What are the best celebrity perfumes


It seems like there was a moment in the last decade when celebrity-inspired perfumes were especially in. The colorful perfume bottles with the names of our favorite stars were a noticeable trend in the beauty industry. Unfortunately, those days have stayed in the past and these days, prominent lipsticks and contour kits are all the rage. However, it is definitely not worth forgetting the perfumes of the stars. At the following link you can find a variety of women's fragrances that will remind you of the good times of the past.

The top 10 celebrity perfumes

Here we also present the top 10 women's fragrances of all time, which have been developed by celebrities and are always in trend.

1. Kim Kardashian

The scent of tuberose can be felt right away. Gardenias and jasmine make the perfume more elegant.

2. Stash by Sarah Jessica Parker

If you haven't already advised it after packing, this fragrance is not only suitable for women. It's about a combination of woody, spicy notes that are typical of an Eau de Cologne and clear scents of grapefruit and sweet flowers that create a striking effect.

3. Crush by Rihanna

Compared to all other Rihanna perfumes, this one stands out the most. The scent has an early and citrus-like effect at the beginning, followed by the peppery and fruity nuances until the musky warm base remains at the end.

4. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

This scent doesn't really suit everyone. It's a daring and classic scented water, but it may never go out of style. The perfume is a must have for all fans of Number 5 and J'Adore Dior.

5. Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton

After you unpack Fairy Dust, you have one of the many perfumes branded with the Paris Hilton name in your hands. Nevertheless, this is the most elegant fragrance that the Star has presented to us so far. It consists of gardenia and Indian patchouli, which are never too cute and sexy because of the combination with orange blossom, peach, cashmere and musk in a perfect balance.

6. Killer Queen by Katy Perry

The first perfumes by Katy Perry came in a juvenile cat-shaped bottle with a corresponding scent inside. This is exactly why we are so pleasantly surprised by their Killer Queen perfume. Not only the perfume bottle is striking, but also the rich scent. It's about a combination of spicy, warm chocolate with sweet notes of berries. The base consists of jasmine, patchouli and praline - a real perfume creation.

7. Curious by Britney Spears

We have to acknowledge it - the famous Pop Star has an excellent sense and taste for fragrances, because Curious (https://parfumgroup.de/britney-spears-curious-eau-de-parfum) has sold more than 500 million bottles (like actually one that shows the old statistics). There is of course a reason for this: the scent is fresh and floral and evokes happiness and youth. It's almost impossible for someone not to like it.

8. Fame by Lady Gaga

It is definitely worth trying the first fragrance from the eccentric singer. The perfume combines honey and apricots with mysterious flowers and incense.

9. Incredible Things by Taylor Swift

We're not sure if the Taylor Swift era would create a fragrance anytime soon. Therefore we take a look at the past, namely at the perfume Incredible Things from 1989. The creamy, flowery and spicy notes carry the same energy as that of the miniskirt.

10. Glow by Jennifer Lopez

This perfume with its famous bottle belongs to the year 2002. But this is not about a longing for the past. Glow is a fresh, clean, soapy fragrance thanks to the jasmine and musk. It feels fresh and comfortable and suits almost everyone.