Is it normal to hate your parents?

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Hatred of brother

First of all, I have to say: I'm neither particularly old, nor a woman, nor a mother, nor do I hate my parents.
However, there is one person I hate profoundly and I wish nothing more than his excruciating, painful and miserable death - my brother.

I know this is not about brother, but it may be easier for you to understand how to hate family members.

First of all: I don't want any help for my problems here, I will probably never stop by here again, I just have to let go because I feel protected and safe by the Internet. I hope you don't hold it against me ...

Now to me and my brother. He is 3 years older than me, he has always been the problem child, although I was the one who always plowed and managed to do it. He was more the lazy and cheeky who waited until someone helped him.
I've had to endure it all my life, starting with his outbursts of anger as a toddler, through ravaging various trips and vacations through fits of rage to entering into some hooligan scene that almost killed or will kill my mother. He steals what he wants from me, has zero respect for me. When I was still going to school, he kept pissing off my friends, the result: I was the fool with the shit brother - ergo, I never really had friends (at least as long as I went to the same school). But since he's been on the go in his great hooligan scene and is otherwise somewhere in the exit every evening, he has made friends with these old ex-schoolmates of mine and told them all sorts of funny, embarrassing and intimate secrets about me. His specialty: Giving my parents a guilty conscience even though he's the one who should have it.
I don't want to tell you my life story here either, just try to introduce the most selfish, arrogant, stupid, conceited non-talent of a ..., then you increase that by 100 - then you have my brother when he is in a good mood.

In any case, I've been thinking about how much I hate him for about 5 years. No matter if we get along well or if we have an argument, I keep thinking about how much I am
Hate him, whether I'm going out with my beloved or reading a book at home, my head is dominated by one thought: I hate him. Unfortunately, he still lives in the same house as me (in his room you can no longer see the floor of the dirt and rubbish, I recently discovered my new old cell phone under a plate of crusty spaghetti, I stupidly lent it to him with a touch of good-naturedness , I at least strongly suspect it is my cell phone, you could no longer see exactly what it is). I recently realized that if he doesn't move out soon, I'll kill him. No, this is not a joke or a response to an argument. I was sitting there sober the other day and suddenly I realized: If he doesn't go away, I'll kill him. I often imagine how he dies, jellyfish, bleeding to death, suffering, going through all that I had to go through because of him. Before I had such thoughts, it deterred me from having to endure the consequences (life imprisonment / confinement in a closed institution).
Today I don't care, if he'd died for it I would endure it. When I speak to my mother about it, she is offended (true to the motto "Then get out of here, just like your brother", it is precisely in these moments that I can slap her in the face, I was always the one to wipe up the broken pieces after my brother went crazy who could endure how she broke down crying and sobbing, who has to listen to how much she suffers every day, I have to endure all of that, and then she compares me to my brother)
Since I am not yet of legal age, I unfortunately cannot move out yet (I will be of legal age in half a year). At the moment I am inquiring about the possibility of moving out as a minor, but I think this is relatively small. In any case, I now know that if my brother isn't gone by his 18th birthday (so moved out ... I won't kill him, I'm too intelligent for that, I know that myself ...) I'll be at my 18th birthday Birthday exactly at the time when you reach the age of majority, pack my things and leave. Yes, I know what you think now "pubescent reaction ..", this point has long been exceeded with me, I have calculated exactly what it will cost me to have an apartment with my current trainee salary and to finance it, everything is up Planned in the smallest detail, the words that I will slam against my deformed brother when saying goodbye (whether now before or when I move out) are already written.

I can already see how he then tells all his great friends again how insane I am and how disturbed I am, but he ignores the little detail of how sick he is in his head ...

You see, dear creator of this post, it can happen, not always those who hates are sick or mentally disturbed.

I like it