How can I keep up with life

Why can't anyone keep up?


I'll just write here in this topic ...

I am still relatively young. 28 years.
I don't want to come across as arrogant, but I hope I won't be blamed for that now:

I've been wondering for years why no man can "keep up" with me. I mean my way of life, my thoughts, my knowledge. My wanderlust, my "speed" in life.
I didn't have many men. 2 to be exact. But I got to know sooo much ... none but these two could tie me up ...

I have no (high) demands. actually I have almost no claims, because a man has to be a character of his own that I can respect. I welcome everything, I have no prejudices.

But nobody could ever "keep up" with me .... with my way of life ... I long for a man who can walk next to me without panting ... who speaks the same language as me ... .

but maybe I'm wrong somehow ...

i'm pretty Female. I am tall and slim. You can see my little six-pack doing sports. I ride a motorcycle. and races. I prefer to go barefoot and I love to laugh and dance!
I have my own apartment, a car, a motorcycle and a steady, cool job.
I hate consumption. I think about the world a lot. I also like to be alone.
I am a very good listener and the nicest compliment my ex has given me is: I feel at home with you. you are balm. you are my goddess.

I climb mountains, jump off cliffs and sometimes just read a book in the sun for days ...

everything I've just described scares off all men ?!
I just want a man who enriches my life, who makes me laugh and dance even more ...
because it can be even more beautiful!

Do men just want a woman like everyone else? Who let themselves fall into their typical female roles?
(Everyone I told them that I set up my apartment on my own, I even laid the parquet myself, always say: but that's man's work, let me help you ... but I have two healthy ones Poor, why should only men do that when I can do it too?)

I want a man who enjoys life with me, who can talk and discuss with me at eye level. Who dances through life with me ... I don't want more ...

is there? or are these "demands" too high?

I'm really desperate now



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