What bothers the Germans the most

Emotion in short supply: What bothers Germans about their favorite online shops

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Fortunately for German online retailers, it is so easy to satisfy customers. Even basic factors generate a high level of satisfaction. A study by dmc digital media center and the Stuttgart Media University came to this conclusion. According to the study, the universal mail order companies Amazon, Otto, eBay and Neckermann lead the field of favorite shops in front of the specialty retailers in the fashion sector Zalando and Bonprix, followed by Esprit, H&M, Tchibo, Weltbild and Conrad. But they shouldn't be really happy with it. Because just over 20 percent of German Internet users find the shopping experience and convenience they expect in their personal favorite shop.

When asked about the character of the Germans' favorite shops, a sobering picture emerges: the demands are mostly frugal. Basic services such as "factual, structured and inexpensive" are particularly often attributed to the shops. Other important basic factors include good product overviews, intuitive navigation through shop offers and shopping cart, a problem-free check-out process and comprehensive service information.

Significantly more would be possible to score points against competitors and generate additional sales.
“The possibilities of emotionalising elements are currently hardly exhausted in online retail. In most cases, these performance factors significantly increase repeat purchases and cross-selling and they reduce price sensitivity and acquisition costs. In the long term, addressing emotions increases customer loyalty and recommendations, which significantly improves shop performance, "says Andreas Schwend, Managing Partner of dmc digital media center.

At least 25-30 percent of the top seven and the branded shops from H&M and Esprit name one of the three most important reasons for shopping that their favorite shop offers them a great shopping experience and convenience. On average, however, only 21.7 percent say this.

The missed opportunities include, for example, the texts, story telling and imagery in online shops. On average, only one in five study participants rated the shop texts as really convincing. Noticeable: At clothing manufacturers and brand shops, one in seven texts have never been particularly noticed.
Creating a special atmosphere with imagery and videos was only noticed by every fourth clothing manufacturer or every fourth brand. Here, the average across all industries is only around 20 percent.


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