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Your game app idea

At the beginning of the development of every game app there is the idea for it. Your own conviction that the idea for a game app will definitely be successful is often a problem, because it remains uncertain whether you can convince others with your idea. It is often difficult to assess whether the game app will be successful on the market and whether the desired number of downloads and profits will be achieved with the application. But there are some indicators that you should use as a guide in order to create the most successful game app possible.

For one thing, your app should be innovative and offer something new and exciting to the market that will make you stand out Stand out from the competition can. Even if it often looks as if every type of game has already been developed for the smartphone, there are new top games to be found in the app stores year after year, which keep coming up with new ideas and functions. You won't achieve much with an exact copy of an already successful game, because users will always prefer to play the original rather than a copy that was only developed afterwards. So either you come up with a completely new game idea or you can be inspired by already successful game concepts. The basic principle of the game remains the same but is enhanced by your own ideas and new functions. This trend can currently be seen in the so-called "Battle Royale" games. There are several successful games such as Fortnite, PUBG or Apex Legends, which all have the same basic principle but differ from one another unique game mechanics distinguish. So the wheel does not have to be reinvented in the field of mobile gaming either. Another way to come up with a good game app idea is to look at old successful games and think about how they could be successful again today. Because many users like to play "classics" and would certainly also install these refreshed versions on their smartphones.

So that your game gets a high Replayability above all, it should be visually appealing, as it stays in the memory and doesn't get boring easily. Which style is chosen depends on the game and personal preferences, but many mobile games rely on a comic style or on very minimalist design elements. With the ever better hardware, mobile phone games can now also be created with realistic graphics, so there are almost no limits in terms of design. With this aspect, too, it remains important to stand out from the crowd. For that you should get one Design concept for your game, which runs through the whole game.

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Suitable developers for your project

After the idea for a game app has been worked out, you of course need skilled developers to program the app. So that your app is unique and contains all the functions you imagine, it is best to have your game app from one professional development team create. Because a game app requires a lot more experience and know-how in a specialist area than creating a "normal app". We therefore recommend that you use development teams who already have experience in programming mobile games.

Only when you seriously think about the development of your game app do you realize that a lot more things have to be programmed and created than expected. In addition to the design, there are also music, sound effects and animations. In most cases, it is impossible to create this yourself, unless you already have enormous experience in programming and designing mobile games. In addition, seasoned game developers can help you enormously with the precise design of your game; they not only program the game for you, but also pass on their expertise and help you to make important decisions. This will maximize the potential of your game and make it a best possible gaming experience created. Because professional game developers are also very familiar with the area of ​​user experience and know the functions and game mechanics with which they can inspire users.

Now of course the big question arises: How do I find a suitable developer for my game app? In order to find the right technical team for your development, you should above all else Reference projects of the development team and analyze them in detail. Because practical experience is extremely important when programming mobile games and developers should already have a certain portfolio of game apps. It is important to make sure that the developers have already created similar games or projects. These should then be checked and tested in the App Store, so you get a good overview and can view public reviews and criticism of the games. In addition to the appropriate expertise in programming, it is also important that the development team can implement your ideas regarding the design. So pay attention to the graphics of the already programmed game apps or look explicitly for the developers of games that you like visually.

Despite these criteria, the choice of the developer is always an extremely difficult and important decision that often cannot be made easily. Our experts from itPortal24 will be happy to help you with this. We have already gained a lot of experience with various game app developers and know which teams or agencies best suit your idea. We would be happy to advise you without obligation and free of charge on the subject of games apps.

Technology to create your mobile game

As with “normal applications”, there are also apps for games different technologies, programming languages ​​or frameworkswhich can be used to create. The type of game app plays a major role in choosing the right technology, because the technologies enable different functions and also have an enormous influence on the performance and usability of the game. So it makes no sense to use a very extensive, expensive technology if the same project can be programmed more easily and cheaply with another technology. We would like to give you a brief overview of the most commonly used technologies for game app creation so that you can assess for yourself which is best for your project.


This game engine is the most widely used and it can be used extremely high-quality and high-performance game apps create. This very comprehensive tool is ideal for creating games for Android and iOS, but also for any other operating system and even for computers and consoles. Both 2D and 3D games can be created for smartphones with Unity. The programming languages ​​C ++ and C # are used here. Unity already has many built-in mechanisms that can be used to create certain mechanics and gameplay. These functions can be extended by so-called scripts; these are written specifically for the desired application options. An experienced programmer can add any new logic to the game. In order to be able to program with Unity Mobile Games for iOS and Android, a Pro license is required, which is around 1500 € costs and is set per person. So you save costs if you hire a developer who already has such licenses and you don't have to purchase them yourself. The success of Unity shows that the tool is suitable for all types of game apps, because the app stores contain over 400 million games that were created with Unity. This also includes very well-known and successful mobile games such as Hearthstone, Angry Birds 2 or Bloons TD 6.

