Should older girls go out with younger men

Age difference - young man and older woman - is that possible?

"Where love falls, grass no longer grows". Love is very stubborn and choosy at the same time. It is therefore hardly surprising that she sometimes makes exceptions, e.g. when it comes to age difference, gender or appearance.

Given by nature and firmly integrated in our gene plan, the suggestion is who finds whom attractive and lovable. So it is relatively obvious, if we follow our input straightforwardly, that as a single woman we will at some point be interested in a certain type of single man and vice versa. That this is hardly the absolute "Normal case"If such a thing exists at all, we see it in many couples of the same sex or in people who have completely different sexual inclinations.

The acceptance in society

Another deviation from the usual is the love for an extremely older or a very young partner. Even if our society has definitely learned something new in the last few decades and thus acts more tolerantly, people still like to smile and rumor about deviations of any kind. “Just look at that stupid boy. He's actually walking around with a woman who could easily be his mother or even his grandmother. The lady should also have more sense. Seducing a young man and this at her set age, that is not possible and should actually be forbidden! "

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Love despite the age difference: why old and young harmonize so well

Markus (25) knows the tragedy and the struggle for acceptance all too well. After all, he is in a relationship with a woman 20 years his senior. Tina was his dream partner right from the start. Markus simply loved her self-confident, mature charisma and her appreciation for him. “I used to often meet younger women or women of the same age. Somehow I was always missing something. Maybe it's because young women seem more hectic and like to hop from one party to another. I'm more of the cozy, family type who likes to take his loved one to the restaurant, to the theater or on a romantic walk. And then I found open ears from Tina. We've been a couple for two years now and we don't regret a single minute of being together. Our friends and acquaintances of course smiled at first. But they too quickly realized that true love has no age difference and are simply happy for us ”.

If you ask the two lovers what their special secret is, you get the following tips:

  • Maintain shared hobbies
  • Talk a lot and laugh together
  • Bring rituals into the day or into everyday life
  • Show each other respect, esteem and appreciation

Then, yes, then it works with the age difference, which Tina and Markus don't even feel. “Our souls and hearts speak the same youthful language and we are a well-rehearsed team when it comes to sex and passion.

Why are older women particularly attractive to young men?

Psychologists have this phenomenon "Older woman loves younger man" or vice versa, examined more closely. The following crystallized: He who loves properly loves unconditionally. Nice is what pleases and makes you happy.

Why the relationship with an older woman can be associated with high love happiness and joy:

  • An older woman is already resting in her midst and can therefore concentrate fully on love or on her relationship, which in turn benefits the younger life partner.
  • Older women also have better nerves and a lot more patience. Since you have already seen and experienced a lot, you can understand your young partner better, show him a lot more and have an excellent conversation about topics that many younger women might turn away from being bored.
  • Best ager women are full of power, but they don't have to or want to prove themselves. They know what they are made of and thus exude a lot of calm, prudence and dignity. Men love women who know what they want and also reflect the perfect lover in bed. Women over 40, 50 or 60 have excellent experience and know all possible ways to make a man completely happy.


A relationship between a young man and a mature woman is not only imaginable, but also wonderfully beneficial for both parties.

Women in their prime are independent, which impresses younger men, pulls them along and spurs them on to top performance. Younger partners find a lot of relaxation in an older partner, but also a lot of erotic high tension.

And last but not least: Best-ager women know how to play with their charms perfectly, which makes them incredibly desirable.

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