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Lecture on Islam


1 today in the heide kurier Soltau dispute in the council of Böhmestadt page 2 Wietzendorf Norwegian orchestra on the Peetshof page 2 Schneverdingen third ring for Heide-Shuttle page 3 Soltau Mairinger takes stock after five years page 4 Schneverdingen wheelchair pictures in the city library page 4 Sport TV Jahn defends DM-Platz Page 6 Soltau Ferien (s) pass: Register now Page 11 Special page Beware of burglars! Page 13 Heide lecture on Islam SCHNEVERDINGEN. Christians and Muslims - Perspectives for Coexistence is the topic on Wednesday, July 4th in the One World Church in Schneverdingen. To the lecture by Dr. Christoph Dahling-Sander on Islam invite the Evangelical Lutheran parishes of the Schneverdingen-Neuenkirchen region. It starts at 8 p.m. The lecture sheds light on Islam from a Christian perspective. It deals with similarities and differences between the two monotheistic religions, including conflict issues such as the question of religious freedom. Through distributed edition copies courier No. 52 / 28th year Internet: Tel .: (051 91) Fax publishing / advertisements: (0 5191) Fax editing: (051 91) on Sunday the lecture and the subsequent conversation should facilitate the dialogue between Christianity and Islam are promoted. Dahling-Sander is head of the Islam and Migration department in the House of Church Services of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hanover and a lecturer at the Technical University of Braunschweig and at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Hanover. He has also published numerous publications on Reformation theology and liberation theology, on mission and ecumenism, and on interreligious dialogue. & Varifocals Sunglasses in a double pack * Made-to-measure brand varifocals with hard sealing, Super-ET + CleanCoat! Two complete glasses with branded lenses in your lens strengths! * Delivery range: sph +/- 5.0; cyl +4.0; Add BRILLEN-STUDIO SPRINGHORN SOLTAU Neuer Hagen CELLE Neumarkt 1d Photos from three generations of MUNSTER. Photos from three generations are shown in a special exhibition in the tank museum in Munster. Next Wednesday, July 4th, at 10 a.m., Mayor Adolf Köthe and Brigadier General Klaus Feldmann will open the Klar-Sichten, the title of the retrospective by Willi, Dieter and Reto Klar. The photos provide impressive views of political events, cultural highlights and everyday life in the two German states between 1945 and three men of a family - impulses for the region under pirate flag Prime Minister Christian Wulff opens Hotel Port Royal in Heide-Park SOLTAU (mwi). Prime Minister Christian Wulff was very nautical last Friday. After all, it was not just a matter of opening any hotel, but what is probably the only inland pirate base - and that is located in Heide-Park Soltau: With a large program and numerous guests, the Port Royal theme hotel was officially opened. Here, families in particular can enjoy the luxury under a four-star flag that was mostly denied to freebooters of past centuries. Wulff praised the 20 million project, which was realized without subsidies, as an important part of the tourism concept for the Lüneburg Heath and wished Captain Mairinger and his crew a good trip at all times. With berths for 680 hobby pirates in 166 family-friendly rooms, Port Royal is the largest hotel in the region and, according to DEHOGA district chairman Rudolf Meyer, is well within the four-star range. But it's not just the comfort, but above all the uniqueness that makes the Hau hotel director Stephan Gaentzsch so attractive. ses aus: This is the only theme hotel between northern Westphalia and the Danish border. Everything is handmade and cannot be copied, emphasized Heide Park managing director Hannes W. Mairinger. The hotel, which with its architecture and equipment takes the guests into a pirate world, is, according to the managing director, an important aspect in the further development of the park and the development of new visitor groups: if we want to expand the catchment area from which our guests come , then we also have to offer the logistic options. With Port Royal, Heide-Park has created something impressive that will develop a radiance beyond the region. A point that Wulff also took up in his speech: He recalled Hans-Jürgen Tiemann, who, with the founding of Heide-Park in 1978, demonstrated impressive foresight, Prime Minister Christian Wulff (left) and Heide-Park managing director Hannes W. Mairinger at the Opening of Port Royal. have. Today it is about climbing back into double digits from the current five million overnight stays in the heath. In this respect, the state of Lower Saxony also regards the hotel opening as a tourist milestone and part of the concept that is intended to successfully shape the future of tourism in the region. That concept was given by Minister of Economic Affairs Walter Hirche to the district administrators and mayors in Heide-Park. In this context, the Prime Minister also mentioned the Orlando Initiative, of which Mairinger is one of the founders and which has set itself the goal of efficient marketing for the region: We would like to expressly support you in your Orlando Initiative, said Wulff. This gives them the opportunity to bring impulses to this region. The Prime Minister also underlined that the hotel had created 70 new jobs and ten training positions. An aspect that Soltau's mayor Wilhelm Ruhkopf particularly liked. Port Royal is now the flagship among the Soltau hotels. In the future, Heide-Park and the city will work together on how to attract the guests to Soltau: But I am particularly pleased about the apprenticeships. And District Administrator Manfred Ostermann said he would like the success story of the Heide-Park not to end with the hotel, but to continue to be written. lie - father, son and grandson - have dedicated themselves to the profession of photographer. Her interest in contemporary German history, transmitted from generation to generation, is extraordinary: Willi Klar, born in 1907, captures the reconstruction and the economic boom in pictures. Dieter Klar, born in 1937, focuses on political reports and portraits. Finally, Reto Klar, born in 1967, specializes in everyday scenes and snapshots. The thematic and stylistic volume- Hossa, Hossa SOLTAU. 38 music trucks will start next Saturday at Schlagermove in Hamburg. Under the motto A Festival of Love, the rolling festival will start on July 7th at 3 p.m. and a Hossa Hossa will ring out through St. Pauli. Up to half a million people will populate the streets and party - the most interesting of course is of course to ride on one of the music trucks. Six Heide-Kurier readers now have the opportunity to do so for free: We are giving away three times two tickets (each worth 85 euros) for the Snow Dome Truck, which is the 38th vehicle, and three times two tickets for the big aftermove party in Hamburg. The lead vehicle starts at 3 p.m. from the Heiligengeistfeld. Little by little, all the music trucks follow to bring the hit to the people. Also this year the convoy is moving on the popular route past the landing stages and over the Reeperbahn. After 5.8 kilometers and two laps, he drives back to the Heiligengeistfeld and the Schlager community can continue celebrating on the colorful trucks or move on to the aftermove party, which has an attractive stage program. The Bispinger Snow Dome car brings après-ski atmosphere to Hamburg. Under the motto All in white, hits from the 70s and 80s echo out of the speakers on the music truck. If you want to celebrate there, you should oil your voice and get yourself a suitable outfit. There are free drinks and a small snack on the truck. Nobody even has to go without a toilet. More details from 169 th of the photographs reveals contrasts in German history, documents change and continuity. The touring exhibition of the Foundation House of History of the Federal Republic of Germany will be shown in the Munster Tank Museum until November 30th. Entry to the photo show is free. School classes receive a discount on admission to the museum in connection with a visit to the special exhibition. Groups should register in good time by calling (05192) 2552. HK raffles tickets for Schlager-Move The older generation also celebrates at the Schlagermove. Information is also available under or under Five party tents are then available to Schlager fans for the after-move party on the square-meter party area on the Heiligengeistfeld. Brightly decorated, they reflect the diversity of German hits: a truly colorful mix of live performances and DJ programs awaits visitors - guests include Michael Holm, Bata Illic, Gaby Baginsky, Peter Petrel and the Chaos Disco Team. If you want to win two tickets for the Snow Dome Truck or the After-Move-Party, you should call the Heide-Kurier punctually on Monday at 10 a.m. on our prize hotline. The first six callers who get through on the phone number (05191) win. The fastest can choose whether they prefer to party in the truck or in the evening ... From the outside, Port Royal presents itself to its visitors almost like a rough pirate fortress. Inside, of course, there is the friendly service of a four-star hotel. In this sense, Port Royal is a family and adventure hotel with which wealthy holidaymakers can be attracted not only from all over Germany, but also from neighboring countries. I am convinced that this will succeed, stressed the Prime Minister. And further: With the hotel opening you, Mr. Mairinger, will become an economic heavyweight within the Lüneburg Heath. On this occasion, the issue of Factory Outlet Centers (FOC), which not only addressed Ostermann, could not be missing. Wulff himself had already mentioned it before: Lower Saxony should not oversleep the development, but whether in the end a FOC would fit into the tourist structure of the heath and would not cause any damage to the retail sector, a spatial planning procedure would have to show in the end. The heart of the Schlagermoves are the colorfully decorated music trucks on their journey through the center of St. Pauli. 38 trucks, each with a watt of hit power, start from the Heiligengeistfeld and bring hits to the people; six Heide-Kurier readers can celebrate on the Snow Dome Truck.

