What is your country's festival

At the center of the festival under the Umberto Eco quote "The language of Europe is translation" in Bad Oeynhausen is literary translation both as an independent form of artistic production and as the most important cultural means of perception and communication with our neighbors. Among other things, a translator slam and discussions between German-speaking authors and their international translators will be organized.

During the festival period, regional, national and international authors will give samples of their current novels, volumes of poetry and non-fiction books on the subject of "Europe", including Marica Bodrozic, Mathijs Deen, Zora Del Buono, Melisa Erkurt, Frank Goosen, Erwin Grosche, Sandra Gugic, Joseph Hanimann, Wolf Harlander, Navid Kermani, Carmen Korn, Ulla Lachauer, Anja Liedtke, André Niedostadek, Jana Revedin, Hubert Seipel and Norbert Scheuer.

The German Aphorism Archive (DAphA) is presenting a comprehensive volume on European aphorism, which is presented in a video lecture, to match the festival. In addition to a European poetry slam, the Paderborn Lektora Verlag is holding a panel discussion on "Europe's digital literary landscape" with the authors and organizers Fabian Navarro, Ines Strohmaier and Heiner Remmert.

The district town of Unna sends the Literature Express on a discovery tour to famous locations of the castles and industrial culture of Westphalia, where the program alternates between exciting guided tours and readings with, among others, Laurent Binet. At the invitation of Auslandsgesellschaft.de e.V., representatives of civil society, municipal town twinning, home associations and the network discuss how multifaceted the European heart beats in Westphalia at the online conference "Westphalia in Europe - Europe in Westphalia".