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Employee loyalty measures

"I have already gained a number of ideas from your pool of employee loyalty measures, which we then gradually implemented."(Read more testimonials and testimonials!)

450 measures to strengthen employee loyalty

Starting points, possibilities and methods for HR managers, superiors and company management

You can find a collection of around 450 employee retention measures here. On the one hand, these include really new and innovative ideas for increasing employee loyalty. Employee loyalty measures of this kind promise a high level of attention and a wide range of possible uses in public image, for example in recruiting.

But with the majority of the employee loyalty measures listed, you will come across old friends: already existing instruments that are able to develop a high level of loyalty. Often they were not established primarily with the aim of strengthening employee loyalty.

Reinvent the wheel?

Target agreements are a good example of this. Experience has shown that it makes perfect sense to check the systems and processes established in your company to see whether there are opportunities for a more binding structure.

From the point of view of economic efficiency, the optimization of the instruments currently in use based on employee retention is preferable to the introduction of innovative employee retention measures.

Employee retention measures pool as a source of inspiration

You can use this collection of employee retention measures as a source of inspiration for your own further aspects. It is also possible to use excerpts for an employee survey. With the help of such a survey, you can determine which employee retention measures are particularly well received by the workforce.

Straight to the right employee loyalty measures

In order to give you an overview despite the diversity, we have structured the following employee retention measures according to the respective areas of responsibility. You will find a) from personnel management, b) from executives and c) employee retention measures that can be implemented by company management.

Introduce new things, optimize existing ones

Employee retention measures are, on the one hand, company-side measures that are specifically or primarily implemented to strengthen employee retention. These include in particular amenities, benefits and additional company services such as the supply of fresh fruit at the workplace, the issue of fuel vouchers or the organization of company parties.

On the other hand, strong effects on employee loyalty can be achieved through measures that are in the area of ​​optimizing what already exists. To do this, subject the existing systems, established processes and applied instruments to a critical review with a view to their effectiveness in terms of employee loyalty.

Employee loyalty is a management task

Please do not forget to also put the current behavior of managers at all levels to the test: Experience has shown that this is where the most effective and at the same time particularly cost-effective improvement possibilities exist.

You will find measures from both areas in the following list. You can use this as a source of inspiration, as a pool of ideas or as a basis for an executive or employee survey.

Ask? Then please ask.

If you have any questions about any of the aspects listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you with information, for example on the design or the intensity of the effect on employee loyalty.

A. Employee retention measures on the part of HR management

Personnel management must undoubtedly more or less restrict itself to implementing those employee retention measures that are later distributed with the watering can. Whether it's about company kindergarten places, company health management or healthy, delicious canteen food - you will hardly be able to assign these measures selectively or individually.

Focus on indirect employee loyalty measures

The respective direct superior is primarily responsible for target group-specific or even individually oriented measures. Personnel management still comes into play here: as a source of inspiration and service provider. It has to provide the executives with the necessary arsenal of resources: career systems, working time models, target agreement processes, discussion guidelines, tools for measuring potential and performance, personnel and function portfolios and much more. m.

A successful company attracts good employees. But if you have a bad boss, you lose it again!
(Gunther Wolf, Employee loyalty)

Personnel management must ensure that executives are trained with regard to employee retention-oriented application, ensure that the quality of implementation is consistently high, these instruments are regularly sharpened and sometimes updated.

Suggestions for employee loyalty measures

Are there particularly strong social and interpersonal skills in your HR department? Then the HR manager can also act as a source of ideas for those executives who struggle to develop individual measures for employees who are particularly critical to success or who hold key positions. Experience shows that there are quite a few.

You can find some ideas for employee loyalty measures here. There are small suggestions that can be implemented with little time and money. But also measures for which you have to turn a big wheel. Whichever you choose: Make sure that there is an acceptable ratio of effort and benefit.

