Can FBI and CIA directors be fired

Dismissed FBI Vice President McCabe could incriminate Trump

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Washington - The dismissal of ex-FBI Vice Director Andrew McCabe continues to make waves. McCabe, who was fired two days before his retirement on Friday, is said to have made detailed records of his meetings and discussions with US President Donald Trump that could weigh on Trump in the Russia affair, according to insider reports. The exact content of the documents is unknown, but they are said to have been created at the same time as that of former FBI chief James Comey, who Trump had fired in May. Comey had repeatedly accused Trump of influencing the FBI's investigation into Russia.

Former CIA boss John Brennan described Trump on Twitter as "immoral and corrupt". He wrote on Saturday: "When the full extent of your venality, moral depravity and political corruption is revealed, as a demagogue in shame you will take your rightful place in the dustbin of history. You can scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America ... America will triumph over you. "

Trump attorney John Dowd has asked the Justice Department after McCabe's dismissal to stop the investigation into Russia, led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The investigations were a big mistake from the start and "corrupted by political prejudice", it said in a statement published on Saturday.

"Great Day for Democracy"

Commenting on Friday's ousting of FBI Vice President McCabe, Trump commented on Twitter: "Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hardworking men and women of the FBI - a great day for democracy." The reasons for the dismissal would be "bad behavior".

The officer was supposed to retire on Sunday. But Trump thwarted his plans two days earlier - the early release threatens a loss of pension entitlements.

McCabe denies allegations

Trump had long since targeted McCabe, and the former ex-FBI deputy was ultimately fired by the US Department of Justice. Internal investigations had shown that he had passed on information to the media on his own initiative and that he had not been completely honest with the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice "several times", and that he was alleged to have made false statements under oath.

McCabe promptly denied misconduct with the media and with the Justice Department Inspector General. His dismissal was carried out "by the president himself". The aim is not only to destroy his reputation and possibly withhold his hard-earned pension entitlements, but also to denigrate the FBI and law enforcement officers themselves. (APA, red, March 18, 2018)