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4 hour bus ride from Chennai

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Antoine d'Audigier Seasoned Traveler

A colonial city steeped in history and shaped by French culture.

Stroll along the sea and enjoy a glass of wine on one of the numerous terraces.

An indispensable destination for a trip to Tamil Nadu, Puducherry will delight lovers of colonial architecture, especially in the French Quarter on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. There are plenty of restaurants here and offer western dishes that you might miss after several days of spicy gastronomy.

I wear it regularly Events participated - concerts and exhibitions - organized by the French Alliance in Puducherry. Due to its colonial past, Puducherry or Pondichéry is one of the rare destinations where you can still find Indians speaking French.

A few kilometers from Pondichéry, you will find Auroville, a society that deals with world cultures and spirituality. You are not really welcomed as a tourist, as the community prefers those who want to stay a few days to do the many jobs that arise here. It's a different world that is worth seeing.

Nina Montagné Seasoned traveler
140 written reviews

This colonial city, a former French trading post, is located on the Tamil Nadu coast.

Explore the city and the surrounding area on a moped.

For me it is Pondicherry a very charming and captivating city. Its location in the heart of Tamil Nadu on the coast makes it a strategic point when traveling to southern India.

Don't miss a stroll through the old colonial French quarter. The facades with columns and balustrades in faded colors will surprise you. I remember after several months in India I was happy to be able to eat an entrecôte with Roquefort sauce in one of the many French restaurants in the city center!

Whilst in Pondicherry you can visit the amazing utopian town of Auroville very close by, built by Mère and Sri Aurobindo and really worth a look.

David Debrincat Seasoned Traveler
267 written reviews

160 km from Chennai is Pondicherry is a former French trading post from colonial times. Almost an oasis of calm. Something very rare in India.

There are many festivals in Pondicherry throughout the year, but Masi Magam's February or March is the most splendid.

During my trip to India, I came to Pondicherry to see what was left of this former French trading post. After arriving in the pouring rain, I witnessed one of the strangest scenes in the market. While strolling through the alleys of the small market with my wife under our rain capes, a mother and her little girl in burqas approached my wife. They stood in front of her for a moment and then gently shook her hand. They thought she was one of them. You must have been amazed but delighted to meet a European woman dressed like her. When the sun came out again, we were able to take off our "burqa rain capes" to go to the Manakula Vinayagar Temple via Government Place.

The city is peaceful, calm, clean, almost luxurious. How pleasant to walk through the streets and breathe the atmosphere that Pondicherry had in the days of French colonization when it was the Indian office. Beautiful colonial houses, large portals that hide peaceful gardens, cobbled streets, houses with yellow walls.

On a street corner, I took off my shoes to enter Sri Aurobindo's ashram. The leader of the nationalist movement for Indian independence embarked on a career as a philosopher-poet with long hair and a goatee. Barefoot and in silence, I breathed in the spiritual atmosphere of the place. Prostration on his grave, meditation in yoga posture: the believers create an incredible Zen atmosphere. What a quiet! A luxury in India! It was more exciting on the beach. I went to the colorful facades of the beautiful Notre-Dame des Anges and Sacré-Cœur-de-Jésus churches. The first candy pink, the second white and burgundy. Beautiful!

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