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American breakfast

The American breakfast has one characteristic that distinguishes it from a European or continental breakfast: cooked food. It can also be very hearty, fatty, but also sweet. What a American breakfast is and what it consists of, you can find out here.

What is an American breakfast and what is it made of?

American breakfast is often offered instead of continental breakfast in many hotels. It consists of numerous dishes and components, all of which are very different. There are cold as well as warm dishes, hearty and fried as well as sweet ones.

Let's start with the hearty components of the American breakfast. Eggs are an important component. Preferably there is scrambled eggs or fried egg. There are different ways of preparing the fried egg that are typical for the american breakfast are. You can fry your fried egg as normal, as is customary in Germany. In American this means "sunny side up". Alternatively, you can let it sear briefly on the yolk side. This is what the American expression means "over easy". Many Americans also like it when the fried egg is fried longer on the yolk side. This is what the expression "over medium". Scrambled and fried eggs are crispy fried Breakfast bacon common. Important for eggs and bacon: They are generally fried in butter, never in oil. A sauce is made from the fat of the fried bacon with the help of a roux, the so-called sauce Bacon Gravy.

Boiled eggs, soft or hard, as the Germans like to eat them for breakfast, are rarely or rarely found in a typical American breakfast. That's what there is Eggs Benedict. These are poached eggs. They are prepared on a slice of bread or a kind of muffin, as well as bacon or ham and poured with hollandaise sauce.

Another warm dish are fried potatoes. Alternatively, there are often the so-called Hash browns. They are potato pancakes or hash browns fried from potato snippets. The difference to the German grated cookies is that hash browns are prepared without flour and eggs. Small breakfasts are also typical of American breakfasts hot dog. They're usually boiled, but sometimes fried.

Provide the less hearty component of the American breakfast cornflakes, cereal and oatmeal with milk. Furthermore, the typical American soft white bread with jam or honey is common for breakfast. At an American breakfast buffet you will also find the so-called Biscuits. They are soft rolls that many people like best with butter and honey. fruit and yogurt represent the healthy side of the American breakfast. vegetables As well as mushrooms and tomatoes, there are many hotels at the American-style breakfast buffet.

Allowed for a typical American breakfast Pancakes definitely not be absent. The American pancakes are usually made with a lot Maple syrup eaten. But there are also variants with fruit and other ingredients. The so-called French toast The French toast is toast bread that is dipped in a mixture of cinnamon, eggs and milk and fried in the pan. Pour plenty of maple syrup over it and the delicious dessert is ready.

By the way: the sweet and the savory dishes usually end up on the same plate. The Americans don't mind the fact that the pancakes with maple syrup are right next to the fried egg and bacon.

The drinks for an American breakfast are usually limited to coffee and Fruit juices. Tea is less common, but you can also order this hot drink with your american breakfast.

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