Why do people open restaurants

How to successfully open your own restaurant

Once you have worked out your unique selling proposition, certain requirements must be met before you can start a business in the catering trade. An official permit alone is not enough to successfully open a restaurant. Ideally, you should have previous knowledge of the catering trade, such as training as a chef or in a restaurant business. It is also important that you have commercial knowledge - or have someone on hand to support you with price calculation and bookkeeping.

Requirement: restaurant permit

If you want to offer alcoholic beverages, a so-called restaurant permit or restaurant license is required so that you can open your restaurant. You can apply for this at the responsible trade office. The granting of the permit depends on the following factors:

  • Personal reliability: To assess your personal reliability, you must submit an official certificate of good conduct, an extract from the central trade register and clearance certificates from the tax office and the trade tax authority.
  • professional suitability: In order to demonstrate the necessary professional qualification, you must take part in an IHK instruction on food law regulations and submit a certificate of initial instruction from the local health department.
  • Location-related requirements: This includes the assessment of the premises of your restaurant. You must present a valid rental, lease or purchase agreement. In addition, proof must be provided that the premises can also be used for the purpose of the trade - for example, whether sanitary facilities are available.

If you do not serve alcohol, it is sufficient to register your business (which you have to do in any case) at the responsible trade office. You can find out which other permits may be required in our article: Licensing & Co .: Approvals for start-ups in the catering and hotel industry.