  • Have badges made
  • Give away accessories with a logo
  • Operate active sourcing
  • Perform age structure analysis
  • Set up alumni networks
  • Create incentive systems
  • Distribute badges with logo
  • Provide aquariums
  • Use employer review portals
  • Design the employer claim in a target group-oriented manner
  • Enable employer loans
  • Improve employer image
  • Shaping employer communication
  • Design employer brand messages in a target group-oriented manner
  • Strengthen the employer brand
  • Use employer competitions
  • Provide work clothes
  • Determine labor market strategy
  • Make the place of work more flexible
  • Design ergonomic workplaces
  • Promote occupational safety
  • Make working hours more flexible
  • Offer working time sovereignty
  • Increase attractiveness as an employer
  • Have stickers printed
  • Have a patch made
  • Organize admission ceremony
  • Enable stays abroad
  • Conduct exit interviews
  • Hand out car stickers
  • Rent car advertising space from employees
  • Promote workforce sports
  • Issue petrol vouchers
  • Strengthen company pension schemes
  • Set up company painting, handicraft and handicraft groups
  • Implement operational integration management (BEM)
  • Implement company health management (BGM)
  • Establish a company theater group
  • Carry out a company outing
  • Set up company kindergarten
  • Involve the works council in loyalty issues
  • Align applicant management with binding effect
  • Set up the pool table
  • Offer burnout prevention
  • Set up bus service, delivery and collection service
  • Hire a business concierge
  • Set up cafeteria, bistro
  • Establish a cafeteria system
  • Improve candidate experience
  • Set up a chill-out area
  • Offer coaching internally
  • Offer critical life event advice
  • Set up a dart room
  • Set up a dart room
  • Service bike
  • Optimize hiring processes
  • Establish Elder Care Service
  • Set up parent-child offices
  • Parental leave, keep in touch
  • Force parental leave, re-entry
  • Use recommendation marketing
  • Practice Employee Relationship Management (ERM)
  • Practice employer branding
  • Strengthen employer brand
  • Keep bottleneck functions occupied
  • Make the pay structure more flexible
  • Keep the remuneration system up-to-date
  • Train relaxation techniques
  • Provide recovery allowance
  • Acquire a rest home
  • Adhere to recovery times
  • Carry out experience events
  • Issue experience vouchers
  • Make experiences unforgettable
  • Offer parenting advice
  • Grant meal allowance
  • Establish a specialist career
  • Make professional career levels attractive
  • Bicycle leasing
  • Grant travel allowances
  • Offer family counseling
  • Establish holiday care for children
  • Purchase holiday home for employees
  • Enable company cars
  • Enable company apartments
  • Set up gym
  • Employee turnover reduction bonus for managers
  • Reduce the causes of fluctuation
  • Use the foot-in-the-door effect
  • Submit leisure activities
  • Give away branded casual clothing
  • Identify leadership skills
  • Train leadership skills
  • Offer executive coaching
  • Practice leadership development
  • Management training of employee loyalty skills
  • Management training in potential assessment skills
  • Offer a management career
  • Develop a functional portfolio
  • Offer all-day care for children
  • Promote employee health
  • Offer health courses for older employees
  • Extend flexitime
  • Grant gratuities
  • Procure green plants
  • Use voucher programs
  • Minimize headhunting
  • Implement high potential programs
  • Set up hobby evenings
  • Offer home care service
  • Providing home offices
  • Allow dogs in the workplace
  • Ensure hygiene
  • Carry out vaccination campaigns
  • Enable incentive trips
  • Offer incentive events
  • Do internal marketing
  • Use internet media
  • Offer job enlargement
  • Implement job enrichment
  • Offer job rotation
  • Establish job sharing
  • Distribute anniversary gifts
  • Set up a canteen with a feel-good factor
  • Canteen food, healthy
  • Modernize career systems
  • Set up the foosball table
  • Pay out childcare allowance
  • Issue cinema vouchers
