How many tourists visit Goa every year

Goa India what sea there. What a sea or a sea in Goa

The beaches and ocean are a Goa treasure that hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to every year. No matter how much you look for the best beaches. and the ocean for swimming on our planet, but the best combination of many factors for a beach vacation than in Goa, it is very difficult to find.

Let's start with the sea. By the way, whether the water space of the Goa Ocean or the sea is a judicial conventionality. On the other hand, the water space in Goa is called the Arabian Sea on the map. On the other hand, this is the open sea, part of the Indian Ocean. That's why I like it more to count the water space in Goa Ocean, but call it the sea is absolutely correct too.

The sea is the most important thing for what the majority of tourists from Russia rest. About who and how well rested, judge primarily on the number and quality of the sea swimming and on the complicated excursions of excursions, beauty of the architecture, low prices, questions of national cuisine or the quality of service. For a tourist from Russia, tired of cold and gloomy skies most of the year, the main things are the sun, sea and beach. With this one in Goa, everything is the best way. "The European seas are flexible compared to the Sea of ​​Goa. And the point here is not in the beauty at all, there are many much more colorful water-stickers. The most important thing is the temperature of the water in Goa, which is never below +28 and most of the year and falls above about + 30 degrees. Anyone who has ever been calm in the Crimea or on the Black Sea coast. Caucasus, it is known that even in the hottest months - July and August, water in the sea always stays cool, does not rise above 25 degrees As for other resort months, then in May in the Black Sea it is still very cold, in June it is just cold, in September it is still tolerant, and from October, only for "Walrus" from October.


The same applies to all European seas, including the most visited Russian tourist countries. Whether you are in the Canary Islands, on the coast of Spain, Greece, Cyprus or Turkey - water in the seas next to these countries is never really warm, it stays that way. The 5-10 minutes are with colds, especially for children. If you think differently, then most likely you just haven't bathed in real warm seas, which only happens in the tropics. From childhood he bathed in sea, a trip to the south with his parents was the main event of the year. However, there has not been a single trip in which I was not overwhelmed by the cold in the first few days of calm because it stayed in cold sea water because of the stay. I believed that with age, that immunity would grow. But nothing has changed in any 20 year century when I rested in Crimea, not at 25 when I rested in Sochi, when I rested in Turkey in the 30 years when I rested in Turkey and bought in the Mediterranean , no, no, no, no, when I rested Montenegro and bought in the Adriatic. The cold sea has always been the cause of my colds that poisoned your vacation. Everything changed when I first visited Goa for the first time. From the first bath, the ocean in Goa shook me. It was so warm and gentle that I didn't want to be thrown out. It was January 20th - during the time when the temperature of the water in Goa reaches the minimum marks, dropping to +28 degrees. When I was told that this was winter in Goa, I realized that the people here just don't understand what winter is because they live in paradise. Subsequently, my conclusions were fully confirmed.

It should be told especially about the waves in Goa as there are many rumors on the subject. The coast of the Goa coast is the open sea, part of the ocean, so there is almost no complete calm here, there are almost always waves. At the same time big waves never happened in Goa. That is why we say against Bali, there are no surfers in Goa. There is just surfing in Goa because there are no waves for surfers. Goa and surfing are two exclusive concepts. Maximum that you can find in Goa school for novice surfers who need small, safe waves. These are the small and safe waves in Goa. In some months they are a little more, in others - less, sometimes there are no waves at all.


The lack of big waves from the coast in Goa has its thing. In Goa, by the way, the tsunami collapse is fundamentally impossible. The fact is that the great wave is required to overclock the depth, while the Arabian Sea from the coast of Goa is many kilometers from the coast. There is no place for overclocking waves allowing them to choose the real power. Therefore, even up to the windiest weather, the waves from the coast of Goa almost never reach the sizes dangerous for a person. Most of the time the wave in Goa is completely harmless. It is important to note that the seabed in Goa is sandy. It is easy to go into the ocean, the sandy bottom is nice to feel the feet. There are no cliffs and depressions, the entrance to the water is smooth, gradual. You can clearly control the depth at which you will be comfortable swimming. Items in Goa can be found 5-10 feet from the shore, where even adult water only comes to the knee. Adults will be 50-100 meters from the shore, where water comes in with the chest or neck. Swimming squalls are more expensive, can easily swim 300 to 500m from the coast in Goa where the waves are already there, and the still water space gives absolute bliss.


