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Please note the statutory retention period for pay slips. The state promotes the accumulation of assets by employees with certain savings contracts by guaranteeing the so-called employee savings allowance. ZVK construction. The largest supplementary pension fund in the Federal Republic of Germany is the pension institution of the federal and state governments. Payroll and Payroll: Explanation of Abbreviations. If, for example, a pay slip is taken over in January of a year by another payroll calculator (the first payroll should be made for January), no wage accounts have to be carried forward, as all values ​​from the previous year are in the course of the standard closing of the previous year , to the responsible institutions (social security agencies, etc.) the settlement of future security benefits for the public service (ZVK / VBLU) The following salary notification contains the data of a sample case. The abbreviation for this is "StKl". 02/20/2008 # 2 With this key the respective contributions are determined and correctly assigned. The employee waives part of his wages during his active time and saves this plus an additional payment by the employer. I had This year already 2 times a health insurance certificate and now I notice how I'm getting sick again, but actually I don't want to / can't get sick again. © TÜV Saarland - TÜV Saarland Holding GmbH, Start your new payroll today. The contribution group key is a numerical key that is given on all reports on social security. There is no general entitlement to severance pay, but in exceptional cases it is required by law. The letter J in the payroll shows which amounts are included in the total gross amount. 4 StBerG lohnexperte AG 4 - 6 7 8 9 - 11 12 13 14 - 15 16 Sample evaluations SBS Lohn plus ® Status: 08/01/2020 Le payments within the framework of Section 6 No. The contributions to the credit balance are financed entirely by the employee. The salary, however, remains the same every month. Members of a religious community that is a public corporation (KöR) have to pay church tax. The gross tax is made up of the actual wage or payroll question Does anyone of you know what EGA. The minimum wage or minimum salary can be found in the collective agreements negotiated by the unions. An exception applies to employers without machine payroll who. Alternatively, “P” is specified for flat-rate taxation. The additional pension fund for the building trade (ZVK) is a mutual insurance association (VVaG). "Ongoing payment" means all regular payments made by the employer, including salary. The entitlement is usually up to the age of 18. Employment law: How much vacation is an employee entitled to? The salary, in turn, is a fixed sum that is paid monthly. Health insurance companies; Transfers to the tax office; ZVK. If you cannot prove the pay slips or only incompletely, you face penalties. the non-profit holiday fund of the Bavarian building trade e. V. If a pay slip is taken over by another payroll calculator in January of a year, for example (the first payroll should be made for January), no payroll accounts have to be carried forward, as all values ​​from the previous year are included in the standard closing of the previous year, to the responsible institutions (social security agencies, etc.). There are other special features ... The statutory health insurance contribution is 14.6 percent, of which the employer pays half. The amount can then be paid out either as a one-off payment or as a pension in the event of retirement. Abbreviation for payroll accounting (DATEV) what is the abbreviation Um. reported. Its main aim is to compensate for disadvantages in the statutory pension insurance for workers in the construction industry, which result from layoffs during the bad weather period. Abbreviation for payroll accounting (DATEV) what is the abbreviation Um. The ZVK offers even more: Everyone receives the same high level of protection in the event of reduced earning capacity or survivors' benefits, without a health check or age restriction. Additional pension funds (ZVK) are institutions of the collective bargaining parties in the construction industry. Copies of the pay slip for your records. You will be registered with your supplementary pension fund under this number. Then the employee can take part in the employee-related notification procedure. The social security contributions paid are paid back to the insured person immediately after moving in. In order to receive a credit balance, the employee must make an agreement with the employer (see. You can say, the better a professional group is unionized, the better the minimum wage. Re: Abbreviation on payroll. Payroll ,. firma.de assumes no liability for damage caused by errors in the texts. The scheme does not apply to the billing of marginal employees. Relevant contribution rate for KV incl. The employee is paid according to the hours worked - the final amount can accordingly Vary monthly. Single payments (also: other payments) mean irregular payments such as Christmas or vacation pay. For the tax treatment of other payments (wage tax term for single payments) you will find explanations on an extra page. Explanation of the KIDICAP salary notification part 2b - monthly and Year sums 01 Taxable gross 02 Taxable gross additional payment 03 Taxable gross as other income for 1 calendar year 04 Taxable gross as other income for several calendar years _____ 05 Income tax 06 Church tax 07 Solidarity surcharge Social insurance includes health insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance and long-term care insurance. Hello, I have a question and I want to know how often a person gets sick each year. The explanations of the abbreviations can be found in this guide. The tax class determines how high the wage tax amount is for the respective employee. Each digit stands for a type of social insurance in this fixed order: health insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance