How is our life incomplete without humanity

How the smartphone changed our lives

With all the not unproblematic side effects, the smartphone still offers us unbeatable, unprecedented advantages that are constantly fueling the entire smartphone epidemic. It shortens annoying waiting times, delivers music, literature and entertainment at the push of a button, keeps us up to date on current events, navigates us on the fastest route to our destination, reminds us of birthdays and appointments, makes everyday life easier, answers urgent questions within seconds connects us with loved ones far away. Most importantly: It also enables us to get help quickly in emergency situations; Location functions can find missing people or objects; and affected people can also be warned as early as possible of storms or terrorism using their smartphones.

One thing is certain: for most of us, the smartphone is a constant companion and we also know why. However, not everything we want is unconditionally good for us. The long-term consequences of our smartphone life cannot yet be foreseen, but certain negative influences are already obvious. Let's not forget to pause and take a deep breath and do nothing in the here and now. It won't hurt, I promise;)

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