  • Purchase air conditioning
  • Promote skills
  • Operate competence management
  • Offer conflict mediation
  • Practice conflict prevention
  • Reduce physical strain
  • Establish return meetings
  • Make cultural offers
  • Extend the notice period
  • Introduce lifetime working time accounts
  • Promote top performers
  • Establish long-term incentives
  • Distribute market value allowance
  • Offering massages in the workplace
  • Invite media representatives
  • Implement the mentoring concept
  • Carry out an employee survey
  • Introduce employee participation in the company's success
  • Measure employee retention
  • Establish employee interviews
  • Force employee self-labeling
  • Employees Recruit Employees
  • Practice bullying prevention
  • Establish succession planning
  • Create traceability of personnel decisions
  • Make name badges
  • Carry out network-building events
  • Promote networking
  • Prepare fruit baskets
  • Support ecological projects with employees
  • Optimize onboarding
  • Set up pantry kitchens
  • Implement the sponsorship concept
  • Enable PC and Internet at home
  • Optimize staff allocation
  • Operate personnel development
  • Draw up staff interviews, guidelines
  • Shaping personnel marketing emotionally
  • Designing personnel marketing in an innovative way
  • Design personnel marketing in a motivation-oriented manner
  • Design personnel marketing in a target group-oriented manner
  • Create a personnel portfolio for specific areas
  • Grant staff discounts
  • Optimize personnel selection
  • Develop HR strategy
  • Emotionalize staff events
  • Ensure person-organization fit
  • Offer physiotherapy
  • Assessment of potential, support managers
  • Promote high potential
  • Establish a project career
  • Reduce mental stress
  • Offer psychosocial care
  • Offer smoking cessation
  • Create recruiting videos
  • Issue restaurant vouchers
  • Offer risk insurance
  • Offer back training
  • Agree on reimbursement of training costs
  • Agree on reimbursement of bonuses
  • Set up retreat options for undisturbed work
  • Set up relaxation rooms
  • Introduce sabbaticals
  • Distribute benefits in kind
  • Offer pain therapy
  • Offer debt counseling
  • Conduct training
  • Organize a shooting festival
  • Self and time management, offering courses
  • Establish SELIMAB method
  • Brand seminars
  • Use seminars
  • Use social media
  • Use social networks
  • Distribute special allowances
  • Support social projects with employees
  • Offer sports courses
  • Formulate job advertisements specifically for target groups
  • Rotate job videos
  • Set up death benefit
  • Use cut-off date clauses
  • avoid stress
  • Offer addiction counseling
  • Establish open departments day
  • Talent management, establishing internal
  • Practice Talent Relationship Management (TRM)
  • Implement the tandem concept
  • Issue fuel vouchers
  • Promote teamwork
  • Distribute team bonus
  • Set up tea kitchens
  • Promote part-time work
  • Issue theater vouchers
  • Set up the table tennis table
  • Separation of unsuitable employees
  • Distribute loyalty bonus
  • Make surprise gifts
  • Force accident prevention
  • Accident insurance, additional
  • Use the unique employer value proposition
  • Set up a corporate cinema
  • Offer support in private emergencies
  • Align remuneration based on success
  • Compensation for goal achievement
  • Design remuneration in line with the market
  • Introduce remuneration with project commitment
  • Enable catering at the workplace
  • Introduce trust-based working hours
  • Promote volition
  • Clarify the benefits of employment
  • Establish a hiking day
  • Set up the water dispenser
  • Bring back departures
  • Enable further training
  • Intensify the company medical service
  • Found a factory choir
  • Found a factory orchestra
  • Establish works sports teams
  • Host competitions
  • Agree on a non-competition clause
  • Ensure knowledge transfer
  • Do young potential recruiting
  • Establish target agreement system
  • Modernize the target agreement system
  • Offer affiliation indicator
  • Enable additional qualifications
  • Grant grants for wealth creation
  • Grant grants for visual aids

