Life in the UK is easy


Even if you haven't got a good picture of London from the news in the last few days, Great Britain is still a very popular country of emigration, so we looked at the emigration conditions in the United Kingdom and prepared them for you.

England, especially London, has been a popular place for a new existence since the Middle Ages. In addition to immigrants from the colonial countries of England, England is an emigration destination for many Europeans.

Incentive for emigrants - The English language

On the one hand, the reason for this is quite simple. The language. English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, easy to learn and is already taught to children in many schools around the world.

Job search and work situation - working in England / Great Britain

The best prospects exist in the UK job market in the services, healthcare, finance, information and communications sectors. A good knowledge of English is usually a requirement to gain a foothold in England. Unlike in the Scandinavian countries, handicraft services, similar to the USA, are mostly offered by immigrants from Poland. Due to the very low prices for which immigrants offer their services, Europeans only have opportunities in leading positions.

Great Britain - freedom of residence with the British

England and the whole of Great Britain is part of the European Union and therefore quite easy for EU citizens when it comes to working in the UK. Every EU citizen can work in England and, moreover, must not be disadvantaged compared to English job seekers.

The UK residence permit is not required if you only plan to stay in the country for a maximum of 6 months. There is also no obligation to notify the British authorities. A residence permit can be applied for if one would like to officially emigrate to England, but this is not compulsory.

UK Jobs - Finding a job in England and across the UK

The offers of jobs in Great Britain are very diverse. There is enough work and, as in all of Europe, skilled workers are more in demand than ever. In our article UK jobs, UK job search - How to find work in England, you will find out all the important facts about looking for a job in Great Britain, as well as an overview of the various job portals and platforms in the UK.

Local health insurance and private insurance

In Great Britain, as an employee, you can participate in the public health system free of charge and theoretically do not need your own health insurance. Supplementary insurance - for example for hospital stays - is recommended. Occasionally, employers in Great Britain pay a subsidy or offer discounted partner insurance for employees. (Employee Bonus Program)

Emigrate to England, live in Great Britain

The good supply of jobs and the good economic figures do not only bring positive developments with them. The cost of living in England and partly in the whole of Great Britain is extremely high and continues to rise. Compared to Germany or Austria, the cost of living is around 17 percent above the average in German-speaking countries. As in Switzerland, people's wages and incomes are also higher in comparison. However, this again depends heavily on the particular region in the UK. On the idyllic country side known from films (in the more rural areas), as in Europe, there are usually less high earning opportunities.

House hunting and housing costs in the UK

Similar to the metropolitan areas in Europe, there is also a trend in British cities that there is less and less living space and the available living space is degenerating into atmospheric costs. The housing costs are astronomical. Again depending on how far you live in the respective city. So-called flat shares in houses are not uncommon, i.e. several parties share the costs of a house and live together in individual residential units. In this way, the costs are shared among all parties in order to make life affordable in some way.

The cost of food is very similar to the prices in Germany or Austria. However, you can still buy vegetables, fruit or meat directly from the farmers in various markets and buy something cheaper. Similar to the fresh or weekly markets in Germany and Austria.

The costs for gasoline, vehicle taxes, as well as liability and comprehensive insurance are extremely expensive like the apartments, which is why the bike is a real alternative and often seen in the larger British cities.

Opening a bank account / current account - a science in itself

Opening a bank account in the UK is a challenge for those who live in shared houses, which is likely to apply to most expats and immigrants.

Since there is no reporting requirement in Great Britain, opening a bank account can become a gauntlet. To open an account, an ID (proof of identidy) and proof of a residential address are required.

The banks interpret the legal requirements very differently. Sometimes it even differs from bank employee to bank employee. It is therefore worthwhile to ask for an information sheet or to inquire with roommates which documents and evidence must be presented in order to open an account.

Proof of your identity is very easy, as a rule an EU-recognized identity card and an EU valid passport can be used here. A driving license, for example, is also permitted. In the UK there is left-hand traffic, you get used to it over time. In Austria in particular, switching to a credit card driver's license pays off, the typical pink driver's license can lead to problems with proof or as an ID.

As proof of the address, official letters from authorities to the current main residential address are accepted, e.g. tax bills, bills for energy or landline connection, but no bills from or mobile phone providers such as O2.

If you live in a shared house or in a flat share, you will rarely receive invoices in your own name. This is where the problems with opening a bank account start. Furthermore, a letter of recommendation from the employer is sometimes recognized as proof of address.

If you are actually considering emigrating to Great Britain and want to look through the potential job offers, then we will shortly be able to offer you instructions for looking for a job in England here.