How do we get into an IT company?

Sustainability in the IT industry - How we design BREDEX as a sustainable company

Within the population, awareness of the environment and the careful use of resources has increased. Not without good reason, as our planet's resources are limited. Electricity, clean water, healthy food and an intact environment cannot be taken for granted everywhere. And because we at BREDEX see ourselves as a future-oriented company, we support the idea of ​​a society of diversity and a sustainable approach to people and the environment.


Together to a green IT company

In every company there are levers that can be used to protect the environment and conserve resources. We have made this a matter close to our hearts and involved all BX people in order to collect ideas and find solutions on how we can become more sustainable as an IT company. We take our responsibility to protect the environment and our obligation to conserve energy and environmental resources very seriously. That is why the first step towards a sustainable future begins with every BX user. Each of us is called upon to question our own daily behavior in the office. Especially when it comes to electricity consumption and heating energy, each of us is now paying more attention to ecologically better behavior. Posters in the hallway and messages on the BX-TV provide helpful tips on saving electricity, correct ventilation, etc.


Sustainable together on the way to the office

And the way to work is also getting greener and greener. Many BX people come to work by bike or public transport. As a support, we also offer a job bike here if you want to replace your old bike with a newer model. And the BX people are really enthusiastic cyclists. We have been taking part in city cycling in Braunschweig for several years and we save CO2 together by pedaling. But of course not every route can be covered by bike. In order to attend customer appointments or to give training courses in the VW Faculty 73, our Carpool fleet was supplemented by two e-vehicles this year. And in the future we will continue to focus on sustainability with hybrid and electric drives.


Green brain food

"Organic food helps to reduce the environmental pollution associated with conventional agriculture," says the Federal Environment Agency. We see it that way too. That is why we pay more attention to organic, fair trade and regionality in the coffee kitchen. On our fruit days, a supplier from the area supplies us with vitamins, we get our caffeine kick fairtrade from a startup in Braunschweig and we fizzle out tap water against our thirst.


Sustainability on the job too

Sustainable companies should not see themselves as pure economic units, but as part of a community. As a signatory to the Diversity Charter and Giver of the Future, we support appropriate payment as well as training and advancement opportunities as well as the rejection of discrimination, diversity in the team and respectful interaction with one another.