The combination of shallow water, small waves and the sandy bottom from the Goa coast offers another very important benefit for swimsuits. In the naval depths of Goa it is not dangerous for predators, this is not their habitat. Of course, there are both sharks and rods and large fish in the ocean. But all for life need deep and rich in food. There is no need for the Goa coast. Even one kilometer from the Goa coast, the depth rarely exceeds 15 meters, which is unsuitable for the habitat of large coastal ramblers. Many tourists in Goa have paid attention to the catch used to return fishing boats to the shore. As a rule, in the networks of fishermen, only a small macrolle that was sufficient for dinner from a family, and nothing more. Sandy bottom, the lack of coral and plankton create unsuitable conditions for the presence of even small fish, let alone those who hunt them. Therefore, unlike most other warm, tropical seas, the coast of Goa is safe to swim. Social in Goa is pleasant for six months of the year: from mid-October to mid-April. It is at this time that the tourism shit in Goa takes hold. But even in these six months of paradise there are nuances, I'll tell you about them. In October the ocean in Goa is very warm, the water temperature is stable + 30 + 32 degrees. It is impossible not to imagine a more comfortable temperature for swimming. Water in October in Goa is associated with couple milk - the same warm, gentle and velvety.


However, as of October, you cannot be confident in the constancy of Goa's weather. In October only the rainy season ends in Goa, called Munsun. This is when cyclones bring with them torrential rains and sea excitement. Waves can break the idyll of swimming in Goa in October. In November the cyclones leave, the ocean off the coast of Goa calms down, and the conditions for swimming become perfect. The water temperature in November in Goa is still +30. However, it should be taken into account that in the first half of November the air in Goa is hotter and wet, at this point you cannot forget to use sunscreen. The most pleasant atmosphere in Goa starts with the second half of November. In Goa it goes smoothly into the gracious December. The ocean in Goa at this time is becoming more refreshing. The temperature of the water in Goa in December is reduced slightly below +30, the waves become very small or disappear at all. Swimming turns into solid bliss.


In January the water temperature in Goa goes to its minimum of +28 degrees, i. H. About the same as in Russian hot water heating baths. Just unlike pools, water in the sea without chlorine and other poisons is rich in all natural elements. Swimming in the ocean near Goa fills the feeling of joy and happiness that it is possible through swimming in living water from fairy tales. The way boys and girls experience the best in Goa. Moments of your childhood. Children in Russia can only dream about such beaches and such a sea as in Goa. Beaches of a small sand from which the locks are so comfortable. Smooth entrance to the shallow ocean, whose shallow water can splash for hours. Warm sea water, from which you cannot get out at all from morning to evening, you catch the cold. It was the ocean in Goa, this is the main vacation for children who can not forget all their life.

The ideal weather in Goa lasts until February 6th. On this day in Goa there are usually strong winds. Winds bring with them the excitement of the ocean's surface. Waves are small and not dangerous, but annoying that some interfere with relaxation in water. On the contrary, on the contrary, waves in February in Goa, give another reason to enjoy bathing in the ocean, because it is more interesting to swing on the waves, and overcoming them is more interesting to swim. Each of his own. In February the atmosphere in Goa is still nice, but not as stable. If from the middle of November to the beginning of February the paradise weather in Goa is unchanged almost daily, the climate in February can change much more often. Windy and cloudy days alternate with calm and clear changes. Due to the changeability of the heavenly patterns in February in Goa, you can watch one of the most beautiful sunset over the ocean as the sun rays break through the tunnels through the clouds and illuminate the surface of the ocean with fancy "lasershow".


In March the Indian summer comes to Goa. In India, the summer months are March, April, May. It was during the Russian Spring in Goa that the hottest weather comes to wear that not everyone is comfortable. It should be explained that in Goa in Goa +40 does not happen like in the summer in Turkey or Greece and not instead +50, as in the summer in Egypt or the Arab Emirates. The climate in Goa is much softer. Even during the hottest time in Goa, the temperature rarely rises above +35. However, if we take into account that the humidity even increases during this period, it is not all comfortable for this weather. The Indian summer in Goa only begins in March. Many Russians who arrived in Goa at this time in the holidays do not even notice that the sun has become very active. And yet that is exactly the case. Let's say if in January you can shoot before "Suburban" levels at best in two weeks, then March will be several days enough for you to reach the dark bronze skin color. The main thing in March and April in Goa - do not forget to use sunscreen.