and long-term care insurance. The abbreviation ZVK stands for additional pension fund. Nov: Founding, promoting, growing 2020 in Frankfurt and online! I did some research here, but I didn’t find out, I deduct the ZVK contribution and special ZVK contribution on my payroll every month. State Office for Finances Explanations of the remuneration notification for employees Status: 01.07.2019 Page 2 of 5 The roll-up differences of the back-calculated months are included in the billing of the current one. This saves you the costs that you would have to spend on your own personnel for pay slips, and you can use Concentrate calmly on your core business. For reasons of simplification, the ZVK was determined by the collective bargaining parties to act as a collection point for several contributions: In addition to collecting contributions, the ZVK's tasks also include pension allowance procedures, collectively agreed supplementary pensions and social security contributions. Furthermore, the pension insurance number should not be confused with the social security number, which must be listed on the pay slip. Various abbreviations are used in payroll to identify the various financial expenses. What is a UG (limited liability)? The pension insurance number is not listed on the pay slip, but on the annual notification of social security registration. On my very first pay slip, the contribution to the ZVK (supplementary public service provision) for KV-Saxony appears as a deduction (at least 150 euros). Supplementary benefits Read general information on supplementary benefits for the public service on Wikipedia. Distribution model vs. consumption model In the distribution model, the tax-free lump sum of the employer benefit is distributed over 12 months. The ZVK Hanover, founded on 01.01.1944, sees itself today as a reliable and modern service provider for company pension schemes with the main task of guaranteeing the collectively regulated additional old-age, reduced earning capacity and survivors' pension for the employees of its members. Unemployment insurance contributions are paid for every employee in order to guarantee an income in the event of unemployment. This applies e.g. The additional pension fund of the building trade AG (ZVK) was founded in 1957 and realigned in 2001 under the umbrella of SOKA-BAU. Social security contribution The social security contribution in the old federal states is 20.8% from January 1st, 2020, ... The statutory pension contributions are increased with the supplementary pension. Year of the child's life. The ZVK of the building trade has existed since 1958. However, we cannot guarantee that it is correct, as laws and regulations are subject to constant change. Depending on the federal state, it is either eight or nine percent. The additional pension fund of the building trade AG (ZVK) was founded in 1957 and realigned in 2001 under the umbrella of SOKA-BAU. A be Around GmbH brand. Year of life. Payroll with a benefit in kind Example: It is agreed with the caretaker in a company that he can use the company apartment free of charge. B. for hardship supplements, hazard and dirt allowances, but also for overtime supplements that are paid for overtime. 05-15 The income tax rate depends on the tax class. The child allowance is deducted from taxable income and reduces the income tax burden. It is intended to enable workers in the construction industry to build up an additional pension. OFJ Active member. If the child is severely disabled and unable to lead an independent life, the entitlement also exists beyond the 25th and the indication ZKF can be found, married and has 2. The code KK% indicates which contribution rate is paid by the health insurance, including the additional contribution that depends on the individual health insurance company. 3 Correctly reading and understanding the pay slip 1. A severance payment is sometimes paid out by the employer when the employee leaves the company. It consists of eleven digits. The social security contributions for various reimbursement benefits are paid unilaterally only by the employer. For example, there is your date of birth and right next to it your income tax class. The supplementary pension fund or ZVK. You can find your individual information at the top left of the statement. -8.33 0.53 19 Church tax -16.29 0.21 0 Contractor contribution to KV 230.86 0.82 1 Contractor contribution to RV 280.13 0.99 2 Contractor contribution to AV 39.42 0 , 14 Summary Overview Wage supplements are generally taxable wages. Specialist companies for payroll accounting in your region. that of the vacation and wage equalization fund of the construction industry. We will explain to you quickly and easily what the cryptic abbreviations really mean. You will find explanations on a separate page for the treatment of one-off benefits under social security law (social security law term for one-off payments). The contributions for commercial employees are based on their gross wages (percentage), also in the case of short-time work benefits and the contributions for employees are debited as a fixed amount per month. It insures the employees of the Federal Republic and the individual federal states. All construction companies that employ commercial workers and temporary workers are liable to pay contributions. If you have children, you will find the tax exemptions under the abbreviation "Ki.Frbtr.". 10.12.2018 - firma.de and Commerzbank start nationwide cooperation for founders, 26.08.2018 - Handelsblatt: How Germany can make it easier. This affects seafaring Employed, industrial and commercial employees. Distribution and the designations are always similar. Therefore, always consult a specialist in a specific case - we will be happy to put you in touch. Member since October 15, 2004 Contributions 9,403. The Seekasse is the pension insurance provider for all companies , for which the See-Berufsgenossenschaft is responsible as the accident insurance institution. Parental leave or sick pay. § 7b ff.