2 page 2 heide kurier Will the dispute continue? Dispute in Soltau Council not ended Norwegians at Peetshof SOLTAU (mwi). The Soltau Council dealt primarily with itself at its meeting last Thursday. This was preceded by the dispute at the meeting two weeks earlier about an open letter that CDU parliamentary group leader Mathias Ernst had written on the subject of Breiding's garden. In the non-public part of the meeting on June 14th, it should be about whether - to put it briefly - the city of Soltau acquires the landscape of Breidings Garten without the currently associated villa, as the administration and the council majority favor. Intermediate is the purchase of the entire area by an investor who keeps the villa and part of the site for his own development. The corresponding decision was then made. A Soltau initiative had previously spoken out in favor of an acquisition including a villa in order to be able to use the entire ensemble. Two days before the council meeting, the CDU parliamentary group leader Mathias Ernst had written an open letter in which he spoke out in favor of the overall solution and therefore advised that a decision be postponed. This, in turn, made waves at the June 14 meeting. Council chairman Willi Schwethelm (SPD) reprimanded Ernst's actions as a violation of the duty of confidentiality, because property matters and their details may only be treated non-publicly. And Klaus Grimkowski-Seiler, parliamentary group leader of the Civic Union, tackled his Christian-Democratic counterpart in this matter especially hard at-music on Wednesday from clock behind the town hall. Ernst, in turn, reacted and sent letters to Schwethelm and Grimkowski-Seiler. In it he made it clear that in his open letter he had not mentioned any facts that had not already been known or could not have been seen beforehand via the mayor or from other sources. In order to restore his reputation, Ernst demanded a public apology and otherwise threatened to involve the local authority and district court. Before this initial situation, the council meeting began last Thursday with an admission by the council chairman. Schwethelm emphasized that with his statement on June 14, he did not want to legally appreciate Ernst's approach. Rather, he was worried not to handle information lightly, because otherwise the investor might have been alienated. If the impression is different, I regret it. I will not comment on this because I have been threatened with legal action, concluded the President-in-Office. Grimkowski-Seiler, on the other hand, did not deviate from his point of view: He saw no reason to publicly apologize for his statements: he himself and his parliamentary group stood by the allegations. CDU Councilor Volker Wrigge emphasized that Ernst had never revealed any secrets: He had compiled various press publications that had already reported on relevant facts before Ernst's open letter and had also quoted the mayor in them: We should clean the table now, said Wrigge, and an apology is quite suitable for this. SPD parliamentary group leader Wilfried Worch-Rohweder tried to defuse the situation. Data from the closed session were not disclosed to the public. Who now has what part in the dispute does not matter. It is important to return to work. For Ernst, however, it turned out differently: He was disappointed that people did not have the strength to find the right words. In his open letter, he did not reveal any secrets, said the CDU parliamentary group leader. In view of the allegations against him, it is now his right to have it checked whether it was defamation, defamation or false suspicions. Accordingly, he reserved the right to involve the relevant bodies. So the people of Soltau can look forward to the continuation, maybe already in the coming council meeting. more than Lüneburg Heath! Geffarth & companions ensure the atmosphere on the town hall square in the heather blossom city with the upcoming music on Wednesday. At the invitation of the Wietzendorf Music Association, the Eidsvåg-Ulset Skolekorps from Norway will present their concert program at the Wietzendorfer Peetshof on Tuesday, July 3rd, starting at 7 p.m. The formation is a student wind orchestra from Åsane, a district of Bergen, Norway's second largest city. The orchestra is on vacation in Germany and spends a week at the Wietzendorfer Südsee-Camp. The orchestra's repertoire includes film music from films such as Titanic and Mission Impossible, march music, but also pieces from classical, jazz and Norwegian folk music. The music program on the Peetshof is rounded off by the pop style band of the Wietzendorf Music Association under the direction of Sabine Euhus and, to round off the event, by the newly formed youth rock band No Grace under the direction of Tom Russell. Admission is free. The Scolecorps will make another appearance on Friday, July 6th, in Soltau. Then the wind orchestra from Norway will take part in the march through the Bohemian city. 72-hour campaign for rural youth in Soltau and Neuenkirchen, including NEUENKIRCHEN / SOLTAU. Part of the action. At that time, the young people had to restore the 72-hour action of the Lower Saxon dear playground in Delmsen for the evening from July 12th to 15th, and the Wald- Landjugend (NLJ) for the fourth time under the motto Moving together . Lan manufacture. A good support in the village educational trail in Neuenkirchen again; 72 local groups take part across the board, including the rural youth associations, local groups. So can the whole of Neuenkirchen and Soltau. When the population is integrated into the action. Action is about volunteering with a lasting effect. What kind of charitable work. Without helping hands and sponsors, however, many of the tasks the rural youth members gave would be unsolvable. That is why the members advertise in advance that sub-action weekends have to be completed in 72 hours, the group support - especially of a financial nature - is not known beforehand. A secret one - for the 72-hour campaign. More information about the project, for Agent has selected the tasks and will not announce them until Thursday, the Prime Minister Christian Wulff on July 12th. Incidentally, who has taken over the patronage, there is no The Landjugend Neuenkirchen took part in the 1995 and 2003 first-hand information From 50 years of SCHNEVERDINGEN. After a trip to Hamburg, the UHus (less than a hundred) of the Schneverdingen family center meet on July 5th at 7 pm in the family center in Osterwaldweg 9. Then the activities for the winter half-year are put together. Anyone who wants to participate with people over 50 is welcome. Consulting SOLTAU. Next Tuesday, 3rdJuly, the Senecura counseling center of the district health office offers a telephone consultation from 5 to 7 p.m. This is aimed at older people seeking advice and their relatives. The phone number is (05191) For residents ILSTER. A residents' meeting is on the program on Thursday, July 5th, at 8 p.m. in the Gasthaus Heidkrug in the Munsteran town of Ilster. The agenda is posted in the box at Munster's town hall. imprint Good mood with Geffarth & companions On Wednesday, July 4th, the Rallye Touring Club Schneverdingen e.v. in the ADAC (RTV) the many fans of the Schneverdinger event series Musik on Wednesday. After a successful start last year, RTV Schneverdingen is once again involved as an organizer this season. This time the formation Geffarth & Companions is on the stage behind the Schneverdingen town hall. In the preliminary program for the music on Wednesday from 6 p.m., the duo amico e fratello ensures fun and a good mood for the younger audience. Gennaro Lofrano knows exactly what makes children's hearts beat faster and what makes their eyes shine. At Evenz for Kizz, Oliver Hofmann acts in a wide variety of roles as a stupid August, shy clown Oleg or as a minimalist juggler with just one ball. With a lot of fun and wit, the two spice up every event where children should be the focus. Afterwards Geffarth & companions enter the For food and drink is provided! Stage. For the first time, Andreas Geffarth, Andreas Kretzschmer and Rocco Basler would like to