How did you become yourself

Germany, you have become a stranger to me.

Today I have to get rid of my frustration again ...

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Apparently I have to get rid of my frustration with current developments once a year, even if that doesn't directly fit the topic of my blog.
Last year I talked about the worrying development on the Internet (which unfortunately has gotten worse). Today it's about my homeland. I am seriously worried that we will soon no longer be one of the richest regions on earth.

Dear Germany, I actually like you. I was born in the heart of you, back then you were still a divided country. As a child I didn't care, I was allowed to grow up in the golden west and in the rich south. I didn't lack anything, on the contrary, I've lived in abundance since I was born.

Thank you Germany for making this possible for me!

I was allowed to go to school for 13 years, graduated from high school and afterwards let off steam at various universities.

Also for that: Thank you!

I grew up believing that we are the spearhead of the world. The 1st world! Everything is good with us, we have the latest machines, we are constantly inventing new things, we have a good social system and everyone who needs medical care gets it too.

It was only when DVDs came out with the different country codes that I realized that we were not number 1, but “only” number 2. But that was perfectly fine, we were fine after all, we could even afford a whole Take up land and refurbish the dilapidated cities in a stylish way. I still enjoy that today!

I would like to thank you for that too!

Even after the turn of the millennium, things continued great for me, I had money and could explore the world with my German passport, if a visa was required at all, then it was purely a matter of form. As a German you can get in everywhere and - I believe - the government will bring you out again if necessary. Thanks!

I wish that it stays that way. I want to continue to live in a rich, free country that is at least close to the spearhead of the world.
What more do you want!?

But I am no longer sure whether you, dear Germany, can do it. You are stuck in old structures and cannot break free from them. On the contrary, I have the feeling that these old structures are rusting together even more firmly.

Everyone is talking about the world changing rapidly, but here in Germany we hardly go along with these changes ... the rust is blocking us.

That scares me!

I've been working in this rapidly changing world for over 20 years. I started building websites in the mid-nineties, at the end of the nineties I started trading on the futures market, after that I had a software company and now I'm a blogger and YouTuber. I am a digital native through and through and feel at home there.

You, dear Germany, are making my life difficult. Getting broadband in rural areas is still a matter of luck today. Free WiFi, which has been normal in other countries for years, is only slowly gaining acceptance in our country and now you're gripping our digital natives with the GDPR.

I only became aware of this now, but I have been looking at “the others” for years. That was already the case with the DVDs back then. Then during my time as a trader. “The others” had leased lines with several megabits and I had to get by with two bundled ISDN lines for an almost unaffordable price.

In 2010 I visited China for the first time and was surprised by the many electric scooters. You always told me that none of this would work out properly ... even today, 8 years later, I still hear such sayings from large German companies.
I don't know exactly what I saw, but the electric scooters worked in China back then!
The establishment of a filling station network for electric cars is also not making progress ... for whatever reasons?
I recently stood at a Tesla gas station. That was on the autobahn near Leipzig. At this gas station were - of course - Teslas!
That seems to work too !!!

Dear Germany, why can't you do it?

Yes, dear Germany, I am typing this text on a Dell (USA) keyboard and on a Dell (USA) computer. I will proofread it on an Apple iPad (USA) or on an Android tablet from Sony (Japan / USA).
When I go to take photos afterwards, I do it with a camera from Canon (Japan) and then I send the pictures to friends and acquaintances via WhatsApp (USA) with a smartphone from Samsung (Korea).
Maybe I will also create an album on Google Photos (USA) and share it with my friends and acquaintances. In the evening, I show my wife and children great photos and videos on our Sony TV (Japan), then I might watch a movie on Netflix (USA) or Amazon Prime (USA) and then go to bed to have another round my Kindle (USA).

Dear Germany, what's wrong with you?

I know you're good at engineering ... maybe chemistry and beer brewing ... but is that enough to keep flying at the top of the spear?
I do not believe it.

No, I believe that you have to change. With technologies from the last century, money can still be made for a few years, but certainly not forever.
The USA is often in brackets at the top, actually unbelievable, a few years ago we thought that the USA was economically at an end. Maybe they were also in the short term, the old industries disappeared, but they were replaced by new ones!

And then there is China, a country that I know far too little about. But almost all areas, behind which the USA stands above, could also be filled with products and services from China.
Sure, there are such things from the EU, maybe even from Germany. But let's be honest, nobody uses that.

Dear Germany, finally get your ass up and get modern!
Accept the new technologies, recognize them as an opportunity and not always as a danger.

If you can't do that, the two of us won't be friends forever. That would be a shame, because I actually feel good here.

I have deliberately kept this article short, as a further reading I can recommend the book “Der Abstieg des Westens *” by Joschka Fischer. There, too, it's about the rusted structures.


Especially about the GDPR (which broke the barrel for me and made me write this post) I can recommend you the article “21 theses on the wrong path of the GDPR” by Winfried Veil.


If that's not enough for you to be afraid of the European future, read Julia Reda's article on the planned ancillary copyright law.