What is Guangzhou famous for

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With more than 2,200 years of history, Guangzhou is a haven for the Lingnan culture typical of the south of the country. It is also known as the "city of flowers" or "goat town", the latter referring to a local legend. At the same time, Guangzhou is a very dynamic city, which earned it second place in Forbes magazine's "City of Most Changing" ranking for two years in a row.

Guangzhou's history can be seen particularly well at Nanyue King's Museum, Guangxiao Temple, Bayun Mountain, Zhenhai Tower and Dr. Experience Sun-Yat-sen Memorial Hall. But the city is also known for its modern side: The Canton Tower, the Asian Games Village, the Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, the Guangdong Science Center and the Chimelong Tourism Resort are typical of the dynamic side of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou offers a lively nightlife, breathtaking views over the Pearl River, traditional entertainment such as the Cantonese Opera or the Chinese circus, but also cozy bars and cozy hotels - and of course the world-famous cuisine! The classic among the Cantonese temptations is dim sum: dumplings, meat snacks and bite-sized seafood, neatly served on small trolleys that are constantly pushed through the restaurant. Small bars, which can be found on every corner, also offer a variety of local snacks: Shahe rice noodles, for example, wonton dumplings, steamed shrimp and pork ravioli and sampan rice porridge, for example, are among the most famous dishes. Every gourmet is guaranteed to find something in the approximately 30,000 restaurants in the city.

Guangzhou (Canton) is an important transport hub with land, air and ship connections to numerous Chinese and international travel destinations.