heat up the audience in the Heide with world-famous classics, hits, oldies and evergreens by legendary artists such as Phil Collins, Bruce Springsteen, Simon and Garfunkel and Frank Sinatra. As with all events, delicious food and drinks will be provided on this Wednesday. European politics may not be the most exciting topic in the class. The students of the Soltau grammar school, who have been dealing with the complex subject in political class for some time, were all the more pleased about the visit of MEP Ewa Klamt (CDU) last Monday morning, as they received information from the politician first Hand. At the invitation of the political teacher Werner Friedrichs, the Christian Democrat gave the eleventh graders an insight into the work of the European Parliament and into their everyday life as members of parliament in the forum of the branch of the Soltau grammar school in Rosenstrasse. The politician, who has represented Lower Saxony in the EU Parliament since 1999 and works there in the Committee for Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, or Interior Committee for short, reported loosely and fluffily how she made her first steps in local politics and finally decided to become a professional politician become. Ewa Klamt gave the young audience interesting information about their work in the EU Parliament, explained how a typical working day works and willingly answered all questions from interested students. Publisher: AM-Verlag Andreas Müller KG Postfach 13 52, Soltau Kirchstraße 4, Soltau Telephone () Fax () Publishing and advertising management: Karl-Heinz Bauer Responsible for the editorial section: Manfred Wicke Frequency of publication: weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays The heide kurier is free distributed to all accessible households in the old district of Soltau including Dorfmark, Fintel, Hermannsburg, Müden, Faßberg, Poitzen and Lintzel. The publisher accepts no liability for unsolicited manuscripts. Valid currently Ad price list No. 22 of October 1st. Adoption of the publisher's ad drafts only after prior consultation and for a fee. The publisher accepts no liability for advertisements placed by telephone.

3 heide kurier Page 3 Free Heide-Shuttle bus service for locals and guests added a third ring SCHNEVERDINGEN (mk). With royal support, Manfred Ostermann, district administrator of the Soltau-Fallingbostel district, Joachim Bordt, district administrator of the Harburg district, and Schneverdingen's mayor Fritz-Ulrich Kasch opened this year's Heide shuttle season last Friday morning on the Höpen car park at Landesstrasse 171, because : In addition to the administrative representatives, Heather Queen Stefanie Treichel also used scissors to cut the symbolic ribbon. After the phenomenal success of the Heide-Shuttle last year, according to Ostermann, the offer will be expanded this year: From today and until October 3rd, locals and tourists can now discover the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park free of charge on three lines by bus and - because the Buses all have special trailers - they can also take their bikes with them again. Another new feature is the so-called adventure bus, which also drives Heidjer and guests free of charge to the amusement parks and facilities in the region during the trial phase (see box) and which now also connects Soltau to the Heide shuttle lines. Just in time for the heather bloom in August and September last year, there were two new leisure bus routes in the area of ​​the nature park for the first time, financed by the districts of Harburg and Soltau-Fallingbostel and the communities involved. The Heide shuttle buses brought locals and guests comfortably from the traditional Heide locations directly to Oberhaverbeck and were very popular. At the opening in front of more than 60 guests, Ostermann reminded them that there had been numerous skeptics before the project began. Many people doubted the success of the Heide shuttle, but the concept worked, emphasized the district administrator. Last year passengers were counted in six weeks. In addition, the buses transported 1,800 bicycles, so Ostermann. In the meantime, many doubters have noticed that it was a mistake not to take part in the Heide Shuttle project. The district of Lüneburg has now set up the Lüne shuttle. However, this line, which connects to Heide-Shuttle 2, is chargeable. If you use the Heide shuttle buses, you can leave your wallet in your pocket. The buses run continuously every day of the week, including Sundays and public holidays. Overall, the Heide-Shuttles operate between the individual places in the opened Heide-Shuttle-Season: Heidekönigin Stefanie Treichel with her pages Niklas Hirsch (left) and Malin Ahrens (right) as well as Schneverdingens Mayor Fritz-Ulrich Kasch (2nd from left) .li.), Manfred Ostermann, District Administrator of the Soltau-Fallingbostel district (4th from left), and Joachim Bordt, District Administrator of the Harburg district. Time from around 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. - six to eight times a day. The Heide-Shuttle 1 runs as a ring line from Oberhaverbeck via Wintermoor, Schneverdingen, Bispingen, Behringen back to Oberhaverbeck. There you can also switch from ring 1 to ring 2 or vice versa. There is a connection to the Heidebahn at the train station in Schneverdingen. The Heide-Shuttle 2 also starts as a ring line in Oberhaverbeck. On the way of this tour, the villages Wintermoor, Welle, Handeloh, Egestorf, Döhle and Behringen are served before the bus reaches Oberhaverbeck again. There is also a connection to the Heidebahn on this ring, in this case at Handeloh train station. The new third ring line runs from the train station / central bus station (ZOB) in Buchholz / Nordheide via Bendestorf, Jesteburg, Hanstedt, Nindorf (wildlife park), Garlstorf, Salzhausen, Eyendorf, Egestorf, Undeloh and Wesel as well as Schierhorn and Sprötze back to the central bus station and train station in Buchholz. There is a good connection to the metronom and regional trains. From the bus stop in Oberhaverbeck, passengers can hike on numerous paths through the heathland. Of course, the bus also brings users from Oberhaverbeck back to their starting point. If you want, you can go through the nature reserve to another heath settlement along the route to get on the bus. The Heide-Shuttle also offers a special service for cyclists this season: All buses are equipped with special trailers that can hold up to 14 bikes. You can get on the bike at any of the Heide Shuttle stops. If groups of more than eight cyclists want to ride with them, they should register by telephone beforehand and let us know when and where they want to get on with their bikes. Registrations are accepted from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Bispingen-Touristik, phone (05194) 39850. In combination with the new adventure bus, which runs four times a day, we present our guests with a great offer, emphasized Ostermann. The success of the past year has shown that we do not have to be afraid that the Heide shuttle will not be accepted. The Harburg District Administrator Joachim Bordt hoped that we will now be able to bring marketing for the Lüneburg Heath under one roof. He was referring to the so-called Orlando initiative, which aims to make the heath known as an event and fun region across Europe. The point here is now to bring the private sector and the public sector together. We are in intensive talks, said Bordt, and hope to be able to report on a new successful model in another year. Colorful art in the context of SOLTAU-FALLINGBOSTEL. A new bus service will enable the residents and all guests of the Heidekreis from this Sunday to October 31st to reach the attractions and sights of the region comfortably and without their own car. The adventure bus from the Serengeti-Park in Hodenhagen and from Oberhaverbeck will cross the district four times a day, driving to all major amusement parks and many sights. There are also connections to the Heidebahn in Walsrode and Soltau. In Bispingen and Oberhaverbeck, users can change to the Heide-Shuttle. The large parks, the cities, municipalities and Bergstraße 2 along the route Soltau Summer Special 6 months for 0.