: teachers are at a significantly higher risk of becoming infected than the average population.

According to the statistics of the RKI, 13,872 people in Germany (as of November 28, 2020) who work “in a facility in accordance with Section 33 of the Infection Protection Act” - these are daycare centers, daycare centers, schools or homes - have been infected with the coronavirus. In the previous week (November 20) there were only 11,826.

That means: In the past week alone, according to the data from the RKI, which was based on reports from the health authorities, around 2,000 educators and teachers were infected with the corona virus. There was also a clear increase in the reported infections among those who are cared for in the above-mentioned facilities - children and adolescents -: Yesterday, the statistics in this category showed 29,830 infected people since the beginning of the pandemic, compared with just 25,401 in the previous week . Up to yesterday, 329 had been “hospitalized” (previous week: 286). So far three have died (without change).

The numbers differ from data published by the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs. On Friday there were currently around 3,169 infected teachers and 20,185 infected students reported (News4teachers reported in detail on the KMK's publication of student and teacher data). The Robert Koch Institute notes: "Since information on care, accommodation and activity is missing in many cases, the number of cases with care, accommodation or activity in the individual facilities is to be understood as a minimum."

It goes on to say: "For the reported COVID-19 cases from all of the above-mentioned facilities, however, it is not known how high the proportion of those who were also infected in this facility is." In the RKI's management report, however, "community facilities" ( i.e. homes and daycare centers) and schools are named as outbreak sites. Literally: "In most circles it is mostly a diffuse occurrence, with numerous accumulations in households, but also in community facilities, schools, old people's and nursing homes."

The incidence value among teachers in North Rhine-Westphalia was most recently 361 - the average for the population, however, only 159

According to calculations by the SPD parliamentary group in North Rhine-Westphalia, an above-average number of teachers across the country have been infected with the corona virus in recent weeks. The incidence value - the number of new infections within seven days based on 100,000 people - was 183 in calendar week 44 (October 26 to November 1), only slightly above the NRW average of 162.

Since then, however, the curve for teachers has risen steeply: in calendar week 45, an incidence value of 280 was found (on average: 175), in calendar week 46 a value of 368 (on average: 171), in calendar week 47 has a value of 361 (on average 159). When asked by News4teachers, a spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group said that the data were calculated on the basis of figures from the NRW school ministry, which were mentioned in media reports or in the state parliament's school committee. A corresponding overview from the ministry is not yet available.

Gebauer continues to claim: "Our schools are not hotspots"

School Minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) still paints a different picture. After that, the Corona-related missed lessons at the schools in North Rhine-Westphalia decreased slightly. In the past week, regular face-to-face classes had taken place in 3,692 schools, she reported yesterday. The proportion of schools with regular classes had risen from 79.9 to 81.3 percent compared to the previous week. 13 schools across the country were closed. "I am pleased that the numbers have noticeably stabilized this week and once again document that our schools are not hotspots," said Gebauer.

For the next meeting of the school committee on December 9, the SPD has requested a report from Gebauer on the development of the number of infections among students and teachers. News4teachers

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