Water in the ocean in March in Goa heats to the October level: the temperature is +32 becomes the norm. To get out of the water in Goa in March, I don't want to at all. Sometimes it still has to do, because in March, as in October, the ocean in Goa does not differ in stability: good days alternatively with windy the calm replaces the disturbing waves. To predict such changes is almost impossible. The season in Goa ends in April. The warmth in April, especially in the second half of the month, rises to +34 in shade, the humidity of the air increases. The ocean in Goa at this time even becomes too warm, its temperature reaches +34 degrees. Quiet days to swim in Goa in April - a pleasure. But in April the ocean in Goa is seldom calm, at this time the waves improve, which sometimes doesn't even go into the water to knock off your feet. In measure the heat and excitement of the ocean in Goa are even heightened. May does not become the most favorable days for swimming in Goa so much, a lot of the time the big waves roll in and the water gets so warm (around +36) that swims in it is not too refreshing after being in the same staying not too refreshed is hot air. However, I know people who claim that Goa is their favorite time of year because it gets very few tourists, and you can feel completely like a peaceful native in the tropical Goan Rai-Rais. Munzun in Goa begins in June, that is, the rainy season. The sun at this time is hidden from the clouds behind a dense cover, waterfalls of moisture have collapsed from the sky. The currents of the heavenly waters go through the Goan Hills in the sea and flooded the beaches. The ocean during the Munsun turns into a raging, dark brown pulp with white coats of arms with raging waves. At this time in the ocean, life is dangerous, you can never go outside.


If you have planned your vacation for the time of the Russian summer, in Goa, there is most likely no disappointment to go at that time. Goa is a winter resort. In addition, the weather in Goa in Munchun should not last from June to the end of September, by analogy with the Russian. Everything happens very differently in Goa. It usually waits for Goa on June 6th and 7th and then lasts four months, almost without breaks, everything and everything flooded. In recent years, this tradition began to hurt the earth's global climate change: rainfall in Goa during the Munchun period is getting more and more more and more. But the way it can, Munzun is an inconvenient time for the rest of Goa: the humidity of the air is too high and it is impossible to swim in the ocean.


At the time of Munchun in Goa, very few tourists. Almost all restaurants and shops in Goa for the Munchun period are closed, their owners travel to various states of India in India and abroad, turn to those who have tourist services. In those who receive it. It rests during Munsun time. Stormy rivers of water from heaven split the space of paradise to open their doors to those who are dreadfully resting from all over the world. In October the sun is overlooked in the sky above the clouds, and along with it, the first restaurants open and the first tourists fly. The new season begins in Goan Paradise.

That's all I wanted to tell you about the seasons in Goa.

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The opinion of tourists cannot agree with the opinion of the editors.

India, drowning in the ocean waves, Manit tourists from all over the world. Particularly attractive. vacationers Goa .. Tour operators promise many impressions and completely different beaches. To get the most fun of swimming you need to know what waters Goa. Then the waves and the sand will restore again.

What is ablutions Goa

The question in which the sea waits for the coast is ready to receive various answers. Mostly called the Arabian Sea. However, its rivers are an integral part of the Goa ocean.

Industan, on which India is located, gave the name of the third largest water area. That is why inexperienced travelers are lost and cannot decide whether the Arabian Sea or the Indian Ocean is being washed away from the tourist paradise.

Some features of the Goa sea vacation

The majestic and eclectic Indian Ocean occupies a large space and is the greatest landmark. It has its own functions:

  1. You can swim all year round. The sea warms up to 28 degrees, the deviations for a few degrees do not play the role of the weather. Even so, since sunset shouldn't be activated by the skates and sea-snakes at any time of the year, swim should be;
  2. Enjoying the Indian Ocean can be free. The coast is absolutely free and under the tutelage of the municipality. No hotel has the right to overlap access to the beach. Buildings are no closer than 200 m;
  3. The Arabian Sea is ideal for diving, especially in the bays and coves. Although the underwater world is clearly inferior to the diversity of other recognized waters. The Indian Ocean washing the resort creates a lot of waves. Water is often muddy due to a strong current.Red or Mediterranean Much richer in flora and fauna and more transparent;
  4. A coast that is always washed with a warm stream leaves much to be desired in terms of purity. However, this is a distinctive feature of India. The water here is not only to wash the banks, but to flush the trash from them as well.

Indeed, India involves tourists in authentic culture, tropical nature, the ability to touch millennial history and original philosophy, especially in Goa. The coast is sea or ocean - it doesn't matter. The main thing is the sun and nature in the heart of an Eastern fairy tale.

The beaches and ocean are a Goa treasure that hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to every year. In fact, no matter how hard you have searched for the best beaches and oceans for swimming on our planet, the best combination of many factors for a beach vacation than Goa is very hard to find.

