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What does the phrase “pending” or “exempt” mean in the property license or registration number field?

In some cities, hosts require a license or registration number in order to list their properties on Airbnb. This field enables hosts to display such numbers directly on the relevant listing page in order to comply with local law. Such a registration requirement does not apply in all cities and also not for all hosts. So if you don't see a number, it doesn't necessarily mean the host is violating any regulations.

Sometimes it also shows something other than the license or registration number, including the following:

  • Registration with the city pending: This means that the host is currently going through the city's registration process, but has not yet received a license or registration number. You are welcome to book these accommodations.
  • Liberated: This means that the host's listing is exempt from the registration process for reasons set by the city. You are also welcome to book these accommodations.

Don't complete any transactions outside of Airbnb

In rare cases, a host might misuse this field to provide a phone number or email address and ask you to book directly with them instead of through Airbnb. Please note that if you are transacting outside of the Airbnb website, you will not be covered by our Terms of Use, Cancellation Policy, Refund Policy, Host Guarantee, Host Protection Insurance, and other safeguards.

Please let us know if someone asks you to pay for a booking outside of the payment system on our website, or if you think this field has been misused. To do this, click on the flag symbolto report the listing.