Preserve and improve what has been tried and tested

You will surely be able to tick the box after many suggestions: “We already have it.” That is good! How long already? Take the opportunity now to check whether a modernization could be advisable or whether an optimization with a view to the effectiveness of employee loyalty makes sense.

B. Employee retention measures on the part of managers

As a manager, you can implement some of the following employee loyalty measures directly in the area for which you are responsible. Some of these only affect your own behavior in the management of employees - and of course also those of the managers who report to you.

Employee retention is a virulent task for companies, which is to be understood as a central task in management - and not exclusively for HR specialists. Dealing with the specific ideas for strengthening employee loyalty helps those responsible to tackle the complex task of employee loyalty in an organization-specific and systematic manner and to make their company more competitive.“ (Prof. Dr. Fred G. Becker, Bielefeld University in G. Wolf, employee loyalty)

Other employee retention measures require the support of company management or other areas, such as HR management or the IT department. Don't let that stop you from collecting the tools or prerequisites you need. After all, it is your business goals that can be achieved optimally with strong employee loyalty.

  • Avoid compensation for vacation entitlement
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Establish department breakfast
  • Clarify requirements
  • Coordinate work content
  • Adjust work content
  • Let the work content be determined by yourself
  • Optimize the working atmosphere
  • Make work organization family-friendly
  • Let work organization help shape it
  • Control the scope of work
  • Design the work environment to be employee-oriented
  • Create task commitment
  • Clearly delimit tasks
  • Distribute tasks appropriately
  • Distribute gifts and special gifts
  • Allow time out
  • Behave authentically
  • Note the load limits
  • Behave predictably
  • Have a stay interview
  • Delegate, applicable
  • Lead differentiating
  • Optimize training
  • Parental leave, keep in touch
  • Support parental leave and re-entry
  • Promote empowerment
  • Make decisions, involve employees
  • Leave freedom of choice
  • Disclose decision criteria
  • Agree on development goals
  • Define success
  • to celebrate success
  • Leadership oriented towards success
  • Get feedback from employees
  • give feedback
  • Show leadership
  • Optimize leadership style
  • Leave room for maneuver
  • Offer challenges
  • Promote high performers
  • Offer home office
  • Individualize incentives
  • Distribute individual bonuses
  • Share information
  • Allow innovation
  • Conduct an innovation workshop
  • Hold career talks
  • Manage conflicts competently
  • Adhere to the consequences
  • Share control instruments
  • Conducting sick return talks
  • Conduct a creativity workshop
  • Express criticism in a motivating way
  • Outlaw terminations
  • Recognize achievement
  • Eliminate barriers to performance
  • Expressing praise in a motivating way
  • Prevent low performance
  • Customize measures for CSE
  • Perceiving employees as people
  • Align employee management in a binding manner
  • Know employee motives
  • Organize outdoor team training
  • Appropriate assessment of employee performance
  • Lead person-oriented
  • Assess the potential of employees appropriately
  • Identify potential employees
  • Promote high potential
  • Clarify rights / obligations
  • Reduce travel times
  • Provide resources
  • Check results
  • Limit risks for employees
  • Strengthen self-controlling
  • Call a strategy workshop
  • Make team meetings efficient
  • Create team loyalty
  • Actively practice team building
  • Carry out a team event
  • Conduct team feedback sessions
  • Carry out team incentive
  • Optimize team atmosphere
  • Agree on team goals
  • Optimize team collaboration
  • Optimize team composition
  • Use the technique of the small request
  • Enable teleworking
  • Avoid being overwhelmed
  • Avoid overloading
  • Avoid overtime
  • Avoid being under-challenged
  • Define responsibility
  • Leave a margin of responsibility
  • Express your wish to stay
  • Adjust remuneration
  • give trust
  • Behave in a trustworthy manner
  • Communicate visions
  • Create managerial loyalty
  • Resolve value conflicts
  • Know values
  • Show appreciation
  • Observe work-life balance
  • Agree on goals
  • Eliminate conflicting goals
  • Eliminate conflicting goals
  • Take target agreement seriously

C. Employee retention measures on the part of the company management

As a member of the company management, you will certainly not have skipped the two previous lists of measures - on the part of the personnel management, on the part of the executives. You not only manage the company or your department, but are also a manager yourself - even the top one. You will therefore particularly benefit from the measures listed in the previous section to retain your direct reports.

Tip: optimize employee retention measures

Use the PEA system for the strategic alignment of the measures for employee loyalty and the SELIMAB method to ensure the economic use of the employee loyalty measures!

In addition, with the way in which you lead them, you provide a direction for all subsequent management levels. Nobody shapes the culture of the company, including the prevailing management culture, to such an extent as the company management.

Control employee loyalty based on the company's success

You can also safely and accurately assess which of your managers ensure sufficient employee loyalty and whom you still have to give one or two impetus. You also know the people involved in the HR department and, based on your experience, you can judge whether you should include suggestions for implementing employee retention measures in HR management.

In times of demographic change and impending skilled labor shortages, employee retention plays a central role in corporate management. But a motivated workforce can do even more. It is a guarantee for successful, stable and crisis-proof companies. Strengthening the bond between the workforce and the company is a contribution to the long-term competitiveness of the German economy, to secure jobs and more satisfied employees.“ (Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in G. Wolf, employee loyalty)

The employee retention measures that fall within the responsibility of corporate communications are also listed below. This is based on the idea that the persons responsible for this or the corporate communications department always work in very close coordination with you.

