Did you hate high school?

Translation of "before you hated me" in english

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But don't forget you loved me once before you hated me.
But don't forget that you loved me before you hated me.

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The fact is that you hated me.
Because you hated mewhen I was working in the gray area.
I'm sure there were times when you hated me...
That that's why you hated me.
It's so weird to think of that you hated me.
You know there was a rumor that you hated me.
Back in high school you hated me.
And? I imagine how you hated me must have.
I can imagine how you must have hated me, how you still hate me.
If you hated me it would have been easy for you to kill me last night
If you hated me, you could've finished me off the other night.
When you found out about this from Clem did you hate meright?
And I know you got the headline in the paper hated.
And I know you hated the headline in the newspaper.
We both know you're my husband hated.
We both know you hated my husband.
Well, after the divorce she did hated me.
I thought the guy did hated me.
But the word in their law should be fulfilled: they have no reason hated me.
But this comes to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.
I feel hated me in this city.
The point is you hated me.
If you like the meat industry hatedI'm sorry.
If you hated the meat business so much for 20 years ...
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