HTML5 and native development

Classic app too Programming languages such as HTML5, Java or swift can be used to create a game app. These have the advantage that most development teams have already gained more experience with them and have better expertise.
HTML5 also offers many advantages for game apps, the game only needs to be programmed once and can be used on all mobile devices. This saves a lot of time and money in programming and subsequent testing. However, not so extensive and complicated functions can be programmed with HTML5, and the game app can then not access all hardware of the mobile device. This makes HTML5 a cheap and easy alternative for simple game apps.
The native languages ​​like Java or swift also offer the well-known advantages when developing game apps. With the native development it is possible to access all hardware of the mobile end devices, this enables, for example, the use of GPS, gyroscope or the camera. These functions are essential for many games such as Pokémon Go. As a result, the performance of the game apps is better, which gives the user a better and smoother gaming experience guaranteed. It is also possible to integrate better graphics and complex effects in the game. The usability is significantly better with native development than with development with HTML5. However, this also incurs higher costs, as the game app has to be programmed for several operating systems so that it is also available on every mobile device. Because applications for iOS are written in swift and apps for Android in Java, these programming languages ​​cannot simply be converted into one another. If you'd like to learn more about the different programming languages, feel free to read our article on the different ones "Development types of an app"

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Monetization strategies

The goal behind creating a game app is in most cases to earn money with it. The app should reintroduce the investments made at the beginning and continue to generate profit in the future. Here there is 5 different optionshow to monetize your app. A professional development team will help you to find the right monetization strategy for your game and to implement it. We would like to briefly introduce you to the following options:

  • Ad-supported app: This is probably the most widespread and well-known form of monetization of apps. Here, advertising banners are displayed on parts of the display in the game app. For every advertisement that is displayed and for every advertisement you click, you receive small amounts of money, which add up over time due to a high number of users. Your app is made available for download free of charge.
  • Paid app: Another classic monetization of apps, your game app is offered for a fee in the app stores. Users have to buy your mobile game directly before they can install it. This is a major obstacle for many users as the game cannot be tested. Most game apps cost between € 0.99 and € 4.99, of which you only get around 70% because you have to pay fees to the app stores.
  • Freemium App: Consists of Free and Premium. You offer your app in a free basic version for download, but this can be upgraded to a premium version for a fee. This then contains more functions, content or no advertising. The advantage of this strategy is that users can download and test the app for free. Nevertheless, on average only around 2% of users decide to buy the premium version.
  • In-app purchases: This is a very popular strategy in mobile games. Your app is basically free of charge, but users can activate different areas, packages or functions by paying. A good example of this are extra lives in "Candy Crush", which you can buy in the app for € 0.99. It is based on the fact that the users are spontaneously willing to pay small amounts in order to be able to continue playing. Apps with in-app purchases are marked as such in the app stores.
  • In-game currency: Another very popular model in game apps. This enables players to play the game faster or easier with real money and to achieve desired goals without further ado. Users can buy virtual gold coins, diamonds or other currencies that match the game and then use them in the game. A classic example of this is "Clash of Clans", in this game you can buy jewels and thus finish your buildings faster. It is important with this strategy that the advantages of the in-game currency can only be achieved through this currency and that the advantage cannot be obtained through "normal play". This encourages users to invest in the game as there is no other way to get these benefits. The profit margin is one of the largest with this strategy, as individual transactions can cost from just € 1 to € 150 and the success of games with in-game currency speaks for itself. When integrating such currencies, you must carefully examine the legal requirements and regulations on the subject of gambling. It gets even more complicated if you want to offer your app in different countries with different legal situations. Here, too, it is worth consulting a professional mobile game developer, who is very familiar with the various hurdles through reference projects.

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Publication in the app stores

In order to be able to generate as many downloads as possible and thus as much sales as possible with your app, you should use the various App platforms to offer. For all Android devices, the apps can be used in Google Play Store available for download or purchase. For all Apple devices this is the Apple App Store. In addition, there are often their own in-house app platforms, at least on Android devices. You can also offer your app in the Samsung Galaxy Store or in the Huawei AppGallery. But third-party companies such as Amazon (Amazon Appstore) now have their own app platforms and make apps available there. Basically, it is completely sufficient to offer your game app in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store, since these are the largest stores and are preinstalled on every smartphone anyway.

If you want to offer your game app in the app stores mentioned, you have to pay a certain fee, which is relatively small compared to the possible profit. To publish in the Apple App Store, you have to register with Apple as an app developer and then purchase a developer license, which costs € 79 per year in Germany. For a release in the Google Play Store, you have to pay a one-time registration fee of around € 25 to Google. Before you can do this, however, your mobile game must first be checked by Apple or Google and recognized as permissible. For that, your game needs everyone Guidelines subject, only a minor violation can postpone the release date. The guidelines contain rules on content, data protection, family friendliness and monetization. It is best to read the exact guidelines on the company's homepages. Even with this hurdle, a professional development team can help you without any problems, or your game app will definitely be created in compliance with the guidelines so that you don't have to worry about it yourself.

If you are faced with the decision to create your own game app or have it programmed, then our article is on the subject "Have the app programmed - advantages" right for you.


If you have a brilliant idea for a game app and are not only convinced of it yourself, but can also get others excited about the idea, you should create your game app. To program and design your mobile game, you should hire an experienced team of developers with certain game reference projects. Because in a game for the smartphone, many more aspects such as game mechanics, animations, sounds, music and much more have to be created. Experience and the right know-how are extremely important for this, so that the future players have a good user experience and the game is a success. What exactly your game has to be able to do in order to become a hit with many downloads is unfortunately not easy to say.However, you should make sure that your game is original and innovative and not a cheap copy of an already successful game, because every user prefers to play the original. This is the only way your app will be used by many and you can earn money with your game app with various monetization strategies. In order to reach as many users as possible with your game app, you should publish it on the various app platforms such as the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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