  • Invite relatives to company parties
  • Make associations positive
  • Ensure authenticity
  • Introduce balanced score card
  • Issue employee shares
  • Promote company suggestion scheme
  • Emotionalize company celebrations
  • Organize company parties
  • Optimize the working atmosphere
  • Establish a company museum
  • Emotionalize company meetings
  • Run a blog
  • Promote corporate identity
  • Seek dialogue with employees
  • Generate the group
  • Promote diversity management
  • Communicate employee success
  • Perceiving employees' successes
  • Maximize Yield
  • Promote ethics
  • Ensure fairness
  • Pay attention to family friendliness
  • Claim voluntary services
  • Have management principles drawn up
  • Shape leadership culture
  • Ensure credibility
  • Grant power of attorney
  • Carry out high level incentives
  • Increase human capital
  • Create identification
  • Organize incentives
  • Carry out information events
  • Use the intranet
  • Handing over anniversary gift
  • Use collective intelligence
  • Ensure continuity of the workforce
  • reduce costs
  • Have guidelines for good cooperation drawn up
  • Show loyalty to employees
  • Increase market share
  • Formulate a mission statement
  • Seeing employees as co-entrepreneurs
  • Seeing employees as co-entrepreneurs
  • Create employee enthusiasm
  • Establish employee loyalty as a value
  • Enable employee equity participation
  • Greet employees personally
  • Eliminate employee dissatisfaction
  • Appreciate employees
  • Create employee newspaper
  • Promote an employee-centric culture of success
  • Create employee satisfaction
  • Spreading myths, stories and history
  • Show ecological commitment
  • Establish PEA system
  • Practice performance management
  • Manage personnel risks
  • Write press releases
  • Grant power of attorney
  • Provide security
  • Use social media
  • Use social networks
  • Show social responsibility
  • Show social commitment
  • Generate strategy
  • Communicate strategy
  • Ensure strategy implementation
  • Spread success stories
  • Anchoring sustainability
  • Carry out an open day
  • to create transparency
  • Manage companies in a manner that is oriented towards employee loyalty
  • Create corporate loyalty
  • Define corporate success
  • Communicate corporate success
  • Ensure corporate success
  • Cultivate corporate enmities
  • Intensify corporate communication internally
  • Shape corporate culture
  • Increase company value
  • Corporate competitions, participate
  • Pay out remuneration for goal achievement
  • give trust
  • Formulate the company's vision
  • Establish commitment to values
  • Define the company's values
  • Communicate company values
  • Have a discussion of values
  • Enable value revision
  • Ensure value creation
  • Recognize contributions to added value
  • Competitive products, do not tolerate use
  • Ensure work-life balance
  • Establish target commitment
  • Define the company's goals
  • Communicate the company's goals
  • Define target hierarchy
  • Demand target cascade
  • Use goal optimization
  • Establish target system
  • Optimize the target agreement process
  • Promote collaboration

D. Company-specific evaluation of employee loyalty measures

For the right use, you should make a current and company-specific assessment of the employee loyalty measures you are considering: which will definitely be implemented, which will become part of a cafeteria system, which we will choose in an employee survey, which will remain Reserved for groups of people or for special purposes? Experience has shown that there are enormous differences between companies at the level of employee needs.

In this context, you do not evaluate the employee loyalty measures across the board with regard to the effect on employee loyalty, but differentiate according to the effects on the three elements of the PEA system:

Personnel potential

  • How strongly does the respective employee loyalty measure act as a fluctuation factor, if it is inadequate or not available?
  • With appropriate improvements, how strongly does the measure act as a factor in increasing the tendency to stay?

Success of the company

  • How much performance-inhibiting does the measure have if it is inadequate or not available?
  • How strongly does it work as a factor in increasing performance with corresponding improvements?

Employer attractiveness

  • How strong is the measure deterring applicants if it is insufficient or non-existent?
  • How strongly do corresponding improvements act as a factor in increasing the company's attractiveness as an employer?

This assessment must be carried out repeatedly. Because employee preferences change just as quickly as consumer wishes. What is an incentive to join or stay today may be taken for granted by employees and applicants tomorrow.

Many executives know this as Herzberg’s theory: Over time or with sufficient saturation - be it with you or with your job market competitors - the motivator becomes a hygiene factor. This can be recognized by an increasing effect in the case of non-existence (P-, E- and A-) and a decreasing incentive effect (P +, E + and A +). With the help of an employee survey, you can have the assessment carried out directly by the target group.