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Poulomi Mukherjee Reddy grew up in New Delhi, India, and completed her master's degree in Information and Communication Systems at Chemnitz University of Technology - she is now setting up her own start-up in Mumbai

    How was it to study in Chemnitz?

    Chemnitz is a beautiful place and the university has great staff who help with any questions and encourage students to make the most of themselves. For me, that laid the foundations for being able to get involved in science and research.

    You are a writer and you run your own blog. What do you like about this work?

    I write both technical books and novels. In addition, I also write my blog "", which mainly deals with various technical innovations. This helps me keep up to date with the latest technology and scientific developments. This blog also serves to motivate others to deal with new topics.

    You also work as a marketing and content manager. What does this task entail?

    My start-up company is essentially a research and development company that works on developing scientific and technical content. We present this content using digital media. Because I've worked with many companies, my start-up takes care of digital marketing and content development for these customers.

    Do you have fond memories of your time as a student in Chemnitz that you would like to share?

    Studying in Germany was a life changing experience. I am more independent and my work style has become more research-oriented. The work with Prof. Dr. Madhukar Chandra as a HiWi opened my awareness for various technologies and brought me further personally. His guidance has been, is and will remain irreplaceable throughout my life and career.

    My time in Chemnitz made me who I am today. It helps me run my business efficiently. For me it started with the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools class, which was tough on me. I had no experience in this area, had difficulty completing the assignments, and was very concerned. Dipl.-Inf. Matthias Sauppe didn't give up until I understood. His teaching method taught me to work on something until I master it. There were many such personalities as Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bauschert, M.Sc. Ronald Romero Reyes, Dr.-Ing. Erik Markert and others who have played a key role in shaping my future. I am grateful to them with all my heart for that.

    Why did you decide to study in Chemnitz?

    The range of courses on offer made me prefer studying at Chemnitz University of Technology to other universities. I was particularly interested in the "Microwave Technology and Electromagnetic Theory" department.

    What did you dislike about your time in Germany?

    Actually nothing! I enjoyed everything. Be it the snow, be it the university or the trams or the student life.

    Are there any experiences that you would like to share with current and future students at Chemnitz University of Technology?

    Never give up! Studying seems difficult at first, but think about why you chose to study. I have often asked myself why I am studying and some things have stressed me out a lot. A little commitment and an open conversation with the experts at the university helped me to arrive bit by bit. The professors, the teachers, the administration and many others are at your side. They help you to grow beyond yourself.

    What is your dream for the future?

    "The Right Science" is my dream. I want to build an open platform and give educators and research teams a digital space for science. In this way, as many people as possible can share in knowledge. My days and nights are currently dedicated to this project. The basic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis project can be found at

    Did your studies at Chemnitz University of Technology enable you to achieve your professional ambitions?

    Yes, in every way. It started when I learned to overcome fears and setbacks. It also made me realize my true potential and ultimately led me to set up my start-up. I can realize my research goals and create a potential contact point for aspiring scientists in the future.

    How is life in Mumbai after living and studying in Chemnitz?

    Life in Mumbai is very fast. The city holds an infinite number of stories and has its own concerns. When I think back to Chemnitz now, it gives me strength, passion and a reason to do what I want. And yes, I miss the snow, the fun lessons, the guidance from Prof. Chandra, the calm and serene lifestyle, and the long walks to the university.

    (Interview: Evamaria Moore)

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