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Tobacco | Buy a large selection of tobacco products such as cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco and Knaster in the online shop Tobacco Brucker!

Where can you buy tobacco online?


In our online shop you can buy all types of tobacco consumption online. We deliver the product you want to your home easily and conveniently. And you, enjoy! In our online shop Tabak Brucker you will find a large selection ofCigarette tobaccoPipes- andsnuff, as well as chewing tobacco and chewing bags, so-called chewing bags. But also shisha tobacco,Knaster(Tobacco substitute / herbal mixture) and the necessary tobacco accessories are part of our repertoire. Here you will find all possible variations of the popular cultivar with nicotine.



Is it safe or even allowed to buy tobacco online?


Many smokers ask themselves this question. And yes, in Germany it is allowed to send tobacco products via a web shop. But be careful: to use this online shop you have to be at least 18 years old. Because the sale of tobacco products of all kinds to minors is prohibited in Germany. A few important rules apply to sales and shipping. On the one hand, of course, we also adhere to the legal regulations such as tobacco products of all kinds can only be sold from the age of majority, i.e. from the age of 18. Or that tobacco products can only be delivered to adults.



How is the online sale of tobacco regulated?


The Youth Protection Act prohibits the sale of tobacco or tobacco-like products such as e-cigarettes and liquids with nicotine to minors. An age check in the ordering process ensures that the buyer has reached the age of majority. In our tobacco online shop, age verification is required at the "check-out", ie after the goods have been placed in the shopping cart but before the payment process takes place. As a customer, you can meet these requirements in two different ways.


  • On the one hand, you can do the so-called "Perso-Check", which is carried out using ID card data. Here you enter your ID data in the present mask. These are checked in a matter of seconds using a verification process.


  • The second possibility is that of the "Schufa identity check". Here the details of your address are requested in "real time" from Schufa. Very easily! And don't worry. With the "Schufa identity check" only the identity and the age are checked. There is no further verification. As a retailer, we only pay for age verification.


  • And the delivery of the tobacco must also be checked. Here, when the goods are delivered, an age-old inspection is carried out. This is done by the delivery service, in our case DHL. Here the driver is obliged to hand over the package with the tobacco products or e-cigarettes only to clearly adults. If it is not clear to the parcel carrier whether the person opposite has already reached the age of majority, he must be able to check this on the basis of the ID.



What are tobacco products and what are the differences?


Tobacco comes in many different varieties. It is the raw material of smoking pleasure. Commonly known varieties are Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish. These names directly indicate cultivation areas such as Cuba, Sumatra, the southern states of the USA, etc. But cultivation is still done in Germany and France - even subsidized by the European Union. In Germany, it can also be grown privately. The plants thrive in the home garden without any problems. They are - provided they are well looked after and the weather is good - up to 4m and higher.

You can find out here which different ways of consuming tobacco there are and which differences exist.



  • What is cigarette tobacco?


Cigarette Tobacco is a processed form of tobacco leaves in order to be able to make cigarettes yourself. Using a cigarette stuffing machine or aCigarette rolleryou can either cram or twist tobacco. Cigarette tobacco offers different types of production such as fine cut, also known as rolling tobacco or volume tobacco, which is usually referred to as stuffing tobacco. In our categoryCigarette tobacco brands you can find almost all tobacco brands available in Germany. Exceptions are so-called supermarket tobaccos, which are not available for "normal" retail, but are special own brands of the supermarkets.


  • What is fine-cut tobacco?


The fine cut is suitable for do-it-yourselfers, i.e. smokers who prefer to make cigarettes themselves. It belongs to the cigarette tobacco category but has a significantly different cutting width and manufacturing method than its relative, volume tobacco. The cut of the leaves is long fibrous with the "fine cut", whereby the individual fibers are ideally connected to one another. Intertwined, similar to a braid, this tobacco rod can now be rolled up relatively discreetly with cigarette paper. It has a cutting width of 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm and is therefore significantly narrower than pipe tobacco, which has a width of approx. 1.5 mm. This rolling tobacco has ideal moisture and, with its cut, offers optimal burning properties.

When it comes to fine cuts, there are two main flavors: light American blend and dark fine cuts. Light / dark (Niederl. Halfzware) to black (Niederl. Zware) as well as light American blend fine cuts are very common. There are also various methods of consuming fine cut: You can roll it yourself in cigarette paper - by hand or with a lathe. And it can be manufactured in cigarette tubes with different filter sizes using tamping devices.

