How trustworthy is Google

Is Google trustworthy or even safe?

Google, like any other company, complies with applicable laws in the country. (or so )
Like any other company, Google tries to push these laws to the limit.
Like any larger company, Google reserves reserves for any legal disputes that may arise.

So yes, Google evaluates all possible data in order to continuously improve its services.
E.g. Goolgemaps knows my way to work (I haven't given it anywhere) and tells me every morning how many minutes I need longer due to the traffic jam. (and that fits very well!)

I don't see the "problem" in the company's data collection.
But in your data protection.
and what access the government has to this data.

E.g. draws Alexa and co. the audio data and evaluates them to improve the services.
So far so good. But then the government / police can easily go and oblige the provider to record everything from a suspect. This saves you having to attach your own bugs. That would also require such stupid court orders.

Companies only want one thing and that is money. I'm not afraid of that.
Governments want to stay in power, that's what I'm afraid of.
So I have no problem with Google at all.
But I'm worried about what kind of laws are being waved through because of the "fight against terrorism".