How much does a fireplace lining cost

Fireplace costs: from installation to use

There are also always fireplace accessories. This includes, above all, a decent fireplace set, a spark protection plate and a log basket. The costs for these fireplace accessories are usually only a few hundred euros.

Assembly costs

A chimney causes assembly costs in a new building as in an old one. Should the chimney have onebrick chimney work, the cost for this is 200 to 300 euros per meter. For an outsideStainless steel chimney around 100 to 120 euros per meter are incurred - in addition to the core drilling. In the case of water-bearing stoves, a specialist must also lay pipes for the heating water.

What does a core drilling cost?

In order to connect the new chimney with the external stainless steel pipe, a core drilling through the house wall is necessary. Their cost depends on theWall thickness, theType of masonry and thediameter of the hole to be drilled. With a drilling diameter of 150-160 millimeters, companies charge between 2.30 euros and 2.40 euros per centimeter of drilling through solid masonry. The cost of a building wall with a thickness of 30 centimeters for the core drilling alone is around 70 euros. In addition, there are usually flat rates for travel, setting up the construction site and disposing of the material. Overall, chimney makers should look for oneprofessional core drilling with 150 to 200 euros calculate.

Build a fireplace yourself

If you want to put your hands on the new chimney yourself, you should contact the responsible person in advanceDistrict chimney sweep put in touch. He advises on all questions that play a role in the acceptance: distances to combustible materials, operational safety, furnishing of the fireplace, etc. No fireplace may be put into operation without acceptance. All building materials and the combustion chamber mustCE mark to have. The limit values ​​of level 2 according to the 1st Federal Immission Control Ordinance specify, among other things, how many grams of carbon monoxide per cubic meter the individual fireplaces are allowed to emit.

Skilled craftsmen can implement unusual ideas for brick fireplaces themselves. Recommended as a suitable materialrefractory aerated concrete blocks. A specialist can provide the best information about thermal insulation measures. It should also help to correctly assemble the interior of the fireplace. For hobby craftsmen, it is not advisable to install these important parts without help. Free-standing stoves, which basically only have to be connected to the chimney, can be installed by yourself.

Chimney maintenance and care costs

Small cleaning jobs that all owners can do themselves cost more time than money. The cold fireplace should be thoroughly cleaned in summer. Soot can be removed with a brush through a cleaning opening on the chimney pipe. The interior requires a separate check: Are the built-in stones still intact? Home owners should also check the functionality of the door, hinges, seals and ash compartment.

Also theannual costs for a professional maintenance by the chimney sweep is important. Last but not least, all fireplace owners must ensure that the requiredFuels be sufficiently stored before the next heating season.

The cost of the chimney sweep

Chimneys must be inspected by a chimney sweep at least once a year. There are jobs that only do onepublicly appointed district chimney sweep may carry out - such as the acceptance of newly built chimneys or the fireplace exhibition. Sweeping work or exhaust gas measurements are also allowedfreelance chimney sweep take care of.

The Sweeping and Inspection Ordinance (KÜO) provides information about the costs for the sovereign tasks. The free services are negotiable. In the case of retrofitted chimneys, whose households usually have an additional heating system, the costs add up accordingly. As an example, the following table shows typical costs that fireplace owners have to reckon with.

powerCosts without VAT in euros / due date
12 - 13 € / twice in 7 years
  • Issuance of a fireplace notification
10 - 11 € / twice in 7 years
  • Measurement, maintenance and cleaning work (fireplace used daily)
70 - 80 € / two to three times a year
  • Measurement, maintenance and cleaning work (occasionally used chimney)
20 - 30 € / once or twice a year

Since 2015, homeowners have been allowed to pay the entire cost of the chimney sweep as a craftsman's serviceclaim against tax. However, the invoice must be paid by bank transfer.

Costs of different fuels

Fireplaces can be operated with fuels such as logs, pellets or wood chips. However, the decision has to be made at the planning stage. The design of the models is designed for the respective fuels.