- * Fitness studio 6 months fitness or 6 months courses 6 months sauna incl. Arrange trial training now !!! Only up to, limited number of participants! * from 18 months, plus starter set, only for new customers. To inquire about contract conditions in the studio. Cozy SCHNEVERDINGEN. A cozy afternoon with Hannelore Böhling is on the agenda at the Schneverdinger Kneipp Association on Tuesday, July 3rd. From 3 p.m. there will be coffee and cake in the rooms of the Association for the Care of People in Need, Verdener Straße 10, followed by games. Guests are welcome. For seniors CELLE. The Celle Seniors' Advisory Board of Post, Postbank and Telekom invites you to a hike through the Aller and Lachtewiesen on July 5th. The meeting point is the Pfennig Bridge at 2 p.m. Around clock, the participants come to the Parkstuben café. Adventure bus starts today Free ride to attractions and amusement parks In the morning SCHNEVERDINGEN. The Peter and Paul Congregation in Schneverdingen invites you to their first morning service this year on Sunday. The service begins at 8.30 a.m. at the open-air stage in Höpental, in bad weather in the Peter and Paul Church. Pastor Dieter Klingbeil will give the sermon, the trombone choir will take care of the musical composition. Introduction to SCHNEVERDINGEN. In a service on Sunday at 10 a.m. in the Peter and Paul Church in Schneverdingen, Pastor Dieter Klingbeil introduces the employees of the clothing store to their service and blesses them for this task. Manager Ute Backhaus will briefly provide information about the work of the clothing store. All municipalities and the district share the costs of the four-month trial operation, which amount to around euros. The district of Soltau-Fallingbostel has the highest density of amusement parks in Europe. But so far there have been no traffic connections between the individual parks. It is a bus line that we have long wanted together, said District Administrator Manfred Ostermann, explaining this first-time service. The offer is aimed at guests who spend several days in the district and day visitors who do not want to drive. Use is free of charge during the trial period until October 31 of this year. Timetables with an overview map are therefore available in the sun with cool prices! Trolley CAPRI 51 cm board luggage size Colors: black, red, marine RRP 34.95 19.95 BBQ-proof SOLTAU. The Soltau local association of the Social Association Germany (SoVD) invites you to its barbecue on July 28th from 2 p.m. on the barbecue area on Winsener Straße behind the riding arena in Soltau. Young and old, members and guests are welcome. The program includes games with small prizes to be won, as well as live music. The physical well-being is provided with grilled food as well as coffee and cake, whereby the Soltau Association of Soltau promises prices as they did ten years ago. Please register by calling (05191) 2747 or (05191) 2912. next in the tourist information, at the tourist offices, in the town halls and already on the Internet at and The adventure bus goes to the following stops: Hodenhagen: Serengeti-Park, Heerstraße; Walsrode: church square, train station, Bergstrasse, bird park; Benefeld: Walter-Christoph-Platz; Bomlitz: Industrial Park I; Bad Fallingbostel: Liethweg; Vierde: Gasthaus Heidepark; Dorfmark: Westendorfer Strasse; Soltau: train station, Am alten Stadtgraben, Unter den Linden, Einfrielingen, Heide-Park; Bispingen: Center-Parks, Kreissparkasse / Church, Snow Dome; Oberhaverbeck. The first tours start at 8:40 a.m., on Sundays and public holidays at 8:20 a.m. Trolley CAPRI 71 cm Colors: black, red, navy RRP 54.95 39.95 RRP 44.95 29.95 A group of children from the Sprachheilkindergarten of the Lebenshilfe Soltau recently presented a work of art to the Spielraumrunde of the city of Soltau. The art in the frame was created at the children's festival. Many small visitors contributed and created a colorful network of different materials, which is now in the entrance area of ​​the new town hall. The photo shows members of the game room of the town hall, employees of the Lebenshilfe, children of the speech therapy kindergarten and Soltau's city manager Christian Diemer (left). No forum MUNSTER. For tomorrow, Monday, a citizens' forum on the subject of community center in Munster was originally planned in Örtzestadt, as the HK has also announced. However, since the results and stocktaking of this project so far are not yet sufficient for such a meeting, the citizens' forum has been postponed for the time being, as the city of Munster has now announced. Trolley CAPRI 61 cm Colors: black, red, navy There is also a large selection of suitcases in different price ranges. Fashion for you & leather goods Marktstraße 17 Soltau

4 page 4 heide kurier WET WALLS, DAMP CELLAR? System solutions against moisture Careful root cause analysis Permanent moisture protection ISOTEC exterior and interior sealing ISOTEC - over 50x in Germany ISOTEC specialist company B. Eichhöfer Soltau: SCHNEVERDINGEN consultation hour. The next mayor's office hour in the town hall of Schneverdingen is on July 5th from 5 p.m. in room 100 of the town hall, Schulstrasse 3. If you are interested, we recommend that you register by phone at (05193). Housewives SOLTAU. The members of the Soltau local association of the German Housewives' Association meet on July 17th at 2 p.m. at the new Aldi car park for a 20-kilometer bike tour with a coffee break. Those who do not want to cycle can take one of the cars used to have a coffee. Registration is required by July 12th by calling (05191) 4435. For the back Tiring, but beautiful Hannes W. Mairinger has been directing the fate of the Heide-Park SOLTAU (mwi) for five years. With the Hotel Port Royal, which opened last Friday (see article in this issue), Heide-Park Soltau has opened up completely new perspectives for itself. And for managing director Hannes W. Mairinger himself, this project is certainly a milestone in his career, especially at a point in time that already allows a certain conclusion: Exactly five years ago, Mairinger officially took over the management - a task he still does has not been tired for a long time. After Heide-Park was sold to the British Tussauds Group at the end of 2001, the new owners had chosen Mairinger as managing director. At that time, however, he was still managing Damp-Touristik GmbH and could not say goodbye overnight: It took me about six months to properly hand over my old job, but from February to June 2002 I am already once or twice a week Been to Heide-Park, remembers Mairinger, who found his professional home in Northern Germany, but actually comes from Austria. The starting conditions that the 53-year-old found were not the worst: The strengths of the Heide-Park were an excellent organizational system, for the founder and previous owner Hans- Im Luhetalbad Bispingen the next eight-week aqua fitness course for the back begins on July 3rd. The prevention and rehabilitation sports trainer Martina Carstens teaches the participants exercises to improve or stabilize the functionality of the musculoskeletal system on Tuesdays from until clock. Regular back training is a good way of preventing and reducing back problems. Since the number of participants is limited, a binding registration is requested under the telephone number (05194) 2760. On July 1, 2002, Hannes W. Mairinger officially took over the management of Heide-Park Soltau. Jürgen Tiemann had taken care of, and it was created for the guests: This is a maintenance department of the highest quality, which Disney pray for us, but which at first glance would not have been a big deal for the well-being. In addition, the visitor did find a contribution.I found a team that had developed over the years and that Mairinger followed with Heide-Park as his park. In addition, the area offered a strategy: The rule applies: These measures have a long-term potential that Mairinger also recognized: Because of the big changes. That means, we either don't want to change yourself - or the flatness