2. Characteristics of the ocean in Goa

It should be told especially about the waves in Goa as there are many rumors on the subject. The coast of the Goa coast is the open sea, part of the ocean, so there is almost no complete calm here, there are almost always waves. At the same time, big waves never happen in Goa. That is why we say against Bali, there are no surfers in Goa.

3. Goa in October, November, December and January

The sea in Goa is pleasant for six months of the year: from mid-October to mid-April. It is at this time that the tourism shit in Goa takes hold. But even in these six months of paradise there are nuances, I'll tell you about them.

4. Goa in February, March and April

The ideal weather in Goa lasts until February 6th. On this day in Goa there are usually strong winds. Winds bring with them the excitement of the ocean's surface. Waves are small and not dangerous, but annoying that some interfere with relaxation in water. On the contrary, on the contrary, waves in February in Goa, give another reason to enjoy bathing in the ocean, because it is more interesting to swing on the waves, and overcoming them is more interesting to swim. To each his own.

5. Goa in May in June in July in August and in September

In May, the heat and excitement of the ocean in Goa are even heightened. In May, favorable days for swimming in Goa don't get so much, much of the time big waves roll, and the water gets so warm that swimming in which is not too refreshing in the same hot air is not too refreshing . However, I know people who claim that it might be their favorite time in Goa as there are very few tourists, and you can feel completely like a serene original owner in tropical Goan paradise.

6. Goa beaches.

GOA beaches stretch 100 kilometers from north to south all over the coast of this very small state in India. From the extreme point in North Goa to the extreme point in the south can be reached in just a few hours by car or bike. However, it is better to save this for the whole day, or even a few days, to enjoy the paradise species and feelings. Different beaches of Goa. Traditionally they come in most of the reviews of the world's best and best beautiful beaches.

7. Choose the beach in Goa

Beach selection is key to the success of your Goa vacation. The bluff in this business is threatened with a spoiled vacation, so it is necessary to approach the selection of the beach in Goa with special attention! In this article I am going to tell you how not to make a fatal mistake and make the right choice.

8. Southern Goa beaches

First we will tell about the beaches of South Toa. Palwal Beach is located very south of Goa. Pallemba can conditionally be called the capital of beach holidays in South Goa, the tourism industry has been developed here for a long time and fully. There are few Russians on the Palolym, "international" rules here, tourists from all over the world rest. Palilla Beach is in the quaint cozy bay, there are never big waves here, so swim - a pleasure.

9. Beaches of Northern Goa

If you have studied tourist reviews resting on the Internet in Goa, you surely noticed strong contradictions in the estimates. Some respond to a negative key about Goa railing for dirt and poor service; Others from Goa in complete joy call it a paradise, dream to come here again and again, to come here again; and others are so in love with Goa what is ever built to move into permanent place of residence. What caused such sharp differences in estimates?

10. Anjuna Beach

The closest beach to Mapse is the beach of the coastal village of Anjuna, which is about 10 kilometers from the city, so it was in Anduun that the first hippie streams stormed from around the world. It is from Anjuna that the story of modern Goa begins. It is Andong that keeps most of the legends. It is in Andun that you can still feel the echoes of the hippie era.

11. Beach box.

A few kilometers past the beach of the village of Anjuna towards North Goa is the beach of Vagator Village. Actually it was from these two beaches - Anjuna and Vagator started the era of modern Goa.

In the 70s of the last century, Anjuna Beach was something of the capital of hippies in all of Southeast Asia.

12. Kandolim, Calangute and Bug beaches

The worst that can happen to you when you choose the Goa playground is to buy a tour in one of the many hotels in Kandolim villages, Calangute or Baga. Three adjoining beaches are the tourist industry center GOA The combination of the relative proximity to the airport, long, wide, sandy beaches and developed infrastructure that was determined at the end of the 20th century, the choice of these places for the development of tourism in Goa. But today everything is different.

13. Mordemper Beach.

One of the most beautiful places in all of the GOA is the Mordezhima village beach in its northern part. Mordima is the first of the four tourist villages of North Goa, the Overno district, which begins immediately behind the so-called "Siolimsky Bridge" over the river des Chapors.

14. Ashwem Beach.

The village of Aschem and its beach are the pearl of North Goa. Of all the villages in Northern Goa Ashwem - the smallest, around 1,000 people live in it. And every year, new hotels, guest houses and restaurants open in Ashlem, and really big buildings have not come to this paradise.

15. Mandrem Beach.

Mandrem - the third after Mordva and Ashem village in North Goa that includes the "golden triad" best places to relax in this Indian state. If you want the real joy of a beach vacation your way is in one of these North Wales villages - Mandrem, Ashwem or Mordemp.