If you want to roll your cigarettes yourself, you not only need fine cut, but also rolling papers, that isCigarette paperandfilter. These and other items from well-known brands such asMarlboroPall MallorLucky Strike can also be found in our online shop.



  • What is special about volume tobacco?


Volume tobacco, also known as stuffing tobacco, belongs to the cigarette tobacco category. It is required for the production of filter cigarettes. With a little less moisture, this tobacco is ideal for cigarette stuffing machine use. It can be inserted much more discreetly and better into the cigarette tube than its "relative", the rolling tobacco.

The production of the volume tobacco is also more complex than with other cigarette tobacco. "Air" is pressed into the tobacco in a special pressure chamber, giving it more volume and fullness. Similar to "popcorn", the tobacco pops up when the air is pressed in. The expansion makes it extra loose and more productive and is therefore ideally suited for stuffing. In the case of the cuts, which are intended for the use of cigarette tubes and a stuffing machine, the width is 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm.

In order to be able to make filter cigarettes yourself, you need oneCigarette stuffing machineandFilter sleeves.

The shape and weight of each cigarette are different due to this manufacturing method, and so do the nicotine and condensate levels in the smoke.




This is a specially cut tobacco for smoking in a pipe. Mostly it is flavored with flavors of vanilla, cherry, rum or various nut and fruit flavors. The pipe tobacco has a special cut, also known as a coarse cut. In contrast to its relative, the cigarette tobacco, it is cut much larger with its approx. 1.5 mm cut width. This gives it a longer and slower burning time and is therefore ideal to be smoked in the pipe. How exactly the flavoring and blending or even the production of pipe tobacco is done can be found in our sectionPipe tobaccoread up.

In addition to well-known brands such asMac BarenStanwell, VauenorDanske Club we also offer you popular blends, such as Danish mixtures (Danish Mixture) or English tobacco (English Mixture). By the way, pipes and their tobacco should be lit with a special pipe lighter or matches. Under no circumstances use a jet flam lighter, otherwise your tobacco pipe could burn out. You can find more information in our category Tobacco pipes read up.



  • What are tobacco products that can be found in the snuff sector?


Snuff is a smoke-free tobacco enjoyment that doesn't bother anyone. It also offers non-smokers the opportunity to enjoy the smell of tobacco. These are finely ground mixtures of different types of tobacco. It has a powder-like consistency and is absorbed through the nose, so to speak "sniffed". The nicotine gets through the nasal mucous membranes into the bloodstream, where it can develop its effect. In our tobacco online shop Brucker you will find a large selection of well-known brands such asPoschlBernardor Mac Christals.



  • Where can I buy chewing bags, snus and chewing tobacco?


So-called chewing bags, i.e. chewing bags or chewing tobacco likeGrimm & Triepel we carry in our range. This modern way of consuming tobacco using chewing bags originally comes from Sweden and Norway, and is enjoying increasing popularity in Germany. These chewing tobacco pockets are placed in the cheek pockets on the gums and chewed when necessary. The gums absorb the nicotine and pass it on to the body. Chewing tobacco likeOliver TwistorStokersfrom the US work the same way. More and more people enjoy tobacco in this way, as it is a great, smoke-free alternative. Well-known manufacturers and brands are among othersThunder snusSiberia Chewing Bags orEPOK Arctic Bluefrom British American Tobacco (BAT). You can find out exactly what is inside Chewing Bags and what the production of these chewing bags looks like in our categoryChewing Bags | Snus read up.



  • S.hisha tobacco for the Water pipe?


Yes, Shisha tobacco is for the use of water pipes. This tobacco has a very high moisture content and is only recommended for use with water pipes. It is made moist by adding honey, molasses and various fruit substances such as apple, mango or cherry. This consistency is very "sticky", similar to jam, and is poured into the pot of the water pipe and lit with a charcoal. Well-known brands likeNakhla, Alisha, MazayaorTrue Passion can be bought in our online shop.



Tobacco, cigarettes, pipes, cigars or even the IQOS e-cigarette can be bought online from many retailers. But we offer you a huge selection of all kinds of tobacco. In the tobacco online shop Brucker you can also get advice, service and the friendliness of our team from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.