of the system, I saw options for further development - not set some ourselves. So sen either picked up on trends or decided only through new attractions, but also through the development ante: The opening of the Heide-Park for the active vari- additional target groups. And there were parks during the Advent season last year, holiday camps and hotels that gave the park the great opportunity to expand from a one-day destination to a resort. We have all of this up to the point of extension in order to develop new target groups - - all this work on a seasonal basis - today more or less: we bring additional guests out. Not only the leisure facility as such, but also more distant regions, from which overnight accommodations and others can also benefit, because we emphasize other campaigns such as so-called events, so for example, noticeably, the business is focused on the entire region - concerts, events and conferences For us, the Heide Park is a very good thing, then the local guides. But vice versa, it has also become a pillar of the brewery, according to the managing director. The basis for ho- can be used. Mairinger calls Solge infrastructure here, which was already prepared in winter liday camp and hotel, because after years of me and North German toy rope thermal baths as well as Snow Do processes, still a museum in Tiemann's time, but sees the need for additional all year round touring The Soltau Council gave the green light for these projects in 2000. rism offers. Not only does Heide Park rely on this interaction: The Mutschler Group has also added other rides, PE as an investor for a possible one, but, according to Mairinger, we have the knowledge that successful parks tau sees these connections - Factory- Outlet Center (FOC) in Sol - not just a series of and both companies have a corresponding cooperation attractions, but always a mix of entertainment, and that a contract for joint marketing is signed (HK reported). the visitor must feel comfortable. Service-related changes in particular contributed to the latter. In general, according to Mairinger, the way the Heide-Bahn-Zug did not serve the Heide tourism concept in the past few years was more just a ride, but rather the smell of a means of transport within the mothballs: We have a potential here like otherwise sel parks, A lot has happened in the catering industry. And in front of the Capitol, where we were in Northern Europe. But this diversity was not transported. The so-called Orlando Initiative should change this: By bundling forces, it will also be financially possible to appear uniformly and successfully advertise in the source markets where the guests come from. Politicians have also recognized such a necessity: it will not be long before we can take action. But it's not just about the presence in distant climes, as Mairinger makes clear: The Heide-Park needs and needs a face to the outside world here too. That's why I've always sought contact with the city, because we see ourselves as part of Soltau. We are an economic factor and we strive to further develop the park and thus also to secure and create jobs. In fact, the city has long recognized the economic and advertising potential of the park, and its image has improved considerably in recent years. Nevertheless: In addition to voices that generally criticize this type of leisure time, it is above all the neighboring Friedrichsecker who are at odds with the park. Mairinger said: We have done a great deal in terms of noise emissions in order to make positive progress here, although we know that we have not exceeded any limits. The consequences of this - such as the termination of the shooting range - cost us considerable pain. We have been in contact with the Friedrichseckers for a long time, and we want to continue talking to avoid discrepancies as early as possible. But even if both sides move closer to one another, there will probably be enough potential for conflict in the years to come. Regardless of this, Mairinger sees the future as positive: There are still many opportunities to expand and further develop the park. An important aspect is certainly also a changed trend among certain groups of guests: You have learned to visit the park, which means you know what is there. This has led to a large increase in the number of seniors who enjoy the beautiful grounds and enjoy watching others. This also means that the park has a large number of returning visitors. And to keep this up, guests have to leave the park with a smile. That this succeeds is also a postulate to our employees, who immediately receive the corresponding feedback from visitors for their services. That makes the job exhausting for us, but nice. MS group MUNSTER. The Munster MS group will meet on Thursday, July 5th, at 7 pm in the Health Forum of the Munsteraner Sonnen-Apotheke, Breloher Strasse 49. A representative of the Verden pension office will speak. For more information, call (05192) WALSRODE flea market. A large flea market is on the agenda for this Sunday, July 1st, in Walsrode. On the occasion of the shooting festival, registrations for the flea market in Eckernworth are also possible at short notice. Children can offer their treasures on a blanket without a stand fee. FASSBERG holiday pass. This year's holiday pass campaign will start soon in the community of Faßberg. The planning is as good as completed, the program is set. In the period from July 19 to August 29, there are a number of great promotions and offers for children and young people between the ages of six and 16. It starts on July 19 with the opening event at Double You. This is followed by activities such as a trip to the CAMPO-Arena in Anderten, a colorful afternoon with ASV Faßberg, games and fun with the Poitzen volunteer fire brigade, a trip to the Magic Park in Verden and much more. The events end on July 28th with the city park festival. The holiday passes can be purchased from tomorrow, Monday, July 2nd, in the Fassberg town hall, room 04. There are only a limited number of Holiday Passes available. Wheelchair pictures Wheelchair pictures have been exhibited in the Schneverdingen city library since last Friday and can be seen there during the usual opening times. As part of the Schneverdinger city festival, which this year had the motto integration, wheelchair pictures were produced under the direction of Claudia Hennings. Wheelchair users, the disabled, accident victims and residents of the Wiesentrift and Tannenhof had the opportunity to help create pictures. In addition, children and young people were allowed to sit in a wheelchair to learn that wheelchair users often have to struggle with insurmountable obstacles in everyday life. After the exhibition ends on August 10, the owners of the pictures have a week to pick up their works of art from the city library.

5 heide kurier Page 5 Small moorland offers from Monday, owner Martin Buchholz butcher's shop Partyservice Schlemmertreff Fresh quality through own slaughter Fresh Mett 100 g 0.44 Gastric brawn 100 g 0.79 Beef roulades - also ready-made and ready - kg 9.90 Mettwurst half and half 100 g 1.19 Potato salad 100 g 0.49 Many different grill items in stock for you! Soltau Marktstraße 35 Telephone (05191) Fax Connected to nature Exhibition in the Waldmühle Library The heather garden in Schneverdinger Höpen is now one more attraction: In addition to the 140 heather species, the heather city coat of arms and more than plants, there is now a small water landscape Stream, waterfall and the typical swamp and moorland areas have been added in miniature. Schneverdingen's Mayor Fritz-Ulrich Kasch (2nd from right) and First City Councilor Friedrich Heine (left) inaugurated the facility last Friday. City gardener Matthias Reimer (right) had the idea for the small water landscape for some time. Under his direction, the gardeners Torsten Blöcker, Hans-Peter von Frieling and the trainee Florian Große created the mini moor. In order to reduce costs, they used almost exclusively materials from natural sources such as field stones or clay, which they had gradually accumulated in the building yard. Typical plants such as cotton grass