Why do people reject outsourcing

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Daimler abolishes fire brigade after major fire ?!

Review March 2020: Never before have so many employees had to dial into the Daimler network from home at the same time. Because of the corona virus, the technical prerequisites had to be created practically overnight so that ten times as many users could dial into the Daimler network. A mammoth task for our colleagues from IT! Thanks to their efforts, the lines were stable from the third day of the block break. The team has undoubtedly done a sensational job here.

And now? As a thank you, the company announces:

Parts of IT, namely large parts of infrastructure management, this includes the control and operation of data centers, user help desks and IT services, which should be outsourced to external service providers! Around 2,000 IT employees around the world are said to be affected - including around 870 employees at 15 locations in Germany.

Understandably, this not only leads to great uncertainty, but is also a slap in the face of the colleagues who have done everything in the past weeks to ensure that many thousands of employees can continue to do their jobs despite the Corona crisis! And that's just one of many examples.

We definitely reject outsourcing!

In the current situation in particular, the focus must be on the Securing employment lie. It cannot be that Daimler on the one hand uses short-time working regulations and takes state aid and on the other hand would like to outsource large volumes of IT. Outsourcing is not fundamentally more economical! The company must first explain whether outsourcing would actually be more economical in this case, instead of simply presenting plans to hand the IT over to someone else.

If the IT scope should actually be outsourced, we are certain:

The job security until 2030 and the transformation commitment apply to everyone!
If the company decides to outsource certain activities, all affected employees must be offered alternative jobs.

Nobody has to change: It is a good right to object to a transfer of business according to Section 613a of the German Civil Code (BGB).

The current economic situation must not be misused to outsource parts of the company!

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