Can teachers tell if students are wrong?

Can teachers read love letters out loud in class? Are you allowed to pick up your cell phone? Can the teacher forbid a student to go to the toilet? A lawyer did some research and explained what teachers are not allowed to do and what is allowed.

“The teachers themselves often don't know what they are allowed to do,” says Christian Solmecke. In a YouTube video, the Cologne lawyer explains "20 things that teachers are not allowed to do, but are still allowed to do". With great success, especially among the young audience, the students. In a few days, the video was clicked more than 600,000 times and commented on thousands of times.

Entry in the class register is permitted

No question about it, teachers need to keep the class quiet so that students can learn. Therefore, an entry in the class register is allowed if the student disrupts the class. If this happens more often, there is a reference. So far so good.

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However, the teaching staff is not allowed to take many measures so easily. According to Solmecke, detention may only be ordered if a student has missed the subject. This is not allowed as a punitive measure.

No educational support measure

Detention work is possible. "What is not allowed, like Bart Simpson, has to copy the same sentence 100 times," says the lawyer, because this is not a measure for educational support. Punishing the whole class for doing something wrong is also not allowed. “These are collective penalties that violate all constitutional principles. You don't have to put up with that as a student, ”explains the lawyer in the video.

Other NoGos: Read the grades from the class work aloud. The teacher is not allowed to say who has which grade. And even the slip of paper with a love message that the teacher picks up from the floor is not allowed to read out in public. That falls under the right of personality. Teachers are also not allowed to search a student's satchel or cell phone. However, the smartphone can be collected until the end of the school day.

Can I go to the toilet during class?

Can teachers forbid students from using the toilet during class? The lawyer describes the case of a teacher who only allowed a student to use the toilets during breaks. The student had asked three times during the lesson to be allowed to go to the toilet, the third time she had already soaked herself. The parents then sued the teacher for bodily harm, mistreatment of those in charge, violation of the duty of care and upbringing, coercion and insult. Solmecke's conclusion: "It is an abuse of law if a teacher does not let you go to the toilet."

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