Is the age difference between us okay?

Big age difference in a relationship / marriage

Relationships with a large age difference are often viewed critically by the environment. If a young woman has an older partner who may be over 60, it is often said that there are dishonest intentions involved. Especially if the partner is wealthy, it is assumed that the lady is only after the money. Surely this notion is fed by films and books, where this is often the case. There may also be one or the other case in reality that happens in this way. Usually, however, this is not the case. There are hardly any women who can endure a much older partner for a long time just to make money. There has to be more to it here than purely material reasons.

The older partners, on the other hand, are seen as lusty newts who attack young women. The midlife crisis is often assumed and hardly anyone believes that it is true love. It is often even worse when the partner is already of a more mature age. Here the relationship is taken even less seriously by the outside world. The woman is often assumed to be exploiting her younger partner sexually and playing first fiddle in the relationship. The men in such partnerships are almost seen as victims who cannot free themselves from the Amazon-like tentacles of the older woman. Men will often be one here too Oedipus complex subordinated. So the inability to break away from the mother and to see an older partner as a substitute for this. The same also applies to younger women. You are also assumed to have problems with your father figure and that your relationship with an older man is simply trying to resolve this problem.

Whatever your form of partnership, the couple will probably never remain completely unaffected by external opinions. It just says that you stay strong have to and the Strengths the relationship shouldn't lose sight of it. Once they see that your relationship is not just a flash in the pan, the people you are close to will accept it, too, if not always wholeheartedly. For better or worse, you have to endure critical opinions from strangers again and again. Remember that they are not in your own skin and cannot judge what makes your relationship with your partner so special for you.