and bog heather can be found around the stream. A system with water was simply missing here, says Reimer. We hope that our city gardener has many more ideas like this, says Kasch happily. New President Hatred becomes love Peter Fischer gives Schneverdinger Lions lecture in the Waldmühle SOLTAU library. War and peace in marriage and the family will be dealt with in a lecture given by qualified pedagogue Dr. Rudolf Sanders will be at the Waldmühle Library in Soltau on Wednesday, July 4th at 8 p.m. It started with falling in love, big dreams and heaven on earth. If there are then disputes, some people have the idea of ​​wanting to give up everything and have to leave their partner. It often doesn't get better with a new partner, at least according to the statistics. In the lecture, frequent mistakes that are made when giving a lecture in the Soltauer Mit einer Mitlosen will first be pointed out. In addition, the library Waldmühle: Dr. Rudolf Sanders. I hope that almost every couple will not have a crisis together. Marriage, Family and Life Counseling Center Hagen-Iserlohn. It can only overcome it, but that it is precisely because of this that the relationship drives itself. Teaching and research activities in the area of ​​marriage counseling and change of government: President Peter Fischer, club secretary Jochen can even improve significantly. Johannsen and Past President Klaus Fischer vom Schneverdinger Haß become love, war becomes peace. The partner school is the Al Couples Therapy and is the editor of the Lions Club. of the specialist journal Beratung Aktuell. Dr. Sanders was already two alternative models to separation and SCHNEVERDINGEN. Change of government in the Lions club in the new Lions year due to club relationship problems. Better with Peter Fischer announced that he was going to divorce as a problem solution for years with a lecture on the subject of Triple-P in the Waldmühle in Schneverdingen: President Klaus Fischer has been invited to one year, who will deal with the subject with a new is the evenings of well-known speakers, something new for their old partner, as a guest. given office. His successor is also called Fischer: The contributions should keep. since 1991 head of the catholic es in the library, Mühlenweg 4. Payable energy for the future ahead of the motto. Dr. Rudolf Sanders gives tickets for the evening of the lecture. Members of the Lions Club unanimously elected Peter Fischer from the winter bog as the new boss. Focus on energy pass The new first Vice President was Dieter Möhrmann, the new second Vice President was Dr. Christoph Riechert. Jochen Johannsen remains club secretary. Annual general meeting at Haus & Grund Soltau Also Rudolf Röhrs from Heber, treasurer since the club was founded at SOLTAU. The focus of the annual general meeting of members of the house was helpful tips on how to prepare for the September 30, 2008 extended work- For the energy pass, they received ID for nine months until 1993, Matthias Witte as activity officer and club master Ernst & Grund Soltau, the most recent in the hotel Meyn went through the stage, especially with regard to technical, that the more expensive requirement identification will be due to its introduction in 2008. Not until October 1, 2008, Hautau will remain in office, as the principle of rotation does not apply to them. The topic of energy pass was at. commercial and legal for older and smaller buildings a small celebration in the restaurant. Jochen Rothardt German Horst, State Chairman of Aspects. Speaker Dr. Hans Reinhold compulsory. Ramster looked at Klaus Fischer, who was still on the board for a year as if the association was in good shape, but it was all due to lawyer and proven Haus & Grund Lower Saxony, the association chairman dedicated himself in particular to the Wirt-Past president, on successful activities of the Lions back, give in to recruiting young members. Expert, traced the latest developments on the subject. social problems of the energy pass, its effects on the faithful to their motto We serve In the upcoming board elections, the members (We serve) help where the social network has a hole. In the Lions of the committee - in addition to Rothardt deputy chairman of the energy pass, also after inter-dealings within apartments von Haus & Grund Niedersachsen put more weight on the community of owners by six months each. Particularly the Schneverdinger Tafel when purchasing a van, towards Steinke - unanimously confirmed. according to the age of the building on the 1st finding that an energetic Romalsky and treasurer Juer- also sponsored projects of the cultural association and the elderly and care- In his annual report let red- has been extended. Only then will the house be of the best possible quality. July 2008 and January 1st, 2009 the best prepared and renovated secret Tannenhof. Furthermore, they participated in the worldwide, regional association as well as in the local the association can achieve that for the value development of their own hardt the event in central and the identification is compulsory. I also achieved wise in the energy pass. Let this pass in review for the common struggle of all Lions clubs association. He addressed the current inheritance tax discussion in particular about the freedom to choose between the cheaper consumer card and market value and the rental level of real estate in the areas of counteracting the millionfold blindness. the more expensive demand-oriented of decisive by cataract. Importance. The hot summer price for 1st / day (31st / July) in the Vitadrom Fitness in the Soltau Therme SOLTAU. An exhibition by the artist PASA will be opening the Mayor of Soltau, Wilhelm Ruhkopf, on Tuesday, July 3rd, at 7 p.m. in the Waldmühle Library in Soltau. Johanna Buchholz (vocals) and Sandra Hartmann (piano) provide the musical framework. Franziska Geier, born Reisewitz, hides behind the stage name PASA, who was born and raised in Soltau. Even as a child she liked to paint and discovered her love for art at an early age. After finishing school, she began state training in art and design in Hildesheim, which she had to end prematurely for health reasons. In the past few years Franziska Geier concentrated only on a few colors in her pictures in order to better work out their specific power and effect. One of the main focuses is on their images of the soul. In more recent works, the artist also uses natural materials such as feathers, tree bark, stones and shells, which she integrates into her works like collages. Another focus of work is commissioned work. The exhibition in the Waldmühle Library, Mühlenweg 4, runs until July 14th. Pictures by the artist PASA alias Franziska Geier can be seen in the Waldmühle library from next Tuesday. train and take part in all courses without a contract. Telephone () Mühlenweg Soltau

6 Page 6 heide kurier lokalsport girls 'soccer The team from TSV Wietzendorf was the only team from the district of Soltau Fallingbostel to take part in the girls' soccer day in Salzhausen. The youngsters from the Wietze did considerably well in the qualifying round and achieved fourth place in Group B with one win, two draws and two defeats. However, that was not enough to qualify for the main round. The places four to six of the two qualification groups, however, still played out the ranks seven to twelve. With dwindling strength with three draws and two defeats, the Wietzendorf women only made 11th place. Supervisor Andreas von Geyso particularly praised the defense with keeper Leonie Grimsel, Jana Wiese, Pauline Charlet and Jessica Kroll. The tournament winner was VfL Lüneburg. As early as July 8th, the Wietzendorf women have to work again: as representatives of the district at the district championship in Reppenstedt. Two 1st places triathletes in Bad Bederkesa successful duels. After 2000 meters, Bernd Lindhorst (30.30 minutes) was the first to emerge from the bog water of the Geeste Canal, followed by Stefan Winning (35.34 minutes), Andreas Bernstein (39.05 minutes) and Uwe Schulz (43.04 minutes). ). In the rain and stormy gusts, Schulz set out to pursue his age group colleagues. At 40 km he overtook