What is the work culture like at Apple

Ex-employee unpacks: What does everyday life at Apple really look like?

A job in Silicon Valley, especially at one of the tech giants like Apple, Facebook or Google, is the dream job for many. That such a job can sometimes turn into a nightmare, however, shows a now published Blog post, written by former Apple employee Ben Farrell.

It seems like Farrell really doesn't find a single positive aspect in his likely highly endowed position. For information: for 2 years he was responsible for improvements in the area of ​​the telephone service center. First of all, Farrell criticizes that the work culture at Apple is very different from the media perception. Instead of “demanding but fulfilling work”, the ex-employee speaks of 16 hours a day, an egoistic working atmosphere and a lot of wasted time in pointless meetings.

“I am no longer part of the collective iCult machine whose dirty, worn-out, greasy and naive internal mechanisms of bullying, harassment and mind-games push out shiny and polished iPhones every year. I AM FREE. "

Sounds like he's talking about everyday work in one of the big investment banks or insurance companies. At first one would not assume that there is actually talk of one of the big players in Silicon Valley. Farrell also criticizes the morale within Apple's middle management. With one or the other after-work beer, one should have enjoyed Apple's “strategic” decisions and their consequences such as job cuts.

Guys, you can already see that the whole thing is pretty one-sided: Farrell really doesn't leave Apple good. What we see here, however, is a one-sided report from a potentially frustrated and unfulfilled employee who certainly cannot be representative of the work culture at Apple. Farrell is far from finished with his criticism: Family celebrations, weddings or even deaths among relatives are irrelevant for Apple. When he failed to show up for work in the past due to his wife's pregnancy and hospitalization, this was recorded on his job reference as a “performance issue”.

Ben Farrell, who was born in Australia, is said to have been criticized several times because of his origins: “Australians can only work with Australians” and are “fundamentally unfriendly” are a few of the prejudices he had to experience while working at Apple.

That all sounds relatively harsh and paints a bad image of Apple as an employer. However, it has to be said very clearly that these views come from a single person and are not a result of a survey. We have to trust Farrell to tell the truth on this one. And to be honest, that's a little difficult for me. On the one hand, in such a large corporation, there are inevitably dissatisfied employees. On the other hand, there are also many different departments, some of which can differ greatly in terms of work ethic and atmosphere. As pointed out in the comments on Farrell's blog, there are also Apple employees who have never experienced the above points at Apple. Maybe Farrell was simply in the wrong department or under the wrong boss.

Source: roadlesstravelled.me