What do real 90s kids remember?

Which 90s movie do you get nostalgic about?

Everyone knows that dreamy sound we make when we rediscover an older film and long for the feeling it gave us the first time. Which movie from the 1990s make you really nostalgic?

The beginning of the 1990s is now over 25 in the past. Many people therefore feel nostalgic about watching 90s films, especially if they were first seen in childhood and adolescence. In which 90s films do you long for the past decade?

And the marmot greets you every day

Anna's heart beats for a groundhog in the 1990s
And the marmot greets you every day - the name says it all. When the cynical weather reporter Phil stuffs a piece of cake in his mouth at once, drives the marmot Phil for a lap of the car and makes creative suicide attempts - in other words: experiencing the same day over and over again, then I grin all the time 101 minutes of this classic. Little Anna watched with shining eyes and as a teenager observed the romantic moments with a dreamy look. With this in mind: let's drink to world peace!

Robert falls asleep to the gentle sounds of a T-Rex
As a kid I was a huge dinosaur fan and Jurassic Park is still one of my favorite films to this day. The idea of ​​being able to see the primeval lizards in a kind of safari park still fascinates me today. In addition to a Dr. Alan Grant action figure, I even had a radio play version of the film, which accompanied me quietly to the land of dreams in the evening with a T-Rex roar and when I watch the film today, I immediately feel transported back to my childhood.

The triangle from My Best Friend's Wedding

Philipp remembers a friend's wedding
My first trip to the cinema in a movie with real actors that I can remember is My Best Friend's Wedding in 1997 - a star vehicle with Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Although the film was approved for ages 6 and up, the topic overwhelmed my 9-year-old self.

I don't think I've seen the whole film since then either. What remains is more of the nostalgic memory of going to the cinema, where I was allowed to immerse myself in the adult world for the first time. Back then, my father called Julia Roberts the most beautiful woman in the world and I didn't know exactly what that would mean for me now.

Jonas liked the story of the Lion King
Too young to have seen the film in the cinema, I too came across The Lion King at some point in my childhood. When I think of the story of how the lovable Mufasa teaches his son Samba the circle of life, but is then murdered by his evil brother Scar, I have very beautiful and extremely sad memories. The timeless Disney cartoon classic is simply full of emotional scenes and some interesting life wisdom.

The Indian in the kitchen cupboard

Felix shrinks into his childhood as an Indian in the kitchen cupboard
How happy it was for me and my sisters when we discovered The Indian in the kitchen cupboard on the television program. Like Toy Story, it fulfilled every child's dream: their own toys come to life! What was just a tired copy at night in the museum keeps me excited to this day: The fight between cowboys and Indians is exciting every time. And when I think of the jump scare with the rat, I still feel a comforting horror.

Andrea has to sigh at Jumanji
I must have seen Jumanji on television for the first time in the late 1990s. When I was around 10 years old, the adventure film was way too scary for me at the time. Trapped in a deadly jungle for decades? Not being able to go home to his parents? That was the stuff of my nightmares back then. In the meantime I have overcome my fears. Like no other film, every set of Jumanji knows how to exude a feeling of pleasant sentimentality in me.