"Walking in three seas" called his masterpiece of literary work Tver dealer Athanasius Nikitin, who was distant in the distant XV century. In addition to the Motley Sari, bright oriental bazaars and an endless kaleidoscope of impressions from the kitchen and customs, the traveler conquered the sea of ​​India, which is now one of the main magnets for tourists from all over the world.

Edge of Eternal Summer

Winters in the land of elephants and tea today is very popular. On the question in which the sea of ​​India washes, answers are given to freelancers and other fans of unpaid employment contracts, on the terms of which do not include the daily appearance in the office or in production. Her legacy is the province of Goa, where the warmest beaches and the variety of plains and the cost of hotels make it possible not to appear in the gray slushty for many months, even for the most mediocre travelers.
The Indostan Peninsula from the west is washed by the Arabian Sea which entered the Indian Pool of the Indian Ocean. It is on the coast and is the main beaches of North and South Goa. The climate on the local shores is tropical, the monsoons are characterized, and the water temperature ranges from +23 degrees in winter to +29 - in summer. Maximum rainfall on the Indian shores of the Arabian Sea falls in the summer months.

West direction

But not only the Indian tourist is alone alone, and the question in which Sea in India, the most advanced answers - the Bengal Bay of the Indian Ocean. Here is a very unusual state that includes the Andaman Islands and Nicobar Archipelago. What is the special beauty of recreation in the Indian islands?

  • Archipelagos are a closed zone as there are reserves and national parks. The consequence of this is the need for special permits to visit, and therefore - the real opportunity to be alone with nature.
  • For the Andaman Islands, ships are sent from the ports and Kolkitsa, on which the trip could be liked by fans of seascapes.
  • On the island of hail there is an opportunity to go scuba diving and get to know the people of the sea of ​​India. In the list of possible candidates - sea turtles and dolphins. The forests on the banks look forward to the many bright birds and even elephants who live here on very legal grounds.
  • For those who prefer to admire bright flora and fauna without diving, the entertainment program on the islands included excursions on a boat with a transparent bottom.

Goa, on India's west coast with a total area of ​​3702 km2, is one of the most popular tourist routes. The state residents have access to education and their incomes and living standards are much higher than those in other areas of India. The capital of Goa is the city of Panja and Vasco-Da-Gama is considered the largest city. However, the staff became known worldwide thanks to multi-kilometer beautiful beach, beautiful landscapes.

Conditional resort can be divided into two parts: North Goa and South Goa .. There is not very much in the North Goa hotels and their status is only estimated at 2-3 "stars". On the coast of the sea, the water is not very transparent, but the sand is a gray shade. There is no such thing as a good twist and high recovery. This is a cheap vacation option for overseas students, low income industries. Here, however, so-called loud and bright TRANs are particularly popular on the beaches.

Other business with Southern Goa, where white-gold-sand, purest beaches., Tender aquamarine ocean water, expensive hotels, beautiful landscapes, high comfort, lots of vivid entertainment: diving centers, tennis courts, pools.

Whatever the Goa area you would not have chosen, part of North Goa or a measured South Goa, you will be satisfied with the peace and quiet either way. Here you can easily find accommodation for all tastes, from a simple hut of palm leaves to a private house with a beautiful view of the sea. Price a hotel room lower than in our hotels.

There is absolutely no tourist season in Goa. It's always warm, rosy, fun, and cool. Best time to visit Goa - this is September - April, since June of the month including September, the season of tropical rainfall and high humidity in the air.

Sightseeing Goa.

Major attractions: Basilica Basilica of Jesus 16th century, this is a monument to UNESCO, the Church of Santa Monica, St. Augustine, Francisco Assisi. Attention attracts the old streets of the town of Panji and Margao, small but cozy cafes where you can try appetizing fish dishes.

After a pleasant pastime on the beach, it is worth going on a fascinating journey natural beauties GOA It is especially surprised by the nature of blood: beautiful wild lakes, waterfalls, islands, palm groves, exotic foods, unique plantations of spices and, of course, jungles. Unforgettable impressions will be given by a yacht trip along the Goa coast, river cruises. on crocodile jungle.

Complete the vacation in Goa from the center of Ayurveda: Center for Ancient Indian Medicine.

How do I get to Goa?

Many tourists believe that Goa is a separate country, in fact a small, picturesque island. For the flight to Goa, it is necessary to place a visa and buy a ticket. Many companies operate a direct flight. You can easily buy a charter in Goa through AirChoking. This is a great option on a budget and comfortable flight.