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Less than 1,500 euros: The worst paid jobs in Austria

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Vienna - As reported, the SPÖ wants to put pressure on the issue of minimum wages. Should the social partners fail to reach a general collective agreement for 1,500 euros, Chancellor Christian Kern can also imagine a statutory minimum wage based on the German model. The ÖGB does not believe in legal requirements, but would like to negotiate a timetable with the Chamber of Commerce, which should then apply to the target of 1,700 euros. According to a special evaluation by Statistics Austria, around 357,000 employees earned less than 1,500 euros gross in 2014, two thirds of them were women.

According to a list by the Ministry of Social Affairs (as of the end of November 2016), newspaper deliverers have the lowest collective agreement monthly wages (without bonuses, special payments, etc.).

However, there are also areas in which there is no collective agreement, so that no information is available about the wages there, for example for workers in waste management. In addition, according to the ministry, there is a lack of information about sectors in which the last KV was years ago, such as beauticians. The last KV from 2002 provided for a minimum salary of almost 800 euros.

There has been no negotiation for a long time, even with the office staff for lawyers in Vienna. Since 2009, the KV salary there has been 1,023 euros. In trade, according to the latest KV, only employees in employment group 1 are below the limit of 1,500 euros. (APA, red, January 13, 2017)