Bernstein, at 60 km Winning and at 80 km, six kilometers from the bike destination, and finally Lindhorst. Schulz and Lindhorst ran almost equally fast in 1:30; 25 and 1:30; 29 hours the final 20 kilometers to 3rd and 5th place in the TM 40 (final times 4:43; 09 hours and 4:44; 53 hours) . Bernstein (4: 48; 33) and Winning (5: 06; 26) came in 6th and 8th. Norbert Knebel showed no weaknesses, Uwe Schulz swam. good (39.37 min.), drove solidly (2:45; 16) and finally ran (1:40; 01) to SOLTAU-FALLINGBOSTEL.In a never endangered victory in the state championship in the middle triathlon over 2000 meters swimming TM 50 (total time (5: 04; 56) men, 86 kilometers cycling and 20 kilometers of running early out of the water in Bad Bederkesa (38.08 minutes) Seven triathletes from Bernd Wyrowski on the bike and the Norkreis also competed in. They took two 1st places and two 3rd places, 5: 27; 31 hours, 3rd place in the run in the total time of In the TM 40 was part of the TM 55. Günter Jaschinski had a tough time in the national championship between Uwe, but Schulz (Tria HK), Bernd Lindhorst ultimately secured the national championship title in the (SSC), Andreas, in 5:46; 31 hours Bernstein (Tria HK) and Stefan Winning (SSC) are interested in TM 65th board elected TV Jahn defends DM place Fistball players take two wins and stay with Ahlhorn SCHNEVERDINGEN. TV Jahn landed in the fistball Bundesliga last season - Ina Pannewig di e entire defense, Schneverdingen te, fails. The fans of the Heidjerinnen could experience, however, that in addition to a clear 2-0 against the bottom of the table Selsingen, a new formation was also on the important 2-1 win against the post. Inevitably, the immediate competitor Moslesfehn ran and is now sole Vernoch, with the cover not everything went smoothly, the successor of the championship leader Ahlhorn. work to be fully satisfied. Sonja Steinke is since her return to the slow but sure the team is taking on a great support, new addition to the table of the fistball Bundesliga. Ahlhorn, Schne- Anja Reimer grows with their task and Katja Glombitza on the verdingen and Moslesfehn have played a good position to set themselves apart from the rest of the field, game. There was little to complain about Voerde and Bademeusel make up the attack performance of the TV midfield, the other teams play more or less Jahn. Laura Marofke seems to have overcome her low form and against relegation. Ahlhorn seems to have made a stable impression again. Janine Mertsch was to be approached as a sure relay victory, behind the TV main attacker the head of Jahn has the best prospects for the DM team and showed leadership qualities. In this condition, Sonja Steinke has been a great support since her return to the team. Participation. With home wins against Bademeusel, Voerde has given the team their chances of an expected tough opponent in a new line-up. Since the TV set dominated the TV Jahn and Blumenthal reported back and switched to a DM place. Being able to keep at the DM-Platz. Jahn attack not flawless at the beginning had this firmly under control, since he sees the bottom of the table not yet played hopefully for Düdenbüttel and Selsingen, Moslesfehn was able to take advantage of a gap in the opponent. In the opening encounter against constant leadership out without at 20:16, the points went to the pointless, because Berlin and Blumenthal can still be intercepted Selsingen, the interaction was operating under great nervous pressure. Schneverdingerinnen, who were still a bit bumpy, consolidated themselves. The hosts, however, put away at 15:20, considered themselves and confidently set themselves in the table in front of Moslesfehn. then, however, and after a new cover formation, the TV Jahn introduced itself, there with Kir- 20:10 in the second set. Moslesfehn turned the tables despite being able to do so from time to time. There Voerde and Dü mühsamen are 20:16 for a clearly on fighting virtues and the first game day in Düdenbüttel are Meyerhoff, Simone Röhrs and in the important second game they were behind at 20:15. In the third denbüttel the opponents. Meyer and Heckendorf win the Audi Winkelmann Cup at the Soltau SOLTAU Golf Club. With 80 participants, the Hof Loh golf course of the Soltau Golf Club was recently sold out for the cannon start game mode at the Audi Winkelmann Cup. Due to the large number of participants, two 4-person flights had to start one after the other on two lanes in order to be able to consider all starters. The tournament was not only about high-quality material prizes, but also about qualifying for the German finals in the golf mecca of Bad Griesbach. A foursome was played with a selection drift: Both players on a team tee off, then choose a ball that they then alternately play further into the hole. The golfers achieved excellent results in warm and occasionally sunny weather. The special prizes Nearest to the pin were won by Kerstin Fieser for women and Bernd Ingendahl for men. Irmgard Volmerhause reached the longest drive for women and Axel Baumbach for men. The Audi Cup tournament is a tournament series that is played all over the world. The world finals will take place in Mexico this year. The event is a purely net tournament. The gross winner receives a souvenir prize, but non-cash prizes only go to the net winners one to eight. Stefan Kalfier and Ralph Kämmerer played the best golf with 29 gross and 39 net points. Since this tournament exceptionally applies net before gross, Gerd Ziehlke and Manfred Schulze received the commemorative prize with 23 gross points, although they were only fifth in the rating because all pairings placed before them secured net prices. The winner of the knot has burst MTV hockey boys have caught up The winners of the Audi Winkelmann Cup, in which a total of 80 golfers competed. Michael Gerhard and Willi Schuldt, who had also achieved 41 points, were given a net score in Ste-Meyer and Jan Heckendorf with 51 net points, but they were defeated for the little one. Qualified German finals followed. Klaus Stapel and Inge Ellerbrock- Both already had the Heide-Stapel with 40 points. Won sixth of the Masters. Stefan Kalfier and Ralph Kämmerer finished second in the net ranking ahead of Dirk Andreas Brandes and Ralf Kirstein with 42 net points, ahead of Niels and Seidewítz and Andreas Schulz, Hans Joachim Hub with 41 points. followed by Silke Thorey-Elbers and fourth place went to Conrad Edgar Thorey. New tracksuits SOLTAU. Already for several place. At the most recent home game, the teams apparently broke the knot. The hockey department of MTV Soltau in Soltau won against Eintracht Lower Saxony Hockey Association Braunschweig and even fought (NHV) to hunt for points. In the ver to the 2nd place. The boys of the past were mainly the younger MTV Eintracht Celle, the older teams of the MTV relegated the Böhmestädter to 3rd place with an established team from the association Tor Vorsprung. The inferior. Last year the superior guests of the DHC Han- This year's association day of the district professional association Judo was recently especially for the boys C nover left no team in the Soltau brewery on the program. Ten of the eleven clubs were tough because they had a chance in the games and were represented confidently by those in charge. After relieving the old foregoing, often losing sight of it. In the current winner. We want the positive status, the new board was elected. This is now made up of ellen field season, the Kna trend now appear at the next tournament. The F2 footballers recently welcomed the first chairman Helmut Rueter (right), but treasurer Andrea Morben of MTV Soltau about new tracksuits. Continue on July 7th in Bremen-Horn, the SG BHS. The new outfit was donated by the Bispinger company Waltner awietz-lühr (2nd from left), the youth sportsmen Stefan Nolte (left) and Gaby, who played Jan-Torben Breßgott, optics coach. The photo shows sponsor Heiko Waltner (2nd from right) with the responsible Bruhn (3rd from left) and press attendant Claudia Wiese (4th from left) together. mostly around the third or fourth Soltau hockey boy. verbatim from the team and the young BHS kickers.

