How do you know if you are bilingual?

27 moments that everyone who grew up bilingual knows

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Other people's looks when you switch from one language to another in public.

1. You tell something in your second language, then in the middle of it you can't think of the right word and you say it in German - but with an accent.

2. Someone asks you if you don't get confused with the languages ​​sometimes and you just think, "Dude, why soruyorsun?"

3. You speak in different pitches, depending on which language you are speaking.

4. "Say something in * your second language *!".

5. Some of your memories only exist in one language.

6. You think in both languages, but if you have to count in your mind, you can only do one.

7. You forget most of your second language when you have to say something in it under pressure.

8. Breaking a sweat when you should enter your "mother tongue" on your resume.

9. You know exactly which language is perfect for swearing - and which language is perfect for politely discussing.

10. If you make a mistake in a language, you excuse yourself that it is not your mother tongue - and vice versa. Hehe.

11. Autocorrect is an asshole if you want to text your parents on WhatsApp.

12. People read something in your second language, ask you what it means - and you cannot translate it even though you know exactly what it means.

13. When you meet someone who grew up speaking the same two languages, you switch languages ​​every other sentence. Simply because you can!

14. "I'm sure it is easy for you to learn a new language, right ???"

15. You translate a brilliant joke and suddenly it is no longer funny at all.

16. Other people's looks when you switch from one language to another in public.

17. "Where are you from?" and "You speak German well!"

18. You speak German with your parents, they answer you in a different language - and yet there are no misunderstandings.

19. "Have you ever thought of becoming a translator?"

20. You do not know what language to answer when someone calls you with an unknown number.

21. People think you're an expert on a country just because you speak the language.

22. If you are very stressed or tired, you are using the wrong language and no one will understand you.

23. Someone asks you what the word "XY" means in your language, and you have no idea and first open Google Translate.

24. You feel half illiterate when your bilingual language has a different script and you cannot speak it.

25. Your friends mimic you when you talk to your parents on the phone.

26. You always have to proofread important letters and emails from your parents in German.

27. Above all, you can blaspheme with pleasure without anyone understanding you.