Why countries forbid PUBG

After India, Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq and Nepal have already blocked the battle royale title PUBG, Afghanistan is now joining. These are the reasons.

The Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority, ATRA for short, has announced that it will close PUBG to the country until further notice. In consultation with religious representatives, ministers from the fields of health, education, communication and science, the committee came to this conclusion.

"After a comprehensive analysis, our team passed this request on to the ATRA Board and the decision was to suspend the game from a social and security perspective until further notice," said Omar Mansoor Ansari, ATRA Acting Chairman.

"ATRA continues the questioning and consultation in order to find a final solution."

Games should fit culturally

In the future, one would like to identify any games that could have a "negative effect" on children and young people. In addition, games should be supported in their development that fit into the overall cultural and religious image of the country.

How dotesports reported, the ban will also apply to the mobile versions PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite.

With the ban, Afghanistan joins a number of countries that have banned PUBG for a variety of reasons. Nepal, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan and India were similar and also referred to "negative impact" on players or security risks.