7 heide kurier Page 7 local sport Ironman completed in Roth Athletes from the Heidekreis triathlon club start over the long distance SOLTAU-FALLINGBOSTEL. Five in 6:24:18 and an active member of the Heidekreis triathlon club was able to start the second, hoped for less than eight hours, like the weekend in the Challenge Triathlon over the Ironman distance (3.8 she ran with a kilometer average marathon. This started through - Kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling, marathon run) but had to eat between 6 and 6.30 minutes, Franconian Roth. With a total of 2,500 individual starters and 1,500 relay participants, this is the 4:49:56 worldwide. With the total time of drinking. Therefore, she needed the largest triathlon event at 12:45:17 and she reached 5th place in the long distance. At the same time, the German championship in the W 50th was dry ground for all age groups under which Dirk Sauer had after 1:16:39 as-feet. He rode almost the same cycling time as Ingrid Alvermann-Buhr Dirk Sauer and Ingrid Alvermann-Buhr mastered the entire route as individual starters. Carsten half of the marathon was still good (6:24:56), the first head, Dr. Peter Buhr and Thomas fen, but had to start in the second Begemann as a relay. Take half a walk. He Ingrid Alvermann-Buhr aimed to complete the marathon in 5:44:41 Thomas Begemann, Dirk Sauer, Ingrid Alvermann-Buhr, Dr. Peter Buhr time under 13 hours. With her and was in the total time by and Carsten Kopf (from left). Swimming time of 1:23:17 was 13:45:59 hours 449th of the M40. In not satisfied, this time was similar to the relay ranking. The stig jumped in for Anne Putensen while cycling, he went through four hours (3:59:28). In the marathon, as expected, just under a very quick change to Heide Geister a place in the midfield. Carsten Kopf drove the 180 kilometers averaged total time of 11:28:40. She drove the bike course at an average of 28 kilometers per hour 1:22:54. Dr. Peter Buhr was short-term- Thomas Begemann went through the relay ranking. swam the 3.8 kilometers at a rate of 30 kilometers per hour (6:02:54). The Heidjer took 223rd place in the three times 1st place athletes from the northern district in the traditional city run Fit for the holidays kick-off event of SV Munster MUNSTER. Fit for the holidays, especially for children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, is the name of an event organized by SV Munster, to which the sports club will give parts of society who participate for the first time on Saturday the 7th access to active sport. For July, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the all-weather pool in Munster. The first fit for the holiday event was a special On a total of eight inflatable play and fun devices, the guests and the pupils of the Pestalozzi School were invited to some impressive Munster. The new chairman of the SV in Munster, children and young people can let off steam with this new event Munster, Alfred Mangold, hopes to shake off the stress at school. Parents and grandparents and pupils in Munster before the big holidays, all students are of course also to be addressed and one is welcome. The partner of the event is to be able to establish the all-weather swimming pool. Sustainability-oriented Munster, which on this day is not supposed to give visitors free entry to the indoor and outdoor areas of its swimming pool. Fit für die Ferien is an event for and new founders who advertise in their youth foundation of the SV Munster, Art in the district, unique non-profit foundation that has set itself the goal of promoting. Angelika Anton from MTV Soltau cycled for five days with a shot put. SOLTAU. Five athletes from the MTV German senior championships on the Jahnkampfbahn in Ham-Soltau as well as an athlete from MTV Bispingen started last weekend in the north, especially at the first castle. Penalty shootouts made Germany's best shooters wanted SCHNEVERDINGEN. In Germany the soccer euphoria is growing. Am Osterwald "is entitled to continue to feel after the great world championship. With a non-active over the national league every player from 16 years of age, the extraordinary event that the company teamwork mines and the host plays. Information on the event management in Cooperation with many partners Internet at the address ten interested parties can now be kicked as much as possible. Nationwide, more than 500 qualified sports clubs have already registered in the preliminary round decision, which is organized by various sports clubs, to participate in the Germany’s biggest penalty competition, the five best shooters will be there for the intermediate round. The winners of Germany are looking for a total penalty award. In this one can be from euros. A preliminary round event is on July 7th, the players will once again show what's in them stuck, because again directed by TV Jahn Schnever things on the sports facility in only the five best shooters advance, move into those of the heather city on the final round. In the final, the one in the program. October of this year at the The respective clubs organize the preliminary round on their own, finally showing which game program is on, will then be poured out. Pre-registrations will be in Germany's penalty kings Schneverdinger Sportlerheim. kampftag constantly occurring meter rank 3. To create a further third rank for the senior citizens of the MTV rain showers considerably. In many disciplines, the participation in the discus throw of the Soltau age group at these championships left a lot to be desired by Susanne Carls. Both Dr. Rainer Anton push reached 6.76 meters to rank W70 with 15.23 meters. In the Kugel- from MTV Soltau as the winner of the M55 4. Also twice at the start over 100 meter hurdles in 16.88 went the only starter of the MTV seconds as well as his club mate Arndt Brümmerhoff as winner- the best placement was achieved by Holste in Bispingen, Heinrich Holste . His ger the M35 in the long jump with 5.49 discus throw in the M70 age group with meters each unrivaled at 30.06 meters, which meant fourth place. In the M70 he took 1st place in hammer throw with 33.59 meters 5th place. Angelika Anton from MTV Soltau had significantly stronger competition when she competed in three competitions in the senior Carls from MTV Soltau. In the Seniors M50, Rolf went class W40. Apply with your first application at the start. His best attempt in the shot put left her place with fourth place competition with 11.76 meters and won the with 39.92 meters in the javelin throw and 28.67 meters in the hammer throw. Title of the North German Champion. he finished 5th. In the discus throw he missed with 27.13 meters. Not entirely satisfied despite second place, she was 11th in the javelin throwing of the best 41.20 meters. Also rank 2 eight participants. Arndt Brümmerhoff took her in hammer throwing, and in addition to his start in her second best season of long jump, she also completed the .97 meters. Despite an unsatisfactory 32.76 th, she finished in the discus throw in 12.63 seconds in the senior M35 meter. Here occupied and 6th place SOLTAU-FALLINGBOSTEL. At ve of the Heidekreis triathlon club. the triathlon state championship Uwe Schulz showed good performances over the middle distance (two kilometers swimming, 86 kilometers cycling - was third in 4:43:09 the TM 40th on the bike and while running and driving, 20 kilometers running) in Bad Andreas Bernstein reached in the TM Bederkesa two participants also started 40 in 6th place in 4:48:33. Jerseys from Schalke The F-Jugend-Kicker of ASV Faßberg recently played in new jerseys in the final for the group victory in the 1st district class North against TuS Hermannsburg. The new outfit was made available to the Faßbergers by Bundesliga soccer club FC Schalke 04. Despite the chic outfit, the Fassbergers lost the game, TuS Hermannsburg deservedly won 4: 1. Ten men from the Powerman des Breloher SC group recently went on a five-day bike ride. The active cyclists cycled 250 kilometers along the Elbe, from Bad Schandau to Wittenberg. The journey there and back was made by train and the night was spent in youth hostels. Frank Schade brought the bikes to the starting point. After the steepest part of the tour had been mastered in Bad Schandau, the Königstein Fortress was visited. Then it went past the bastion and after a detour to the castle in Pirna on to Dresden. After visiting the Frauenkirche, the power men cycled the next day via Radebeul, Meißen and Riesa to Strehla. There they stayed in an old windmill building. On the fourth day the tour led via Belgern and Torgau to Pretzsch. Finally, the Heidjer drove via Elster to Wittenberg. After a city tour and a visit to the castle church, we went back to Munster by train. The picture shows the participants of the tour: Frank Schade, Andrè Battel, Manfred Ernst, Thomas Blaser, Gerd Kühn, Günter Brodowski, Manfred Hehn, Peter Bergmann, Dietmar Wessel, Peter Mieruch and Horst Böhm. Qualification missed Fistball youth fail at LM SCHNEVERDINGEN. The Bardowick (14:15, 11: 9, 4:11). Team of the TV Jahn Schneverdingen has 6:11 against the favorite Ahlhorn in the fistball race Because the Jahnlerinnen kept up well with the women in the 8:11 championship, they should give up the big chance against Essel Jugend 14, with a better view of it also looking for a plus. In the first sentence the result is the very possible victory. However, this was to achieve qualification for the northern championship. In the end the Heidjerinnenman in the end carelessly gave away because the Heideblütenstädter women agreed after two settlements and did not lose the first set phase with setbacks and three defeats with 11:13. A close only fourth place. National champion was the TSV Essel hopes of the Jahn troop.At 10:12 in the second sentence the buried in front of Ahlhorn and Bardowick. TV- also changed the subsequent victories against Wardenburg Jahn supervisor Petra Neppert mourned the many opportunities (11: 8, 11: 7) and Brettorf (6:11, which her team had given away, especially in the attack. Final score. 11: 5 The tight results show that TV Jahn played with Carolin that with consistent play, Christoph, Zorica Marijanovic, would have been more in it. In which direction the Maureen Steinert, Kristin Eggert, Louisa Neppert, Lina Schröder, journey would go on that day, Chantal Heins and Theresa already showed the lost opening game against Schröder.